Something About Summer

I’m what you could call anti-Florida. I HATE hot weather.


Summer is my least favorite season, which happens to last for at least six sticky months in Central Florida. Blah. Maybe it would be better if I lived on a beach?


There is one thing that I do love about summer, fresh salads, and sweet fruit!




Something about having a light salad towered with fruit makes me happy.


I brought lunch to work today (what am I saying… I do EVERY day!) but I was really looking forward to eating today’s meal!


My summer salad included:

  • spring mix
  • honey maple boar’s head brand turkey
  • strawberries
  • mandarin oranges
  • pink lady apple
  • almonds (buried)
  • poppyseed dressing


I’m a die-hard fan of the Trader Joe’s Poppyseed dressing, but I ran out. I picked up this generic store brand (Publix) and it was actually really good!






Seriously, one of my favorite meals! It satisfies my sweet tooth, and yet it’s packed with good-for-you ingredients!




I came home from my eleven hour work day completed wiped out. I spent another two hours doing homework. I haven’t really touched my school stuff since summer classes began 3 weeks ago. I have been so focused on working and looking for a job that I forgot that I have to actually graduate. Oops.


I ended my hectic day with a glass two glasses of Trader Joe’s HoneyMoon wine.




I’m off to bed, even though it’s not even 9:00pm yet. I’m wiped out!


❤ MegaNerd


14 Responses

  1. I love that dressing- I get it too! Yummy:)

  2. I’m what you could call anti-Florida, too…just not always because of the weather 😉 Good night!

  3. That dressing sounds so tasty on the summer salad 🙂

  4. You should move to Santa Barbara for the summer, we have amazing weather here (year round to be precise).

  5. And that posted before I was done, oops! I was going to say… and we could always use nice (awesome!) people in this town too!

  6. I was just saying the other day that I hate summer, but love summer fruit. Great minds think alike!
    I hate hot weather; I love to sweat when I’m working out, but hate sweating any other time. Unfortunately, there is a lot of sweating going on in the summer.

    That poppyseed dressing looks really tasty.

  7. I know how much you love these summer salads. Only if you had your favorite TJ’s poppyseed dressing to go with them! 🙂

  8. LOVE salads with fruit — that one looks SO GOOD. I need to try TJ’s poppyseed dressing…I haven’t been there in a while. Wish ours sold wine!!

  9. You definitely need to move closer to the beach. Every time I’m in Orlando in the summer I wonder how people live in Florida! It’s so hot and stuffy. Then I go to St. Pete to visit my mother and realize Florida in summer can be nice. Just only if you’re sitting at a bar on the beach drinking something frozen. 😉

  10. I also like salads and fruit this time of year. I ALWAYS want fruit after I eat a salad. Maybe the secret is putting the fruit IN my salad!

    I haven’t touched my school work either…too focused on working out and…procrastinating? LOL

  11. Trader Joe’s in Orlando? How??? I miss it so much!

  12. I feel you I live in central mississippi and its ssoo hot!

  13. Don’t mind this super-late comment, but I just HAD to add to the hating of summer. Living in a southern and hot climate city where I’m at now is awful half of the year. It’s been hot here since May and I run my AC almost year-round (though admittedly almost constantly in the warmer months) because the humidity is so high.

    So, I feel ya about summer being a less-than-lovely season. The only think I like about it is the fruit. That’s it. Thankfully I’m moving to Washington state where the weather is much cooler and less humid.

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