I Admit.

My blog schedule is out of control. I apologize. I feel like I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off!


Breathe. Blog. In that order.


Yesterday was another work day. However, I did get to take a lunch break to visit some of my favorite people!




Caitlin, Ashley, Ryan, and Katy H. met up for yoga and then headed to meet me and Meghann at Infusion Tea.




Random Tuesday Blogger Meet-Up! 😀




I was all hyped up and stressed out when I arrived. I had exactly 20 minutes to wolf everything down.


The other girls were calm and glowing from yoga. I really need to try this stuff. I need some peace in my life. 🙂


On to the food.




I ordered the lunch combo, which includes any 1/2 salad, sandwich, wrap, or soup.


I stuck with my favorite roasted pears salad




…and tried the hummus, avocado, tomato, spinach sandwich. I was NOT a fan. It was way too bland and I only ate a bite or two. Not for me!!!




Oh well. I still enjoyed the company!




On the car on the way back to work I munched on an apple. I was still pretty hungry after lunch.




Throughout the afternoon, I broke nibbles of a CLIF bar, and then ate a banana right before I left.




I packed my bag before I left for work with a change of clothes. I am thinking about leave a bag of workout clothes and shoes in my car so that I can work out anytime I get a chance. (School/Work/Home are all on opposite sides of town by a long shot.)




My right knee was feeling better after three days off. I had been icing, stretching, foam rolling, and taking anti-inflammatories. I figured I would test the waters.




It was so nice to get out into the fresh air after being cooped up in an office all day!



I ran a total of 4.0 miles:


  • Mile 1 = Warm-up at a 9:20 pace
  • Miles 2 + 3 = Speedy awesomeness at 7:45 pace
  • Mile 4 = knee started to hurt…



I picked up a knee strap at Track Shack the other night. I told the guy there what was going on with my knee, and he recommended this to me. It puts pressure right on the painful spot, and it really seemed to help. I felt slight pain but it wasn’t debilitating like it has been before.


DSC_0742 DSC_0745


Judging by the amount of pain I am in today. I think it’s time to admit that I am injured. Shooting pain, not being able to bend my knee, and feeling like I’m going to burst into tears is not really my thing.



I’m officially NOT running until further notice. It’s time to take a break.



I can’t talk about it anymore, it makes me sad. Maybe in another post.


I came home and made a lovely dinner: Grilled Zucchini, mushroom and herb couscous, and tilapia.




I like having nights off to eat at home. Last semester I ate on campus mostly every night, or had to wait until midnight to eat. So thankful that’s over.


I think post-marathon injuries are common. I’ll deal with it!


❤ MegaNerd

47 Responses

  1. yes… because running a marathon is hell on your body. once was enough for me!

    i’m sorry you’re injured. i’m a good ear for bitching.

  2. I was in the same boat after my first marathon. I messed up something on the back of my leg and it hurt to run. I took a full month off and everything went back to normal. You just need rest. 🙂

  3. Sorry about your knee…I think rest is a great decision…your body will thank you for it down the road. Knees are very tempermental things.

  4. Oh no! Take care and plenty of rest. I really don’t like being injured either but it gives to the chance to maybe explore other non-weight bearing sports…maybe swimming? Hope you get better asap 🙂 xx

  5. I’m sorry you’re injured 😦 However, you should take a certain pride in that it was caused by a MARATHON!! It’s hard to not run, but take a good long rest, ice and stretch, and you’ll be back in no time. It would also be good to see a physio who can advise you on exercises to strengthen that knee so that it doesn’t happen again. (I’m no stranger to the knee injury cycle–my knees are made of Play-Doh).

  6. Sorry about you knee, I know exactly how you feel! Hopefully you’ll be as good as new with some rest, I swear by my knee straps – good investment!

  7. Bad luck re the injury 😦 better to take time off now though and let it heal then have it get worse!
    Haha it’s funny reading about your luch on here – the 3rd blogger I’ve read who attended that lunch lol! I’m so jealous of the amazing commuity you guys have, it’s awesome!!
    (oh and you mentioned speedy awesomenes – I did a 7min18 mile in my 4miler today, I was SO PROUD!! I just had to tell the world :p)
    Have a great evening!

  8. Stay strong!! You’ll get through it as long as you take time off!

  9. I’m coming up on week 4 of no running because I injured my shin, and it’s finally feeling better. It’s so much better to take a few weeks to a month or so off now than to deal with an injury than to have it plague you for months on end. Just remember: you WILL run again!

  10. This is totally non ‘knee-related’ but can I just say that you have GORGEOUS hair?! =)

  11. Post marathon injuries are definitely common. And remember how it was hard not to run when the doc told you to take 2+ weeks off w/ your toe surgery? I know it was hard, but when you look back, that was just a little blip on the radar. This will be too!
    Are you going to see a doc? I know it can be expensive, but it might be worth it in this case. Regardless, time off from running is probably the best.

  12. On an uber-practical note, I keep gym/fitness gear in my car and have learned the hard way not to keep my fave shoes in the car bag – soles come unglued! I’m sure your knee will feel better soon – keep on RICE-ing it up 🙂

  13. Sorry to hear about your injury 😦

    My school/work/home are also all in COMPLETELY different areas from each other. I usually keep a gym bag in my car and I shower AT the gym A LOT so as not to drive ALL The way home then back to work or school. It’s annoying sometimes but it works for me!

  14. Injuries are incredibly frustrating, especially when they prevent you from running. I think you are doing to smart thing though… better to take time off now to heal than injure yourself further!

  15. So sorry about your knee! I think resting and letting it heal is the best idea!

  16. oh no about your knee! so frustrating but i think youre making the right call. still kind of sucks

  17. So many people underestimate how hard a marathon is on the body! Just give your body the rest it needs and maybe experiment with other forms of exercise. Swimming?? That is a great one and it won’t hurt your knee!!

  18. Breathing is definitely the most important thing!

  19. You poor thing, I am so sorry about your knee. I know this is annoying: but with one door closed, another door opens. 🙂

    Hugs from Oz. I am thinking abt. devoting Feb to yoga..so let me know if you’d like to join in.

  20. So so sorry to hear about your injury!!! I know it sucks. It REALLY sucks, let’s be honest. Not being able to run is driving me INSANE at times. But rest is a must. You will run again… it’s not the end of the world even though it feels like it sometimes. Try to find another activity besides running that doesn’t put any pressure on your knee, perhaps that will help? 🙂 But best of luck to you! And just remember.. you just rocked a marathon!!!

  21. Hope your knee is feeling better soon!!

  22. Don’t fret. Blog when you can. It’s okay to let it fall by the wayside some days if life gets in the way.

    Take care of yourself!

  23. You’re crazy busy lately! I’m not sure how you keep up with all!
    Sorry to hear the knee’s not doing so great 😦 I’m suffering from a foot injury after my half, so I’m trying to just suck it up for a little while so it can heal. Then, it’s back to running! I can’t wait!

  24. whats the new job?? Maybe I missed it, but I Don’t think you’ve told us what you are doing yet!

  25. stay strong babe! the injury will heal over time as you let it rest!

  26. Sorry to hear about the knee…you’ll bounce back in no time! Those were some speedy miles you ran today despite the pain! That salad looks SO GOOD…the dressing looks especially thick & delish!

  27. At least you have gotten to eat some fabulous food 🙂 That makes everything better!

  28. Hope your knee is feeling better soon 😦 Here’s hoping a period of rest will have you back in action in no time!!

  29. Major boo! I too am really getting into gear with my running and seem to be having some knee issues. I’m trying to decide if I go get it checked out or not. I’m dying to run a marathon in the next few years, but I’m really not sure if my body will be able to take it.

    YAY for the random lunch date(s!). So fun!

  30. Sorry about the injury! No fun 😦
    blogger meet ups are always fun 🙂

  31. I’m sorry to hear about your injury 😦
    Rest up, and you’ll get past it!

  32. So sorry to hear about your knee 😦

  33. I’m so sorry about the knee! I developed an achilles issue after my first marathon…it took me out for a month-ish. But, I came back refreshed and raring to go.

  34. Sounds like you have a ton going on these days! Breathing is good. Blogging can certainly take a back burner.
    I hope you can go see someone about your knee. Maybe time to swim? You could join the triathlon craze. 😉

  35. Sorry about your knee 😦 Taking a break can help you heal faster and better, and you’ll be running again before you know it 😉

  36. So I ran a marathon my sophomore year of college, and my knee injury sounds super similar to yours. In fact, I have the exact same knee strap that I STILL wear when running (this was 6 years ago). HOWEVER, I recently (a couple months ago) read the book Born to Run and was introduced to the idea of barefoot running. I bought some Vibram 5 fingers (protect my feet but simulate barefoot running) and am totally sold. To find out all the reasons why I highly recommend the book (seriously, I’ve gotten about 10 people obsessed with it it’s so good). My knee has only gotten better since 🙂

  37. So sorry your knee is injured! Boo! But at least you had a wonderful lunch with bloggie friends. 🙂 And good call on keeping a workout bag in the car — very convenient!

  38. Yikes Megan that does not sound like good news! You should see an orthopedist ASAP. I am sure Caitlin can give you the name of someone good. I hope you are back to running soon! Take care!

  39. I’m so sorry to hear that and understand how hard it is to talk about it. Sure, there are other forms of exercise out there, but like me I can tell that you just LOVE to run!

    I’m training for the Boston Marathon right now and have been sidelined by a calf strain. I’m devastated, but have taken 2 weeks off running just to be super careful. I’ll try to run this weekend for 20 min and see how it feels.

    You’re not alone and injuries suck! Running through it only makes it worse and rest is key. Use this time to explore other fun forms of fitness. Start to get devoted to a weight lifting routine?! Pick up a copy of Oxygen mag…it always inspires me and creates the desire to lift weights!!

  40. Sorry about your knee. Don’t get too stressed out about it – it is your body’s way of telling you to take a break. What about swimming?

  41. yea post marathon pains are tough. what that strap is designed to do is keep the kneecap held in place. i use one sometimes. what finally made my knee stop hurting? core work. seriously. hit your abs hard and the knee will feel better.

    and you have got to try yoga. i did some this morning and it is awesome. i hit the mat twice a week, and have for over a year now. it rocks. peacefully.

  42. Good call on getting some rest. You’ll be glad you did in the long run!
    On a different note, how great to get some fresh air after being in the office all day!

  43. injuries suck! .. I believe that everything happens for a reason .. I tore my ACL in my right knee, and then two years later tore my ACL in my left knee. I was determined to not let that stop me from sports and now am training for my first half marathon with inspiration from great bloggers like yourself! .. I hope your knee gets better soon!

  44. […] haven’t exercised at all since my run on Tuesday. I really haven’t had any time or motivation to. I’m hoping that changes […]

  45. Post marathon injuries are common, and you will bounce back better than new! [at least that is what I keep telling myself!] but I know how hard it is…


  46. 😦 I’m sorry you are injured! I’m not gonna try to be a “smiley stacey” cos I know that it. just. sucks. not being able to run. I hope you get better soon! I’m glad you are realizing that you ARE injured and not running on it, you a smart girl 😉

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