Just Another Morning

It’s been a week since my last run.


I haven’t felt much motivation to run lately, mostly because it’s hot and I can’t really run very far. This morning, I decided to take a new approach to the way I think about running: Since it is just too hot, I’m just going to run short distances for fun, with no pressure of time or mileage.


My run was much more enjoyable without my watch as a constant reminder or what little distance I have run. It was nice. 😀


I came back to a quick breakfast.




I had a whole grain English muffin with Almond Butter…




…plus a grapefruit.




I love eating fresh fruit in the morning! I usually stick it in the freezer while I am in the shower so that it will be nice and cold when it’s time to eat. So refreshing!



I am bringing leftovers to work for lunch today. I’ve been getting really bad about:

1. Eating out

2. Eating frozen dinners

3. Snacking on office junk and not actually eating a well-rounded meal.




I’m actually really excited about today’s lunch!




Leftover Mom’s recipe black beans ( I really, really, really need this recipe!), whole grain brown rice, and broccoli.


I also have a couple snacks packed including an apple, banana, granola bar, and yogurt. I have class until 7:30pm and I need lots of stuff to hold me over!


Off to work I go! I am grateful that I have a job, even if it is temporary.


❤ MegaNerd

16 Responses

  1. Is your job engineering-related? If so, how did you get a paid job while you’re still in undergrad? (Inquiring minds want to know! I’d love to do the same thing:)

    • My current job is with an insurance company that is shutting down.

      I had an engineering internship that was paid. Check with your school’s career services, or just randomly start emailing companies that you are interested in working for (that’s what I did).

  2. I have been eating a lot of junk food lately with finals and all, I can’t wait till I get back to clean eating!

  3. That grapefruit looks delicious. I haven’t had one in AGES.

    I love the idea of running just for fun, not for time/distance. Great idea for hot weather!

  4. It’s getting hot here in Phoenix as well. I have taken the same approach to you on the running for the summer. I’m finding other things to do for exercise and it’s a refreshing change.

  5. I agree it is ssooo hot! It’s easy to get discouraged!

  6. I really look forward to running just for fun! Congrats on the last semester. Woohoo!!!!

  7. I need to start running that way. It seems I get so set on doing a certain distance in a certain time that it takes all the joy out of running.

  8. Your plate is adorable! And I think your attitude towards getting back into running is so great. I’m sure it’s hard at times, but your approaching it in such a positive way. I think you’ll be back where you used to be before you know it.

  9. What a great idea to put the fruit in the freezer before breakfast – I am going to try that for sure!!!

  10. I think your take on running is such a good mindset to have!

  11. I’ve been craving english muffins for a while. I can’t wait to get some tomorrow!

  12. Your plates are so cute & festive!

  13. I’ve been ditching the watch while running too these days… sometimes it’s great just to not think about it and let your body do what it will.

  14. I understand about the heat being an inhibitor to working out outside. I live in South Texas and it’s already so hot and humid that my walks outside have been curtailed…I need to go to the gym, but that’s iffy sometimes since it is small. Good luck on the running for fun. Sounds like a good plan.

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