Flat Tire Fail

There are less than two weeks of spring semester left. It’s getting down to the wire! I will post when I can, but bear with me for the next week or two. 😀


I spent all day at school. I normally come home in between classes but with projects, labs, homework, studying, etc. I had plenty to get done! Once I got home, I needed to get OUT!


Mark came over to go on a bike ride with me. We planned on riding 15.0 miles which has become an “easy” ride! Around mile 2.5 I heard a loud hissing sound. My back tire blew…






I have a repair kit, but the ONE time that I don’t have it, I need it. During Saturday’s race, I took some of the pieces of the repair kit out and stuffed them in my SPI belt. I did this when it started to rain so that I could put my camera in the pack (which is under my seat) so that it would stay dry. Le sigh.


Mark let me take his bike back to the apartment so that I could pick up the car and come get him and the bike. It was a disappointing ride, but I still got 5.0 miles in! 😀


I’ve been eating tons of quick meals lately. It saves time and dishes, and that makes me happy.




Tonight’s dinner featured a cup of veggie soup




…and a ham, swiss, spinach, and honey mustard wrap.




Flat tires are no fun!


I have never (knock on wood) gotten a flat tire in my car. One time when Jason (my ex-boyfriend) and I were driving to the farmer’s market we got a flat in his car. If it weren’t for that day I would have absolutely no idea how to change a flat.


Do you know how to change a flat on your car or bike?


I’m off to bed, I have plans to meet with Katy in the morning for a short run. I have my awesomely-lame training plan for my upcoming 5k which I will share with you in the morning!


❤ MegaNerd

23 Responses

  1. It always works that when you don’t have your repair kit that flat tires happen! I know how to for a car, not a bike though!

  2. Eek, flats suck. I got one while at the farmer’s market once too–I crossed my fingers and made it home (but left the produce at one of the usual stands to pick up later–watermelon would not have helped!)

    The plan won’t be lame, I’m sure! It should make you feel even more proud of having trained for a marathon given how hard running three miles (at the moment–not for long!) is.

  3. That really sucks!!! I’ve never had a flat and have NO idea how to change them. Probably should fix that..

  4. I have no idea how to change either, I should learn though!

  5. Yes, I CAN change a flat tire. When I was 16 my dad would not give me my car until I could change a flat tire in 5 minutes. Yeah for dads. Now, I just call AAA, it is much easier.

  6. Oye, I have no idea how to change either of those – and I also own both! That’s actually one of my fears while riding my bike, so I always take my cell phone with me if I’m riding alone. Sounds like you’ll be busy, but before you know it you’ll be out of school and FREE!

  7. I have no idea how to change any kind of tire! I need to learn!!!

  8. Hmm I technically know how to change one – but have never had too. I am always worried that I wil get a flat tuyre when I am biking by myself!

  9. I CAN change my bike tires and sadly I have had to do that a whole bunch of times.
    I don’t know how to change my car tire – that’s what AAA is for. 😉

  10. I have absolutly zero idea on how to change any tires – I’m such a girl!!

  11. I am definitely in the dark about changing flat tires…oops!

    Good luck wrapping up the semester!

  12. I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t know how to change a flat tire. If I ever got one, I’d be on the phone to AAA right away. 😳

  13. I can’t believe there are people that have never had a flat tire on their car. I get like 5 a year…it’s ridiculous. I’ve never actually changed one myself, thanks to having my handy boy-tool around, but I have watched so many times that I probably could if I really had to. Good luck with finals! I’m on that boat, too.

  14. My dad taught me how to change a flat tire on my car when I was in high school but I have never done it. I have called AAA, twice, to change my flat tires 🙂

  15. I need to learn to change a tire, but I just call AAA. As far as bikes go, I don’t know how to even put the chain back on when it pops off. I know its easy, but I haven’t the slightest clue. I need to learn these things before I get into biking, which I definitely want to do.

  16. I am such a “girl” when it comes to flat tires on my bike or car. My husband always comes to my rescue!

  17. I know how to change both- yay! Only I don’t carry a repair kit on my bike so I’d be kinda stuck anyways….

  18. Aww, bummer! At least you got 5 miles in, better than nothing!

    I would have no idea where to even being changing a flat tire. I’d be screwed! lol.

  19. Bummer on the flat – I know HOW to change a tire, but it always takes me about 45 minutes because I can’t get the tire back on the rim! Seriously, I get to where there’s about 8 inchesl left and can’t muscle it over the rim! One day I will master the art though.

    Good luck with the rest of your semester!

  20. Darn! Flats suck. I’ve had a million since I grew up on gravel road but ever since moving to the city I haven’t ever had a problem. It’s good to know how to change them just in case though!

  21. I just learned how to change a flat on my bike! In fact, I just documented the process on my blog last week. I was lucky because I got to change it at my house – not on the street in a middle of a ride. But I definitely used a ‘how-to’ video that I watched on my iPhone…so, so great!

  22. i nerdily practice changing my tires (on my bike) while watching dvr on weekend mornings before the rest of the world gets up.

  23. […] my bike has a flat tire, Mark let me borrow his bike. Thanks, Mark! I haven’t had the time to change my tire out […]

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