Friday Trail Ride

This afternoon, I met Kelly for a bike ride at the trail near my work.




Before I left for the trail, I had a CLIF bar in the car.




I came straight from work, and planned on changing at the trail. Since there are no bathrooms at the trailhead, I had to change in the car. I’m hoping that nobody saw!




Since my bike has a flat tire, Mark let me borrow his bike. Thanks, Mark! I haven’t had the time to change my tire out yet.




I got off work a little earlier than I expected, and got 4.0 miles in before Kelly got there. Once she got to the trail, we biked another 15.0 miles together.


Altogether I biked 19.0 miles, but I’m not sure of exact time. We went for a pretty leisurely ride, around 12-13 mph. It was great to chat with Kelly and I didn’t mind a slower ride!




Once I got in the car, I realized that I was really, really hungry! With traffic, my commute home is almost an hour. A hungry stomach is no fun, so I stopped at Publix for some lowfat chocolate milk.




Even though I just ate a veggie burger and “fries” last night, I was craving it again tonight! This time, I wanted sweet potato fries… my favorite!




I ate pretty quickly because I’m heading over to Mark’s apartment. He’s moving to a house tomorrow and I offered to help him move. Off to get some sleep!


❤ MegaNerd

8 Responses

  1. That sounds like a fun bike ride! I love eating the same meals over again! Thy are just that good!

  2. Aahh you can’t go wrong with sweet potato fries!! I could eat them every day of the year , no lie…
    Have fun with Mark!

  3. I really think I could eat sweet potato fries every night and not get tired of them. They’re just so delicious!

    Sounds like a fun ride!

  4. I go through phases where I make sweet potato fries every night for a week. They are just SO good. 😀 All of these blogging bikers has made me want to get a bike and start it up (since running just isn’t my thing). What bike brand do you like?

  5. I could eat plates of fries every single night, especially sweet potato fries!

    So sweet of you to help him move, good luck today!

  6. I’m getting a bike soon and can’t wait to learn to ride. Sounds so fun!

    Love chocolate milk, veggies burgers and sweet tater fries. Yum.

  7. I change in my car all the time! So far so good. But I’m constantly hoping no one drives into the parking lot when I’m doing it!!

  8. […] I frantically called Mark to bring me HIS bike, because I couldn’t find mine. When he brought it to me, the seat was up way to high and I couldn’t reach the pedals. (This couldn’t happen because we are practically the same height, and I’ve ridden his bike before.) […]

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