Wine and [Mac n’] Cheese

I’ve been patiently waiting ALL day long for BFF Debbie to arrive!


After JetBlue cancelled her flight to Orlando for no apparent reason, and had to fly to Tampa, rent a car, and drive two hours here, I was happy to see her face!




While finishing up some last minute cleaning up around the apartment, I cracked open my bottle of Honey Moon wine that I picked up at Trader Joe’s on my road trip to North Carolina last month.


Pretty good, and really inexpensive!




Dinner was quick and easy. I had a bit of a rough day and was craving comfort food.


Enter, Mac N’ Cheese. The broccoli makes it healthy, obviously.




Soooo good!


Having my BFF live 1,100 miles away is NOT cool! We were next door neighbors for about a year, until she moved to New Jersey. I’m so happy she is here!!


How far away does your best friend live?


❤ MegaNerd


28 Responses

  1. That’s awesome she’s visiting – Have fun! I have a lot of best friends in the DC area but my BFF from home lives 6 hours away by car!

  2. My BFF lives in Wyoming, but goes to school with me in DC, but has been in London all year. Got that? I’m going to visit her in Wyoming after she gets home in July! I can’t wait. Have fun with Debbie.

  3. my best friend lives about 700 miles away in NY. I’m in North Carolina and I havent seen her since we graduated. we danced together for four years and we went through nursing hell together. I miss her.

    I love mac and cheese and broccoli

  4. Yay for BFFs. My BFFs also live 1100 miles away. Actually, 1,184 miles. They are planning a visit next month, though, and I can’t wait!

  5. My BFFs live about 3,000 miles away. 😦 I was the one to leave them though. Luckily, one of them has made the long journey to visit, and I’ve gone to visit them about once a year. Still not often enough!

  6. my sister is my bf. she lives in the room next to me 🙂

  7. I live in gorgeous SoCal, and my bff lives in freakin North Carolina! I hate it, to be completely honest. I miss her so much!

  8. i live in stockholm sweden, and all my friends live in canada! it SUUUUCKS! i miss my BFF, and though she wants to visit at some point I miss having her around for the daily things!

  9. I’m in South Jersey and my BFF is in NY. It’s not so bad…but we’re both so busy that we hardly get to see each other. Spending time with a BFF can be so therapeutic. Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Have fun with your BFF this weekend! I’m glad you’re able to spend time with her.
    I don’t think I really have a best friend, which sounds pathetic, but it’s really not. I’m a military wife and we move a lot. Finding and cultivating lasting friendships is kind of hard.

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  11. My best friend is literally just moving into a house with her boyfriend this weekend about an hour’s drive away from me, six months ago, she lived just over a mile away! It’s all for the good (Yay! Boyfriend and house!) but it’s sad that she’s further away! But it’s not too bad, she’s really not THAT far away and we’re trying to meat up every month for a BFF night!

  12. bahaha I love how broccoli negates mac and cheese and makes it a healthy meal 🙂 I completely agree!

  13. My two best friends live with me! It’s pretty awesome 😀 Hope you and your friend have a blast catching up!

  14. I am lucky…mine lives about 5 minutes away! 🙂

  15. One of my best friends lives and hour & half away, but because she’s all grown up with babies I rarely see her. My other bests live 10+ hrs away which sucks 😦

  16. Awwww you must be so happy! My bff lives about 10 minutes away, I can’t imagine it any other way!

  17. We just graduated so my best friends are spread out all over 😦

  18. I live in NH, and my best friend lives in NY… 250 miles away. Not as bad as you , but it feels like its so far! Luckily her family lives near me so I get to see her when she comes home.

  19. My BFFs both live back home, so 900 miles away or so. I haven’t seen either of them since February, and it physically hurts some days. Enjoy your visit!

  20. I love Honey Moon! It’s seriously one of my favorite wines of all time. Can’t beat the price either.

    Two of my best friends live only miles from me now! It’s so crazy to think we ended up in the same city after college.

  21. a lot of my very closet friends live within a few miles of me but one of my best friends since childhood live in NYC…i live in chicago:/…at least she lives in an amazing place that i love to visit!

  22. I feel ya on the distance. My bff lives in/on Cape Cod, and I’m here in Alabama. She’s got a little boy and one on the way, and it’s so hard to be away from all of them! Have a fabulous weekend with your Jersey girl!

  23. not cool at all. mine live 900 miles away and i haven’t seen her in a year. next time i see her will be in august when she stands up for me in my wedding. i’ve missed not having her here to help me plan, shop, and stress over the wedding.. but so excited and honored that she will be standing next to me when i say i do to my other best friend.

  24. Haha, the broccoli comment made me laugh.
    I got lucky. My best friend lives right down the block from me. 🙂

  25. my bff lives in NYC and I’m in Philly boo, we met as roommates in college in New York

  26. I live in NY and my best friend lives in Tampa. I miss her 😦

  27. Ah, fun times with besties!! love the wine and mac and cheese!!! tasty!

  28. My best friends of 11 and 9 years live 22 hours away (by car) in Harrisburg, PA and my best friend of 3 years lives 15 hours away in Franklin, NC.
    I’m hoping to move closer to them again sometime within the next few years…

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