High School Hum Drum

Five years ago today, I graduated from high school.


Seems crazy to me! I wish I had a picture from actual graduation—all I can find is this funny one of my church group in our respective high school cap and gowns.


Class of 2005!



Recognize these ladies? Probably because we are STILL friends!



Same girls, five years later! Love it.


Lately, I’ve been pretty hard on myself. I feel semi-failure-ish because:

1. I’m in tons of school debt and the bills keep rollin’ in

2. Having trouble finding a career

3. Taking exxxxtra long to graduate from college


However, I was inspired today after reading Allie’s post about the path less traveled.. I thought about everything that I have accomplished in the past five years. Looking at this picture brought back memories of my senior year of high school. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, practically knew nothing about real life, and had a very small perspective on the world.


I’ve managed to figure out at least a general idea of what I want to do with the rest of my life, graduate with two degrees in 5.5 years, and pay for most of my own way through college. I’ve learned to be responsible, to be healthy, to love, and to think for myself.


Sometimes it takes something small to put things into perspective!


Back to the Hum Drum of Today…


Things have been pretty plain jane around here lately. I feel like I’m just going through the motions of work and school.


I spiced up my otherwise dull morning with a 1250m swim in the pool before work. I’ve been getting into a habit of going to the gym before work which I really like!


After my swim, I swung by Starbucks for Perfect Oatmeal with all the toppings. A bit of sweetness for my morning!




I’m off to tidy up my apartment… guess who’s coming to visit for Memorial Day weekend?!



BFF DEBBIE!! I can’t wait.


❤ MegaNerd


25 Responses

  1. It is important to remember everything on a larger scale, if not, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed. It’s great you can see things from that perspective!

  2. I graduated about 4 years ago from high school and I feel the same way you do sometimes.. Everyone I graduated high school with is graduating, well already has graduated, college this year and I still have 3 years ahead of me. BUT, i’ve figured out what I DON’T want to do and I’ve learned SO much about myself.. definitely NOT the same person I was 4 years ago. It’s crazy where life takes you sometimes.. and many times it takes you to places more amazing than you could ever have hoped for!

  3. Slow and steady wins the race! There’s no sense in racing to the finish line. We’ll be working for the next 40-50 years (unless something awesome happens i.e. winning the lotto) so you might as well take your time and find something you love to do.

    Thanks for the shout out!

  4. That is awesome that you have stayed friends throughout the years! It sounds like you have done a lot over the past five years – here most people take at least five years to do engineering degrees, my hubby also took 5.5!

  5. Hey Megan! From what I know of you from your blog, you seem to accomplish everything you set your mind to (which is definitely one of the reasons I keep reading each day!). So far in my life, I’ve found that everything falls into place eventually as long as you keep a positive attitude. It sounds like that’s exactly what you’re doing 🙂

  6. you’re amazing megan 🙂 I feel you with school loans and things. I went to a small private school near my hometown in NY and I am in debt up to my eyeballs. I can completely relate, even as an RN if I didnt have to pay loans I’d be pretty decently off.

    it’s okay us ’05’s need to stick together 🙂 that’s when I graduated HS too.

  7. Definitely keep your eye on the bigger picture, and continue trying to remember and appreciate all the amazing things you’ve accomplished and how much you’ve grown! 5 years from now, you’ll look back and be even more amazed at how far you’ve come since high school!! And it looks like you’ve got some great friends to help you and keep you company along the way. 🙂
    A week ago today was 10 years since I graduated high school – and I can honestly say I NEVER in a million years would have imagined my life the way it is now… and I couldn’t be happier with how things are going!!

  8. Just enjoy being young. The work, family, kids it will all happen in due time.

  9. YOu think that’s crazy, I graduated 14 years ago. I cannot believe that!!

  10. It’s so true that we need to focus on the positive 🙂 And think about all the things we HAVE done – rather than those things we havent 🙂

  11. I love getting Starbucks oatmeal with all the toppings!! 🙂

    You’re young and healthy, don’t be hard on yourself. You can and will still do everything that you set your mind and heart to.


  12. You know what, I am in that same situation with school. I had to take a year off of school total for treatments. It really sucked and I am a bit angry at myself because it is going to take me 5 years to complete the degree instead of the regular 4. But I am moving on and going to get the best grades I can possibly get, but I am also going to LIVE my life!! 🙂

  13. Hey, if it’s any consolation, I’ve been out of COLLEGE for three years now and I still don’t know what I’m going to do for my career 🙂

    Good luck on all your adventures figuring it out! Look forward to reading more about them.

  14. You should be very proud of yourself. Things may be rough now but the future will be amazing. You will look back and go…wow…I am glad I did this.

  15. seriously? you should be proud of yourself girl!!I surely don’t know you,but from what i read in your blog, you have a full life -which is, full of friends, full of love, full of feelings, full of achievements, and also full of courage, full of hard choices and decisions that you were able to handle… don’t feel bad as long as you are giving your best – which is what you are doing! – and keep swimming… you know, it is not how much or in how long, but the whole picture 😉 (like they say, life is not a destination but the journey itself)… 🙂

  16. You are such an inspiration, girl! Two degrees in five and a half years? That’s impressive–most people don’t even have the motivation to get one degree! 🙂 I can’t thank you enough for sharing the link to Allie’s post; I loved it. Just remember that you are doing great things with your life, and great things take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, remember?

  17. If it’s any consolation, my high school graduation was 15 years ago (ack! I’m seriously hyperventilating over that) and I’m still not sure what direction my life is headed.
    You’re smart, hard working, young and have your whole life ahead of you. Enjoy this time. One day you’ll look back and remember all the good stuff and forget about the stress and lack of $$. All that you’re facing is going to make you stronger.

    Have fun with your friend this weekend.

  18. I read that post, too, and really loved it because it was so sincere and true. And it’s REALLY weird you wrote about high school graduation, since I too was thinking about that this morning (mostly because I found the cheap necklace I wore to graduation, and it was the only thing that matched my work outfit…) and how far I’ve come since then. If your perspective has changed that much since high school, graduating college will only be that much more of a formative experience. I mean, I didn’t learn to be responsible OR healthy until after college, so I can only imagine what things will look like for you.

    And…YAY DEBBIE. lol.

  19. I graduated from high school 11 years ago…oh my gosh I am officially old.

  20. You HAVE done alot! It’s been six years since I graduated highschool and even though I feel like I’ve done alot it’s not so much things that look good on paper……like, I got married, found a good job, am pregnant with my first child and became a runner, gardener and cook.

    I’m happy and that’s what matters so if you’re happy, then you’re a success.

  21. I totally know what you mean – I just graduated from college a couple of weeks ago and often feel like a failure because I have not found a job (not for lack of trying!). I just keep trying to remind myself that it’s okay and something will come along when the time is right. 🙂 Hang in there, girl.

  22. You are completely right about needing to put things into perspective. You’re amazing! And SO busy. It willl pay off, hun:)

  23. Hang in there, you can do it! It seems like a whole lot of busy and not a whole lot is moving but you will get there! Yes, applying for jobs is a job in and of itself, but if you are persistant, the one “Yes” that you need will come along! I remember at my 5yr class reunion I was kind of bummed because it seemed like the rest of the world had already moved on to “real life” and gotten “real jobs” and I hadn’t. I took 5.5 years to graduate with my BS Engineering. But really, that extra little bit is a splash in the pan, even though it doesn’t feel like it at this moment. You are rich and blessed, girl! Keep-on keepin’ on, you will get there.
    ~Becky (also facing my 15yr reunion this summer… ack!)

  24. That’s so great that yall are still friends! 🙂
    I love this: “I’ve learned to be responsible, to be healthy, to love, and to think for myself.” So true!

  25. Don’t feel bad about being in debt from school and haven’t found the perfect job in your field yet. You have done so much in the time I’ve read your blog. Take it from someone who is 31 years old and just received her Bachelor’s degree. I could kick myself for not finishing my degree 8 years ago, but instead I’m dang proud to have achieve what I have. Be happy for the victories instead of dwelling on the things you haven’t done.

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