Giant Pizza

I seriously think that I just ate the biggest piece of pizza ever.




I think it was easily equal to 4 slices!


A couple of my friends came over to hang out after school, and we picked up a giant Lazy Moon pizza. I got my own slice with some veggies because I can’t stand regular cardboard cheese and pepperoni.


Lazy moon is the UCF college kids hangout. It’s super cheap! It has been SO long since I had a giant slice. It was delicious.


Look how much bigger it is than my hand!




I tore off slightly less than half for dinner. It was very filling!




Today was pretty crazy, but I did manage to squeeze in a quick workout:

  • 1.0 mile jog for warm-up
  • walking lunges up and down the hall
  • hamstring curls on stability ball
  • calf raises off edge of stairs
  • 30 push-ups


My legs started burning?! Not bad for 20-ish minutes!


Rewind to this morning…

My morning started off 1.5 hours late. I slept through my alarm and missed the first hour of class. Whoops! Instead of grabbing coffee (I’m “kind of” trying to cut back") I whipped up a green monster to go.




Green Monster contained: banana, half cup milk, ice, and half a bag of spinach.


After my first class, I was starving again, and practically inhaled this Blueberry CLIF bar.




Luckily, I made my lunch ahead of time last night. I’m getting REALLY bad about buying food on campus, so my new strategy is to make food the night before.


I toasted two slices of bread to keep them from getting soggy. I stuffed it with Natural JIF peanut butter, and organic blackberry preserves, plus apple slices.




Basically a glorified PB+J with yogurt.




By 2:00pm, I was majorly dragging. I need my coffee STAT! I stopped at the on campus coffee shop for an iced caramel macchiato, which set me back just short of $5. So much for packing lunch and saving money! Oops…




Afternoon snackage was the rest of the bag of pita chips, carrots, celery, and hummus.




I honestly REALLY hate packing my lunch ahead of time. I feel like I have to eat what I packed and it isn’t usually what I’m craving. It stinks, but it’s just what I have to do to save money! My schedule doesn’t allow me to be home at all during the day. I leave at 6:30am and come home at 6:30 pm!


Does your school/work schedule require you to pack all of your meals ahead of time?


❤ MegaNerd


33 Responses

  1. That pizza looks so good! I hate packing for lunch ahead of time too! I know I should do it more often but I always change my mind later of what I want! 🙂 Good job fitting that workout in, sometimes its so hard to find time on crazy days!

  2. I work full time and go to school part time so on Mondays and Wednesdays I pack lunch, snacks and dinner. It can be a pain but it’s cheaper and healthier! Although sometimes I just totally cheat and slap together a sandwich and fruit for dinner…

  3. I used to have to pack every day and it is a pain. But it’s better than surviving without anything and making bad choices.

    HOLY COW that pizza is huge!! Looks good though!!!

    Iced caramel macchiatos are pretty much my favorite Starbucks drink ever!

  4. I love Lazy Moon!! I never finish to make sure I have space for Jeremiahs right after mmm mmm

    I hate packing lunch too I never pack enough! I started leaving my money in my car though so I wouldnt buy anything on campus. Einsteins started sucking the life out of my wallet…

  5. I work in a hospital with a cafeteria that is overpriced and rarely open, so I almost always bring food from home. I’ve never tried making a shake with spinach before. Is it good?

  6. I think that piece of pizza might be bigger than you are girl! I’m scared of shakes with spinach in them…..I NEED to face my fear and try ’em!!!


  7. I pack lunch and snacks every day.. (I’m a poor graduate student). It kind of sucks because it takes extra planning, but I find that having my meals planned out helps me eat much healthier, and I have much more energy!!

  8. Good gracious that is one giant slab of pizza! I have NEVER seen anything that size before!
    I’m lucky – all my classes this year finish at a reasonable hour so I always have time to properly prepare my meals 🙂 I do have to take stocks of snax thugh just in case!!

  9. that pizza looked so good. I am craving pizza right now. You have to love the college life pizza parlors.

    I agree with you with the whole packing your lunch thing. I have had to do it the past year and a half and hated every second of it.

    Luckily this semester ( my last one!!!) at least of undergrad haha I am able to eat at home 🙂 GOOOD luck with everything

  10. Lol– that pizza slice is hilariously oversized. Looks delicious though!!

    Yeah, I’m “kind of” trying to cut back on coffee too 😉

  11. Oh my gosh that pizza is ginormous!!!!

  12. gahhh that is a ridiculously huge slice of pizza! i can’t even imagine what the whole pie would look like haha.

    my school and work schedule totally requires me to pack food for the day. i have 2 jobs, an internship, a class, and a thesis project this semester, so on some days, i’m gone from 7:30am to 8:30pm… i have to pack a lunch, a couple of snacks, and dinner! and i don’t always have access to a fridge, so that makes it a little trickier to get variety in my packed foods. i know what you mean about having to eat what you packed even if you’re not craving it…

  13. when I am in classes I try to pack my own lunch since the cafe food usually sucks but right now I am on placement in a high school where the food is uneatable so I HAVE to pack my own lunch. Hope you have a great week 🙂

  14. Haha that picture is hilarious! We have a pizza place with monster slices like that near Columbia as well, I guess college students just love pizza;)

  15. MMMMM Iced Caramel Macchiato!! That is my husband and I’s drink 😉 I don’t think he’d ever even thought of drinking coffee prior to meeting me and after one these suckers (sub milk for SOY MILK) he was hooked!! Needless to say he’s branched out ever so slightly from our dating days, but that drink is still ol’ faithful. I know what you mean about struggling to NOT buy on campus food but they just make it SO tempting nowadays. I remember we had Einstein’s, Chik-fil-a, & Blimpie right next to the busiest section of campus, not to mention the little Starbucks coffee in our library and local coffee shop just one block away downtown. Sigh. I would like to say it gets easier once you graduate but I still have to make a great effort not to drive through one of the three Starbucks that are on my way to work.
    🙂 I enjoy reading/being inspired by your hard working nature and delightful insights!
    Thank you!!

  16. Lol that reminds me of the 3 a.m. style jumbo slice places they have here in DC! Mmm…

  17. I pack breakfast, lunch and snacks on a daily basis. I need to keep properly fueled up between 8am-4pm. This week I am doing my workouts after work, so its imperative I eat enough. Other weeks I work out first thing in the morning. Sucks that I can’t make breakfast at home – very limiting, so I just have to be creative. I’m digging brown rice, scrambled egg, bean and avocado bowls at the moment. scrambled eggs are wonderful re-heated in the microwave!

  18. I plan all my meals for the week on Sundays. Each day I know the calorie range I need to stay within and so I keep track of that when I’m packing my lunches and snacks for the day. Then when I get to work it’s a no-brainer! I just eat what I brought! No worries about counting calories or extra snacking…it’s all been done already. It saves me money, time and energy. 🙂 And if I’m not hungry for what I had planned that day, I just switch days! It’s still flexible.

  19. I love that picture of you with the pizza, its almost as big as you!

    I also kinda hate packing my lunch but it’s worth it for all the money it saves!

  20. I have similar schedule. I have to leave my house by 6 in the morning for work and then have afternoon classes so I have to plan my breakfast/lunch/snack for the day and pack it. I either over pack or under pack and I usually end up packing the same thing every day so it gets a little old & I’m also lazy about what I pack for lunch (unless I’m taking leftovers from the night before). But I keep telling myself that I am saving money & in the end I can use the money I saved to buy healthier, more delicious food =)

  21. I always pack breakfast, lunch, and snacks for work. I hate working late, because we usually order dinner as a team. It is hard to pick something healthy, and I am usually starving by the time it arrives. Oh well, at least it is free!

  22. Yes, I always pack my lunch and snacks the night before. Usually it’s fine but there are times when I’m craving something other than what I brought and I can’t do anything about it.

    But most of the time, I can be free with breakfast and dinner, which I eat at home 🙂

  23. HAHHAHA that pictures is epic!!! What a big slice of pizza!! Looks so good!

    Since I live in the dorms, I’m not really impacted by the whole packing meals, but I do pack snacks since I get hungry a lot. However, living in the dorms has caused me to eat more crap because our school doesn’t offer tasty good food for you, more like tasty bad food. 😦

  24. That pizza slice is HUGE and looks like something I would love! Haha! My school schedule forces me to sometimes make my lunches ahead of time and I definitely know what you mean about not getting to eat what you’re craving! But it’s all about saving some money for me too!

  25. LOL @ that picture of you an the pizza, that thing is huge!!!! Cute picture!

  26. I usually eat breakfast at home, pack my lunch for work or school and then eat dinner at home..but I allow myself some Jas and I will eat out once a week or I’ll allow myself to have lunch in the cafeteria of the hospital at school once a week. It keeps my meals interesting! 😀

  27. I hate packing a lunch too. I never feel like eating it….maybe if I worked near home it would save money to just go home for lunch….that’s a thought. Really though I don’t so I just pack away.

  28. Megan- i have the same problem when I pack my meals before hand… its never what i am craving! I try to just eat it and then make something better for the next meal.

  29. Ugh, I know how you feel! The boyfriend and I work together, and he works longer hours than I do. So, we leave at 6:30 to get him to work by 7. I work full time 8-5pm. Then, on the nights I have school I go right from work to school (the bf gets a ride home) and don’t get home until about 9:30pm. It’s just awful. But, I keep telling myself it’s only a few years of overload, my degree, and through that being able to work doing something I love, is the rest of my life. Then I can have all the yummy home-cooked (and HOT!) food I want.

  30. OMG, holy giant pizza! Looks delicious!

  31. I always pack my breakfast, lunch and snacks for work the night before. It’s so much easier to just grab them and go when I’m up early in the morning. And I love the tupperware you have. I just bought them a few weeks ago and they’re so handy!!

  32. That pizza just back memories of Jumbo Slice in DC. When my BFF was going to school there, we had many 3am stops for a slice of the good stuff. Guess it’s a college staple!

  33. I adore Crazy Moon! I haven’t been there in over a year, but so good. Try their white pizza next time. So good, and ridiculously filing!

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