The Celebration Continues…

I love how birthdays always seem to last a week. 😀


I still do NOT have internet in my apartment, and it looks like I won’t until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. It’s starting to really annoy me!



After work, I met Meghann at her apartment for a fun girls’ night out. I was celebrating turning 23…




… and Meghann is celebrating her 25th on Monday!




Twenty three is going to be a good year. I can feel it.



The birthday girls headed out to Eden Bar for dinner.




The Eden Bar is attached to the Enzian Theater, a local independent theater. We sat out on the patio and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and great weather.




We had our heart set on the Enzian Herbivore Burger (Organic brown rice and mushroom burger, roasted tomatoes, provolone, toasted kaiser) that we saw Ashley review on her blog. However, once we got there and looked over the menu, we decided to go for the real meat burger. It’s our birthday, we wanted to live a little.


The Eden Burger (American 100% wagyu beef, 3 year aged cheddar, arugula, truffle mustard, Texas toast) came with a side of tomato soup with a balsamic vinegar. It was one of the tastiest burgers I have ever eaten!




Meghann was super excited about ordering the Purple Tostones (Double-fried purple Okinawa sweet potatoes, spicy roasted garlic ketchup). We split the order, and debated ordering more. I could have easily eaten more, but we were saving room for dessert.




Since it was my birthday, the waiter offered us a free dessert! We decided on the raspberry beignets which basically tasted like fried dough with raspberry sauce. Yum!




I was really impressed with the food at the Eden Bar. While the portions were a bit small, it was very flavorful. I can’t wait to go again!




Jeremiah’s Italian Ice e-mails out coupons for a free small ice on your birthday. We decided to go ahead and get dessert round two. Why not!?




I typically go for a non-fruit flavor, but tonight I chose Strawberry-Lemon with vanilla gelati. It was a nice change! I could only fit half of it in my stomach, I was getting so full.






On Friday night, my birthday celebration continued!


I made a delicious taco salad for dinner. I was craving chipotle, and decided to try to make something healthier (and cheaper) at home.




I used:

  • spinach
  • turkey breast
  • tomato
  • onion
  • pepper
  • cheese
  • guacamole
  • blue chips






After dinner, I set to work on baking myself a giant birthday cupcake. It’s just not a birthday without cake!




I used two boxes of funfetti cake mix, and homemade icing that I dyed pink. Funfetti is my favorite!



I ate the whole cupcake!!




Just kidding.  I had a few bites and called it a night. It was mainly just fun to make and decorate it!




It was a fun Friday night. 😀


My family is coming up to visit me this morning. I still haven’t decided what we are going to do today. We’re going to play it by ear.


Have a great Saturday!


❤ MegaNerd

23 Responses

  1. OMG that giant cupcake is awesome!! How did you make that? Do they really sell giant cupcake makers?

    And HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!! It looks like you had a blast 🙂

  2. That cake looks SO GOOD!! Oh my gosh, what amazing self control you have not to eat the whole thing 😛
    I think small portions are better – it means you can eat more little things, as opposed to one big thing 🙂
    I’m glad you’re making the most of your birthday week, you definetly deserve it. Have a good day and good luck without the internet (eek, I couldn’t survive without mine!) 🙂

  3. That is a HUGE cupcake! 😀 Looks like a really fun few days of celebration — definitely take advantage of spreading out birthdays as long as possible!

  4. LOVE the giant cupcake!!! And you’re right, this year is going to be amazing for you 🙂

  5. That cupcake looks like something out of Dr. Suess! I love it!!

  6. I want a giant cupcake! That looks like a lot of fun.

    Hope you have a great day with your family.

  7. Super jealous of the giant cupcake! I feel like I might just eat the top, little-kid-style though… oops?

  8. yay for long birthday celebrations!

  9. Yay for birthdays!!! I LOVE the giant cupcake..not to mention funfetti is the best ever 🙂

  10. Hey girl!

    So happy you enjoyed a wonderful Birthday dinner with a lovely lady. Looks like you guys had a blast and way to live it up with double the desserts. Birthday desserts are a MUST. No questions about it, you just do it! 🙂

    Wow, that cupcake is amazing! Haha, it’s almost as big as you my love. My bro-in-law would flip! Funfetti is his favorite thing on this earth.

    Hope you are feeling amazing these days. You look sensational! 23 fits you well! 🙂

    ❤ you!

  11. Those pictures look familiar. 😉

    Glad you finally got your birthday cake!!! 🙂

  12. My eyes almost popped out of my head when I read you ate the whole cupcake! Glad the celebration is continuing!Have fun.

  13. oh that cupcake is too cool! LOve it!!!!!!

  14. Funfetti is my favorite too! I am so jealous of your AWESOME cupcake!! 🙂

  15. I love funfetti.

    I think it’s interesting that you noted that the serving sizes were small. Living abroad I have gotten used to serves that size or even smaller.

    Hope that you had a great birthday.

  16. […] thingies. I have no idea what they were… but I didn’t really like them anyways. (I have a giant cupcake at home to eat […]

  17. Oh my lord that is a gigantic cupcake.. I LOVE IT! 😀 Yay for extended birthday celebrations and wonderful food!

  18. Glad you got to enjoy that real burger and two desserts! Why not right?! It’s your birthday 🙂

  19. that is such a cool cake! did you have special pans to make the shapes?!?!

    glad you’re having a good bday week!

  20. The little thingies at Timpano were Cannolis. They are a traditional Italian dessert of a pastry shell filled with a sweet ricotta cheese filling often with dried fruit of chocolate inside.
    Looks like you had a fun birthday! Wishing you a great year ahead!

  21. […] a way, I was celebrating my birthday. Yes, I had Thai with my dad, my family took me to lunch, I made a giant cupcake, and had dinner and two desserts with Meghann, but I had yet to celebrate with my favorite pals (I miss you BFF […]

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