Girls Night and Veggie Dinner

Last night, I went over to Caitlin’s for a girls night in.




She only lives a mile down the road, and pretty soon she will live 500 miles away! It sucks when good friends move away.


Caitlin offered to make me dinner for me tonight, so I headed over for some food, wine, and chatting. I had this very large glass of wine. It’s tricky!




I told her that I was craving veggies, and she made me a plate full of them! YUM!




The best part of dinner was the yucca fries:




I tried them for the first time other other day at Whole Foods, and LOVED them. Caitlin made hers with orange zest, which made it have a great flavor. I need to try making these!


We also had corn on the cob: 



…a side of broccoli




…and half a black bean veggie burger on an English muffin.




(My pictures turned out extremely blurry so I stole Caitlin’s.)


After dinner, we painted our nails and watched Sixteen and Pregnant which I find fascinating and horrible.




Girls’ nights are FUN!


I used to have weekly girls’ nights with BFF Debbie when she lived next door. I miss her since she moved to NJ! Lucky for me, she is coming to visit at the end of the month! Maybe I will kidnap her so she can’t leave. 😉



Happy Friday!


❤ MegaNerd

12 Responses

  1. My friends and I have girls night every Wednesday, it definitely helps me stay sane 😉 Glad you enjoyed!

  2. Awh looks like you had loads of fun!!I miss girls’ nights- I’m confined to my kitchen at all times revising like a loonie at the moment, there’s no time for them 😦 DARN EXAMS!

  3. I just added yucca to my grocery list. The fries look good! I am trying to branch out and try some new foods 🙂 Girls night looks like fun – I need to start having more of those.

  4. Girls nights in are awesome. I’m a homebody so I love these 🙂 Just cooking dinner, talking and having a good time.

  5. I’m with you on 16 and pregnant, it’s like watching a train wreck!

  6. Looks like such a fun girls night! I need to try those yucca fries, they look awesome!

  7. looks super fun! reminds me I need to repaint my nails this weekend lol!

  8. Girls nights are the best. I LOVE that last picture with the cucumbers!

    16 and Pregnant is a guilty pleasure of mine, too… 🙂

  9. I made yucca fries last night and they didn’t turn out super great. I think I will try them again though. They turned out a bit too dry.

  10. The only thing missing is a big glass of SANGRIA! That always makes my girls’ nights complete.. oh, and plenty of girl tawk (tawk, not talk)

  11. Aww, I hate it when friends move away. My best friend/sister moved to France last year and it SUCKS! Fortunately she’ll be coming back some time soon though.

    Looks like a good time!

  12. Girls night is SO important — great bonding times when you can just be silly. :mrgreen:

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