Oats in a Jar

The first day of my new job went fairly well. I’m still getting adjusted to everything, and I’m not quite sure what I’m supposed to be doing.


I have been looking for an internship in Civil engineering, but I still haven’t found anything. A family friend let me know about an available legal/business internship and asked if I would be interested.


Granted, it’s not PERFECT, I do have some business experience because of my business minor (I was a business major at what point and switched, therefore I had enough classes for a minor). I’m still looking for a job in my field, but I am really happy with this as a stepping stone!


I’m pretty much just excited about having a job, and being busy with work again. I have felt sort of slacker-ish the past few weeks and it’s great to feel productive again. Plus, the extra money helps! 😀


I planned on getting in a good run this morning, but it was really thunderstorming this morning. I decided to sleep in a bit extra, and ended up just having a 20-min dance party around the apartment, blasting music, and trying to get my heart rate up a bit. It’s never to early to party!


I woke up super starving, and knew that I needed a hearty breakfast to fill me up. Oatmeal was an easy decision.


Not just any oats, Oats in a(n) [Almond Butter] Jar!




I made oats as usual: oats, water, vanilla soymilk, brown sugar, banana




… and piled it all in the almost empty jar of Barney Butter.




I have no idea how I managed to fit it all in there, but it was amazing. A-MA-ZING.



Yesterday, I realized there are NO places to eat near my new job. I ended up eating Wendy’s french fries for lunch (I was reaallllly desperate)…




… so I’m packing food today to change that situation. Lots of food. I don’t want to succumb to 3:00pm vending machine calls.




Off to start day two! Have a great Friday!


❤ MegaNerd