I had good intentions. I tried to get to bed at a decent hour last night, which I thought would be easy. I was completely exhausted, but for some reason, I couldn’t sleep!


It was too late to call a friend or really for any even anything decent to be airing on one of the few channels that I get on TV. I made a cup of hot tea and tried to find a book  to read.





Too bad all my books are “___ for Scientists and Engineers”… or “Calculus 1, 2, or 3” or… the University of Central Florida 2005 undergraduate catalog… so Predictable.


I really need to find a good summer reading book! It would probably take me all summer to read it, but it would still be nice.


This morning, my alarm went off at 6:00am. Somehow, with only 5 hours of sleep, I managed to pop out of bed and run 4.0 miles. It took 43 minutes, but I didn’t really mind. It felt good to get my legs moving and to get some fresh air.


I came home to the most predictable breakfast ever. If you read my blog often, you know that this is not the first time that I have made this breakfast.



  • Kashi H2H
  • banana
  • PB scoop
  • milk

Something about the peanut butter makes it feel like you are eating dessert for breakfast!


I have a feeling this breakfast is going to continue to show up…especially since Debbie’s friend Jenny (who stayed with us this weekend) brought me a brand new box of Kashi H2H.




I guess I’m pretty easy to read.


❤ MegaNerd


31 Responses

  1. Sucks you couldn’t fall asleep last night. Good job for still going for a run this morning.

    I am reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett right now and it’s really good!

  2. I’d recommend The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. I also just finished Michael J Fox’s book Always Looking Up. Both are really good reads!

  3. I’m honored that the box of H2H made it on your blog, ha 🙂

    If I think of an appropriate book recommendation I’ll let you know (I tend to read weird things, myself…)! I know I recently really liked The Namesake–and if you haven’t tried the Harry Potter series, those are great books ANY time of the year…

  4. Try Summer Sisters by Judy Blume…that is a great and easy read! 🙂

  5. Try reading the Harry Potter books.
    The last films come out in the next year, and the books aren’t just for kids.
    🙂 x

  6. I recommend the Stephanie Plum series books by Janet Evanovich. It starts out with One For the Money and she’s up to about 16 now. They are all good, easy reads that are funny and very enjoyable.

  7. Great job on the run! Btw I saw that you twittered you are considering giving up blogging?! You definitely should not give it up! You are a natural! Every morning when I wake up your blog is the first one I check! It’s number one under my “Blogs I Love” bookmarks tab! Don’t stop blogging! ❤

  8. If you like to cook or love Anthony Bourdain I HIGHLY recommend Kitchen Confidential. I hardly read a book cover to cover that quickly. It’s a fun summer red.

  9. I’ve been looking for a good summery breakfast that will keep me full (which plain cereal does NOT) so I’m going to have to try that!

  10. OH, BOOKS! I love love love reading (total nerd, former English major). Depends what you’re looking for, but some excellent reads are:

    “The Book of Lost Things” by John Connolly. It’s very different, small elements of fantasy and horror but nothing like either genre. Very touching. Absolutely the best fiction I’ve read in awhile.

    “Memoirs of a Geisha” by Arthur Golden. Really fascinating fiction based on the author’s interviews with a former Geisha during WWII in Japan.

    “Zeitoun” by David Eggers. Amazing nonfiction about a Syrian-American resident of New Orleans who stays behind during Hurricane Katrina and tries to help residents, then gets thrown in jail without a trial. This is, hands down, the best book of any genre I’ve read recently (maybe ever).

    Other than those three, there are my old “easy” favorites: Harry Potter series, Anne of Green Gables series,”The Other Boleyn Girl” by Phillipa Gregory. Stephen Colbert’s “I am American, and So Can You” is hilarious. Sorry for the mini-novel. Good luck finding one you’ll love 🙂

  11. I’m currently reading Eat, Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and I love it!

  12. Right now I’m reading “The Poisonwood Bible” by Barbara Kingsolver. A little heavy for summer, but SO good!

  13. I was going to recommend “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett, but someone already did! It’s a great book and perfect to read a few pages before bed!

  14. Nothing wrong with being predictable now and then 🙂
    Hope you get some better sleep tonight, hun!

  15. Hi Megan! I’ve never commented before, but I love your blog! It’s definitely one of my favorites and one that I find most relatable 🙂 Anyway, I just read “Firefly Lane” by Kristin Hannah and it was a really good, easy read. I couldn’t put it down… I highly recommend it!

  16. Hi Megan- I’m also a non commenter/lurker but I love your blog. I admire your ability to have a million things going on in your life but still be a seemingly happy and well-balanced person. Anyways, I recommend The Time Traveler’s Wife (my favorite book of all time) or American Wife (which I’m reading right now and cannot put down). Hope you get better sleep tonight!

  17. Hey, Megan!
    I´m sorry if I´m beeing too repetitive, but… holy YUM!
    I love your PB-filled breakfast combos 🙂
    I never tried one of those – not with cereal, neither as an oatmeal topping. I definetely need to work on that, hahaha.
    Wish you a lovely Thursday and a good night sleep, girlie!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  18. Your breakfast looks yummy…so what if it’s repetitive?! It’s your life, eat what you want 😀

  19. I ditto “The Help” – it was excellent!!

  20. Kashi H2H is awesome! Wish it weren’t so ‘spensive. 🙂

  21. Yay for morning runs! They really are a great way to start the day!!!

  22. not going to lie – you’ve totally got me on a kashi H2H kick lately. just can’t get enough 🙂
    glad you had a great 4 mile run!

  23. Ugh, I HATE it when I can’t sleep. I’m glad you got a run in though because those always make everything better. I totally just finished my box of kashi hearts this morning. Delicious!

  24. Your predictable breakfast sounds perfectly yummy to me! And congrats on 4 miles with only 5 hours of sleep. Amazing!

  25. I can’t wait for my summer to come finally, so I could read a good book not related to my studies :))
    I would love to try that kashi cereal, looks yum!

  26. I love when people do book posts because I get so many fun reading ideas. 😀

    I love not having cable TV. It forces me to either REALLY want to watch something (not that there’s anything good on) or read. If you haven’t read “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” series, you might like it. Kind of tech-y and adventurous. Really pulls you in.

  27. Hey – i don’t have twitter but I’ve been following you via your blog. I actually work about 5 minutes from Fort Washington, PA. It’s about 20 – 30 minutes outside Philadelphia. I live in the city and work in North wales, PA. Did you find a job there? This might sound totally weird/creepy since we haven’t ever met but if you are coming up to the area you can totally stay at my place – I live in Manayunk (super hip young part of the city) and I have a futon! I’m also training for a triathalon (Danskin SheRox Philly – Aug 1st)

    • Awesome!

      I applied for a few jobs there… seems like there is alot going on up there for work? LOL. If I get an interview, I will let you know! I might take you up on that futon offer. 😀


  28. Megan, just wanted to let you know I had your “predictable peanut butter” glob on my cereal this morning!

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