Luau Rehearsal Dinner

It’s Wedding Season!


I came back to my hometown of Brandon, FL (a suburb of Tampa)  for the first time in 3 years this weekend. Pretty weird feeling to be back. I came back for my dear friends’ wedding.




Even though I am not a part of the bridal party, she invited me to come the rehearsal dinner since we have known each other since 6th grade.


This was taken  of us on the bus to summer camp around age 15. Hehehe. (I’m in the green shirt.)




I knew her (future) husband before she did — we were biology lab partners in 9th grade!!


Anyways, on to the party. The couple, Jaime and Matt, are surfers and total beach bums which I love about them. Their rehearsal dinner was more of a luau themed party.


IMG_0604 IMG_0605 IMG_0601


While we waited for dinner to get started, I sipped on a strawberry tea lemonade.





I had a plate of BBQ for dinner…





…and a pineapple filled with sorbet for dessert. YUM!




Sorbet filled fruit is such a great idea!




I was at a table with all married couples… except for Kelli. We are the single ones left from the high school group. I like to think of myself as having high standards. 😉




The dinner was REALLY fun. My friend Lisa’s husband was doing all kinds of magic tricks for us…


IMG_0618 IMG_0619



I HAD to know how this was done.


I was unsure how my sunburn would look in a halter top dress. Plus, my hideous feet. No worries, I didn’t go totally unglamorously. I gave myself a pedi.





I wore my hair down to cover the brutal burn.




Who wants to see THIS?!?!



I also used some sunless tanner on my non-red skin to even out the color slightly. It worked pretty well! Everyone commented that I looked really tan. Yay for cancer free tanning.


The wedding is tonight! I am going to try to hit the gym, but I still need to go get a wedding present and run some other errands while in Tampa.


I feel completely clueless about all things wedding related. I guess it’s about time I start learning…I’m going to be a bridesmaid in Debbie’s wedding in a few months!


❤ MegaNerd


25 Responses

  1. You’re still young!!! It’s better to have high standards, too!

  2. Your dress is adorable. Where did you get it?

  3. Take your time and enjoy your life. I got married very young (two months before I turned 20) and while I can’t say that I totally regret it, I do know that I missed out on a whole lot of fun single girl stuff.

    Best wishes to the bride and groom!

  4. You looked fabulous! I’m prone to getting burned and hate having to figure out what clothes to wear to cover up the awful burn lines. I loved the way the pinapple was served in slices in the skin and the sorbet cups are adorable! So clever!!

  5. Here is, in my opinion, the best wedding advice:

    1. Be supportive of the bride, even if she is spazzing out. (although if she’s like some of those bridezilla chicks, RUN! ha ha)

    2. Buy gifts from their registry or give money or gift cards.

    I had so many people give me what they insisted I would need. However, they were refusing to acknowledge that I didn’t need to set up house since I’d been living on my own for 4 years and living with my husband for 2 years. I know they meant well, and I appreciated it, but I ended up returning most of what I was given that wasn’t on my registry because I already had what they had given me.

  6. Your hometown is Brandon? Crazy!!! I lived there for a year when I was in 1st grade, then moved back to my home state of Nebraska. From what I remember of Brandon, it was cute. And I LOVED having a swimming pool in my back yard… 🙂

  7. you look so pretty at the wedding! i love your dress! i totally feel for you about the sunburn! i am super pale and if i am out for even 15 min i will burn…i probably would have had blisters if i had been in your shoes…erg.

  8. WHat a fun dinner! And you look gorgeous in that blue dress!!!

  9. Your hair looks so pretty in the second to last picture!

  10. You really looked beautiful, that dress looks amazing on you!
    I like the dinner theme, so much fun!

  11. That color looks great on you!! Looks like a fun rehearsal dinner.
    You’re still very young. I think these feelings are amplified when there’s weddings all around you.

  12. Wow, VERY surprised that you are a minority being unmarried at your age. For me, friends started marrying around 25 and I got married at 28 which still felt young. I always thought I would be at least 30- I have always been very career focused! Have fun and enjoy being YOUNG and unattached!

  13. Also wanted to add you have very pretty hair! 🙂

  14. I know what you mean about wedding season – I have 5 to go to this summer! However, they will be good ‘research’ for me because I’ve got to start planning my wedding one of these days! 🙂

  15. looks like you had an awesome time! I’m glad you got your sunburn situation figured out!

  16. What a small world – I was born and lived in Brandon until I was 8!

  17. Congrats to your friend! Crazy how everyone grows up. I’m from a family with seven kids and now three of us are married! My brother has a little on with one on the way and I’ve got one on the way too!

    Have fun tonight!

  18. wow people in FL get married really young! I’m 25 and my first friend my age is getting married this fall – NO ONE else my age is married yet. so don’t feel weird being surrounded by young marrieds, there are plenty more up north! (MA)

    • Actually, it must depend on your circle because I am almost 30 and most of my (same aged and older) Floridian pals are still single.

      Megan, I know you have mentioned being the “single one out” here and there on your blog but PLEASE don’t ever let that get to you. I am originally from the midwest and most of my friends from home have been married since 23-ish and many of them have told me they regretted it (and some are divorced).

      My point is, don’t ever feel like you are “behind” as you are still so young with so many oppportunities. I would venture to say a lot of your married friends might be secretly a tad envious of you, too. 😉

    • I’m way up North (in NJ) and all my college friends and high school friends have been getting engaged non-stop since we graduated college (at 22!). EEK

  19. Wow, I can’t believe so many of your high school friends are married! I think we’re the same age and I only know a couple of people who are married, definitely no one in my close group of friends.

  20. Megan, you are so beautiful! Love that dress! Don’t feel bad about being clueless about all things wedding related, I am totally clueless too. I’m 23 and have watched friends and acquaintances getting engaged non-stop since I graduated college last year at 22. I am the only girl with a boyfriend in my group of friends that isn’t engaged/married. I’m not going to lie, I have mixed emotions every time another one of my friends gets engaged even though I am happy for them. But then I think, I don’t even want to be married this young no matter how much I do love my boyfriend! Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. We have our entire lives to be married let’s enjoy our independence and freedom now! I absolutely love your blog.

  21. Your still young and your have your boy So don’t feel bad meg!

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