Who knew that all of this running and biking could be so incredibly unglamorous!?


This morning, Caitlin asked me to go on a bike ride with her. I knew I wouldn’t be able to bike for a few days due to a crazy schedule so I happily agreed.


It was a great ride! I ended up riding 25.0 miles (I only planned on 10-15) in 1 hour, 52 minutes. We chatted about Caitlin’s upcoming 100 mile bike race and I am so excited for her!


It was a fun ride, and I even found a dollar bill on the side of the road! Dolla Dolla Bill, yo!




Apparently in the past few weeks, it became summer in Florida. I didn’t pack enough water and I had to borrow some of Caitlin’s.


I came home and was pretty much STARVING! It was well passed my normal lunch time, so I whipped up a quick Hawaiian Muffin Pizza.




I used:

  • whole wheat english muffin
  • marinara sauce
  • string cheese
  • ham slice
  • pineapple chunks


I baked it for 10 minutes at 350F. So good!


I also roasted some broccoli on the side.





Delicious and filling meal!




While I was cleaning up from lunch, I noticed some strange markings on my hands…(where the gloves go.)




Then, I noticed my wrist looking pale (where the Garmin lives)…




…I then looked down at my legs…




OMG! I am SO sunburnt!


I started panicking! SKIN CANCER! SKIN CANCER!


I ran to the bathroom and checked out my back, which was also exposed to the sun.




Uh-Oh. I am officially a lobster.


I can’t believe that in two hours I managed to get so red! This is bad news. I have a wedding to attend tomorrow night, and I’m wearing a strapless dress!


What should I DO!!?


I always think of all the GOOD things that running and biking do for my body. A strong heart, strong legs, strong lungs, stress relief, and pure joy of exercise.


Today, I thought of all of the UNGLAMOUROUS things that they have done for me.


My toes/feet are ruined.




I have permanently tattooed bike chain greased leg.




Shorts tan lines.




…and now, a sunburned back. Le sigh.


I really don’t know what to do about this. YIKES!


❤ MegaNerd

43 Responses

  1. Maybe you can wear a light cardigan or scarf/wrap over your shoulders.

    I’m not sure if you have experience with this, but maybe you could try some makeup for cover up.

    Hey, the toenails & tan lines are great stories & give you a reason to brag about your impressive fitness skills. I say rock it!

    Have a good night!

    • great idea for the scarf!

      My toes are disgusting, lol.

      • He probably doesn’t want me to share this, but my bf’s toenails are black & blue from people stepping on them while playing basketball. Trust me, he does not shy away from flip flops! He always laughs & brags about how he was “shutting people down!”

        He lives for basketball & his toenails, a scar over his eye from stitches, & many injuries are sometimes the result.

        Compared to his toenails yours are gorgeous 🙂

  2. 😡 ew

  3. I am a bridesmaid in my sister’s wedding in October. I’m worried that after a long summer running season, my tan lines will be so wacky that I’ll look really weird in the strapless dress.

    If worse comes to worse, you could try a spray-tan…though I’ve never had one and I have no idea what kind of chemicals you end up breathing in when you get one.

    Good luck! (and I agree with the first commenter- a cardigan might be your best bet)

  4. Put on TONS of lotion and aloe. I’ve had bad sunburns look a lot better the second day due to all the lotion/aloe.

    Otherwise, a cardigan or scarf is a good backup plan.

  5. OH WOW!! I think tan lines are beautiful 😉 You could always wear a small jacket and closed toe shoes?

  6. As a super pale girl that has literally never had a tan, but loves the outdoors, I agree with the comment about lotion + aloe tonight. It will make such a difference! For the wedding, I also think a shawl/scarf is the better bet since it won’t make you as warm (I always FEEL super hot when I have a burn).

    I did a 3.5 hour bike ride yesterday in sunny 85 degree weather (my first real warm ride of the year) and kept re-applying the sunscreen every time we stopped, but I miss 2 spots on my back, in between sports bra and tank top straps and now have 2 round circles of burn, too! They are small, but not

  7. As a super pale girl that has literally never had a tan, but loves the outdoors, I agree with the comment about lotion + aloe tonight. It will make such a difference! For the wedding, I also think a shawl/scarf is the better bet since it won’t make you as warm (I always FEEL super hot when I have a burn).

    I did a 3.5 hour bike ride yesterday in sunny 85 degree weather (my first real warm ride of the year) and kept re-applying the sunscreen every time we stopped, but I miss 2 spots on my back, in between sports bra and tank top straps and now have 2 round circles of burn, too! They are small, but certainly annoying too!

  8. Definitely pile on the aloe or lotion! And you can take some anti-inflammatory drugs (advil or ibuprofen) if the burn is hurting you. They really do help. So sorry about the burn!

  9. Ugh. Definitely unfabulous! Sorry I wish I had some tips for you, but it sounds like the other girls got it covered.

  10. omg, your poor feet!
    and your skin!
    lots of lots of aloe

  11. mmm…this might sound odd, but what about a oatmeal bath? 🙂 last year I had a really bad case of suburn legs – more like toasted sausages- and it helped. look here http://www.ehow.com/how_2163782_treat-sunburn-oatmeal.html or google it… hope it helps, and obviously lots and lots of lotion, i used “solarcaine” which has aloe and lidocaine(?) …

    • It doesn’t sound odd. Powdered oatmeal (or any oatmeal) makes a wonderfully soothing bath for burned or irritated skin. It can help alleviate the pain, but not sure about the redness.

  12. Oh no! You poor thing!!
    I definitely echo the scarf idea.
    I hope you’re not too uncomfortable; sunburns really feel awful.
    My feet are disgusting. I hate wearing flip flops because they’re so gnarly, but I still do. Running has definitely ruined my chances of ever being a foot model!

  13. My toe nails keep turning black and blue from running and then eventually falling off. Do you know how to prevent this?

  14. I hope your burn is feeling a little better today. I always put Noxzema (the face cream) on sunburn and it seems to help. I am sorry to say there is no way you are going to get rid of your lines for the wedding today, but honestly it’s Florida and I am sure you won’t be the only one with tan (or in your case, burn) lines.

    I have the same lines on my back as you from a burn a few weeks ago, and I can’t get rid of them. I have a feeling they are going to be a permanent edition to my tan lines from the summer. Next time, try the spray sunscreen so you can get it onto your back, even when you are by yourself. $5 a bottle for the Target brand is the cheapest I have found so far 🙂

    Have fun at the wedding. I am sure you will rock the strapless dress!

  15. Use Dawn dish detergent on the grease. Normal shower soap just doesn’t do the trick. I just squirt a little Dawn on, scrub away and it comes off.

  16. Sports are so unglamorous!!! My feet look similar….
    But I live in PIttsburgh, so I hardly have issue with bad tans!

    I would suggest cocoa butter or aloe vera. It’ll soothe it, and prevent peeling. But if the burn was REALLY bad (like my arm pits!) then it will just take some time to fad!

    If you get comments, just be like, “oh, those tan lines? yea, I got them because I’m so HARDCORE”. 😉

  17. Oh noes!! This has happened to me more times that I can even count–thanks Irish heritage 😉

    Just like so many people have said, put on Aloe every time it dries (you’ll be sticky all day) but it will make a HUGE difference. It won’t completely disappear, but it can get substantially better.

    You can usually find those really cute “shrug” sweaters for pretty inexpensive @ Forever 21. It would still show off a lot of your dress and wouldn’t have too long of sleeves for the Florida heat!

    Feel better–pop some IB pro-fen while you’re at it. Sunburns are NOT fun!!

  18. Forget the sunscreen or the FL sun just to powerful? I’m starting to get a Garmin tan too. One perk to winter running is that all my skin is covered up! This summer is going to be an adjustment.

  19. I’ve never had one …. but maybe an airbrushed tan to evenly cover it all up? After a nice soak in a cool bath though…… This may be a totally bad idea….
    At least go with the light cardigan or scarf….. maybe a pedi?

    Good luck!

  20. damnnn that looks painful! aloe that shiz up!

  21. Uh oh! Can you wear a different dress? One with sleeves that covers your back?

  22. I honestly wouldn’t waste your money doing a spray on tan. What will happen is it will darken your burnt area(unless the redness doesn’t go away and you don’t tan..but after one day, I’ll bet the redness will still be there) so you’ll still have that nice tan-line going.

    You need to just think in a postive way. You were taking care of YOU when this happened, if someone is going to judge you because you have tan lines or your feet then their problems are far worse than yours. Just my two cents though! You’re a beautiful girl, those “flaws” represent you as an athelete – you should rock it!! 😀

  23. Dang girl, that IS a serious burn, especially on your back. Hope it feels better today. How did your big toes get like that? Cycling shoes? RUnning?

  24. Maybe do the sunless tanning booths. I’ve done that before to make it look a little bit more even. There is also something called Airbrush Legs by Sally Hanson that is like tan in a can and you can try putting that on your non-burned parts. It looks painful!!!

  25. Dude, as a pale redhead formerly living in LA and now living in Africa, I have been there wayyyy too many times. Love the aloe. Slather yourself with it. Wear loose clothes that cover as much of your skin as you can bear, especially when you are out in the sun. When you don’t have aloe on, use skin repairing lotion. Pop an advil or two to decrease swelling. once the skin dies, use a gentle loofa in the shower every day til its all sloughed off. eww. i can’t believe i just wrote that. but it happens. 🙂

  26. Oh wow girl! Aloe Vera gel is your best friend!!!!

  27. instead of worrying about it, ENJOY IT! these are signs that you’re a true athlete. others should be envious!

  28. What a bummer! That florida sun sure is strong!

  29. That’s nothing a spray tan and pedi won’t fix for the wedding but you’re always beautiful regardless!

  30. You are HARDCOREE! You can always go in an get a spray tan and a pedi :)!

  31. SPRAY TAN! It will make you look (MORE) gorgeous and all one color. I use Aquaphor for sunburn. It is thick and it works. Keeps my nose from peeling. Great on the lips also.

  32. Wear a shrug with your dress. I have one that’s crocheted that is perfect in the 90 degree, humid ass, Illinois summers!

  33. Hi Megan, i love reading your blog, and as a cyclist i just wanted to tell you that your tan lines are really quite fashionable till they reach this stage….

  34. ooooh nooooo! I HATE bike short tan lines 😦 One of the unfortunate sides of biking 😦

  35. I can totally commiserate with the odd sunburn lines. We had our Relay for Life event yesterday and I have a crazy burn on my chest, near my armpits in the front and back where I either forgot to get or couldn’t reach. Lovely.

    I hope you had a great time at the wedding 🙂

  36. Megan,
    I feel your pain. I did a 40 mile bike ride a few weeks ago and totally missed the backs of my arms (FAIL) and had weird sunburn lines for a few weeks. Also, got weird cycling shorts lines that day.

    Today, I ran/walked 20 miles in the TX sun and got burnt again. I need to do a better job of being prepared. I had the same reaction both times to my sunburn too – skin cancer – ahhh!
    Good luck with the healing!

  37. Your feet look almost as disgusting as mine! I did classical ballet for about 10 years. my feet are trashed.

    I hope you figured out your sunburn situation! and I hope you have some aloe!!

  38. yikes about your toes!
    sorry you are sunburned. change dresses? try makeup/liquid foundation? wear your hair down?

  39. I hope your burn is better today! I agree w/ the shawl/scarf suggestions. Maybe some self-tanner to even out the skin tone too?

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