Onion Volcano

Happy Birthday, Zach!




Jason’s little brother, Zach, turned 20 this weekend! It’s their family tradition to go to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse for a birthday dinner celebration, and this year was no different.




Kobe meals are teppanyaki style, so everything is cooked at the table right in front of you. The food is great, but I love the entertainment!




Every meal starts out with a cup of soup and a side ginger salad.


IMG_1584 IMG_1585


While I ate my soup and salad, we watched the chef cut up all kinds of veggies, different meats, and cook noodles and rice.


My favorite part of the evening was this onion volcano! Tell me that’s not cool.




The first thing on my plate was veggies… I ate almost every single one!




Next up: Shrimp!




…the Japanese spaghetti and meatballs




…and fried rice!





I kept joking that if I ate that one last little pea, I would pop! I was stuffed to the brim. The food was so good!


It was hard to tell how much I was really eating, however, since the plate kept being refilled. I had no concept of portion sizes, but I tried to eat about half of everything (except the veggies) and saved the rest for leftovers.


Zach thoroughly enjoyed his birthday dinner, and the staff brought him a hat and cupcake to celebrate!


IMG_1596 IMG_1597 


Earlier in the day, I made a cookie cake for Zach. It was basically a giant chocolate chip cookie with chocolate icing. I hope it turned out well… at least it was fun to make!




My birthday is in 10 days! I still have no idea what I want to do to celebrate.


❤ MegaNerd

33 Responses

  1. Great night out and good job on the cookie cake!

  2. Happy birthday to Zach!
    I love those restaurants. They give you SO SO much food though!

  3. I love Japanese steak houses! My favorite part is the white sauce. YUM.

    That cookie cake looks to die for! Cookie cake is my fave. 🙂

  4. I love restaurants where they cook at your table 🙂
    And your cookie cake looks amaze!

  5. I do enjoy restaurants like that…mostly for the entertainment though. I don’t like how they put so much Soy sauce on everything! I try to tell them to go light bc otherwise it upsets my stomach. Usually I do like them though…love the veggies especially! I DEFINITELY love that chocolate chip cookie cake!!! My favorite.

  6. sounds like a great night! how did you make the cookie cake?

  7. i LOVE cookie cakes!!!! mrs. fields ones are the best. (except for yours ;)) happy almost birthday!!! drinks and birthday cake is in order – and friends 🙂

  8. Hey, Megan!
    The party must have been awesome!
    Loved the fact that the chef cooks in frotn of you 😉
    So, you´re birthday on February 3rd?
    I was born on February 9th. So close!
    Oh, and by the way, I love you blog. Just saying 😉
    Brazilian kisses,

  9. That place looks awesome!! Love the cookie cake 😀

  10. i LOVE tepanyaki – such great fun!

  11. My birthday’s Feb 5th! 🙂

    I haven’t made any plans either hahah

  12. Hey Megan, I’m an aspiring runner (just ran my first-ever 10k today, woohoo!) and I’ve been following your blog for the past 2 months or so. Your running posts are so inspiring–I’m thinking about training to run a marathon in a year or so. Anyway, I just had to comment because I thought it was funny that we’re both named Megan and we have the same birthday (thought I’ll be 25 so I think I have a couple years on you). Anyway, I love your blog–keep on running and writing!

  13. Hhah what brave chefs to cook in front of customers, I’d be terrified!
    Good call on the giant cookie – I ordered to for my sister’s birthday from Millie’s Cookies, and it was amazing! A giant cookie sandwich, so it had all buttercream in the middle etc, it was epic!
    Glad you had a good night 🙂

  14. I can’t even imagine the smell that that volcano must emit 😦

  15. LOVE the double white sauce! It’s the only way to go!!!! Can we please go there together soon?! I’ve been DYING to go!

  16. I love places like that…and I LOVE cookie cake!!! 🙂

  17. That cookie cake looks sooooo good!!

  18. I have been to that place before with all of my family. We all enjoyed it so much. The chefs are very entertaining and make it a fun evening for everyone. I do remember we all left feeling ‘very’ full!

  19. I love the tricks they do with food at steak houses 🙂

  20. japanese Hibachi is my FAV! We go to a place called Ron of Japan’s out here. glad you had fun!

  21. Is your birthday the 4th? Mine is the 5th, I love February birthdays! 😀

  22. Love the onion volcano…and great picture!

  23. ummm that volcano is wicked cool!!

  24. Yeah, I love Japanese Steakhouses because it’s food and entertainment and you always sit next to someone you don’t know but can chat with!

  25. FUN! That cookie cake is super cute! I love cookie cakes because I hate cake. So every year growing up (and still to this day) my mom always gets me a giant cookie cake! Love it! 🙂

  26. Ahhh the big 2-3?? My roommates are all depressed about turning it, haha. Oh well, live it up while you can!!

    And missy, shoot me your address for maybe a little birthday surprise?? 😉

  27. How fun! I love Kobe – but you’re right – it’s so easy to overeat.
    That was so nice of you to make Zach the cookie cake 😀

  28. Hibachi is so fun, but I agree, it is way too easy to eat more than usual, there is so much of it!

  29. Google Reader recommended your blog and I LOVE it:)

  30. I’ve been to a place like that! I loved it.

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