Tweaking Things

Occasionally when I ride my bike for periods of time over an hour or so, the front of my left knee starts to hurt. NOT the same knee as the one I injured from running (that was the right.)


According to, the cause is under-extension of my leg in the pedal stroke. This means that my leg doesn’t get a change to stretch out because the saddle is too low.




I raised my bike seat up about 1.5 inches (can you see the line where it used to be?) and it made all the difference in the world!




On my bike ride yesterday with Kelly, I felt absolutely NO knee pain! Success! This sure would have been nice to know during the half metric century ride. Hmph.


I love figuring out simple fixes to big problems.


Speaking of which, I had a pounding headache this morning. I hit up Dunkin Donuts for a small iced coffee on the way to job #1 to fix that problem.




Lunch was leftovers from the other night…




…they didn’t reheat well. The sauce got all watery. Maybe I put it in the storage container too early and it melted the sauce?


I also had Trader Joe’s sweet potato chips and an apple. YUM!


Well, I’m off to job #2. Still no word on the engineering job interview I went on last week, keep your fingers crossed!!


❤ MegaNerd

Easy Black Bean Burritos

One of the things that I hate about working out after work is that I get done and I’m starving. Working out during dinner time makes for a very hungry girl!


It helps to think of what I want to eat either before or while I’m exercising so that I can immediately start making it when I return home.


Last night, I met Kelly for a 14.0 mile bike ride. We started a bit late, and ended up chatting some afterwards. I didn’t get back to my apartment until after 8:00 pm.


Luckily, I had a burrito in mind:




I love Amy’s frozen burritos, but they are pricey! This was an inexpensive and tasty option. It was easier than I thought it would be to make my own burrito.


My mom made black beans while I was in NC and she sent me home with a couple of frozen bags worth. I took a whole wheat tortilla and added shredded cheese, mom’s black beans, and salsa. If I would have had some leftover rice, guacamole, or green peppers that would have been good as well.



I folded up the sides…




…and rolled it up…





Ta-da! Black bean burrito awesomeness:




It was kind of small, so I had some extra beans on the side along with leftover steamed squash.


The whole thing took under 10 minutes from start to clean up. I am obsessed with quick meals. Pretty much everything I make these days is fast.


What are your favorite things to put in a burrito? I am open to pretty much everything, but I absolutely HATE sour cream.


❤ MegaNerd