Job Interview Confidence

This morning, I had a job career interview.



Obviously, I started with my most favorite breakfast ever…


…Kashi H2H, banana, milk, and PB.

Let’s not forget about the coffee!




Calming the tummy nerves was a necessity.


I was honestly more nervous about the fact that there were three lanes closed on the freeway than the actual interview itself. Traffic was so backed up and I got there literally JUST in time even though I allowed an extra hour to drive less than 10 miles.


The road pretty much just looked like a giant parking lot.





When I first heard that the company wanted to interview me, I was SO nervous. I knew that at least a dozen other people would be interviewing for the same position, and I had to figure out a way to stand out. There was absolutely nothing  I could actually do in one week to make myself a better candidate other than gaining confidence. I didn’t have time to learn new skills, or graduate, or take another course.


While I have no idea yet where I stand as far as actually landing the job, I do have to say that I walked in to the interview  feeling very confident.


The interview itself went really well. I know that if I don’t get the job it isn’t because I am a failure. All that I could do is be myself and if they don’t like it, then there is something else better out there for me. Optimism is my motto.

I received at least a dozen e-mails today (crazy!) asking how I prepped for my interview.


Honestly, I already had everything inside me, I just had to find the key to unlock it. I had to let my abilities and confidence shine through. I had to let the interviewer know that I wanted the job, and that I was the best candidate for the position.




Here is how I personally boosted my interviewing confidence:


The Resume:


I think I had exactly 14 revisions of my resume before I finalized it.  I had several people proofread it, including old co-workers, friends, classmates, and even people that are in the industry. This is the very, very first impression. I knew that if my resume sucked, I wouldn’t even get a call. Everything is 100% truthful, but worded to make me sound, well… EPIC.


I also printed 5 copies to bring with me, and I ended up needing 3 of them! It always pays to be prepared.



Dress Confidently:


To be honest, I have gained a tad bit of  weight since my last office job. I am totally fine with that, but my professional wardrobe is a little too snug to be appropriate if you know what I mean.


I wanted to FEEL confident, so I went and got a new (properly fitting) outfit. I tried on outfits for an hour until I found something that made me feel GOOD.



I automatically felt more confident and professional wearing this outfit.




Practice, Practice, Practice:


A week or so before the interview, I Google-d "top job interview questions”, printed out a list, and practiced answering them. I took notes and throughout the week I thought of examples of things I wanted to say if certain questions were asked.


Practicing what I was going to say took the guess work out. I was able to speak much more articulately.


I had Mark ask me interview questions so many times that I think he pretty much could have done the interview for me. Poor thing, he really is a good sport.



Act Like You’re EPIC, and You will BE epic.


Honestly, one of the things that helped me out the most was a simple text message from Taylor, just before I walked into the interview.


It said, “Don’t be nervous, it will show! Act like you are the most confident person ever and that they would be LUCKY to have you.”




I will keep you posted as the job search and interviewing process continues! In the meantime, I am off to relax. After all, I’m done with finals AND the interview.



What are your tips for job interview confidence?


❤ MegaNerd

DONE….errr Sort Of.

Good morning!


Things have been a whirlwind the past few days between two final exams, a project, and prepping for job interviews.


I finished my last final exam of the semester at 7:00pm last night and all I wanted to do was relax and have a beer. I’M DONE! Except for…not really. I came home to iron my shirt, practice interview questions, and make sure my resumes were printed.


This morning I have a job interview (!!!) , so keep your fingers crossed for me! This is the real deal, people. I have to sell myself this morning, which isn’t exactly easy for me. I’m really excited and nervous because if I do well on this interview, I may potentially have my first engineering job!


I don’t want to be late, so I’m off. I promise that I will be back tonight with a regularly scheduled blog update.

Wish me luck!

❤ MegaNerd