Milestones and Friend-versary

Six mile run—check!!



Tonight, I met up with Caitlin for a 6.0 mile run (and some walking). It took an hour and 4 minutes, which isn’t too shabby for the heat!  I haven’t run this far since I ran in Auburn in March, and it’s the farthest I’ve been since the Disney marathon in January!


Take that old-knee injury! I had absolutely zero knee pains! 😀


We completed our run at an old marathon route and chatted the entire time. I sure will miss my friend when she moves to Charlotte, NC in two weeks! I can’t believe it’s been a year since we met!


One year ago: Bowling!




Happy Friend-versary Caitlin and Meghann!


I feel like every time I make a good friend they leave. Oh, life.


❤ MegaNerd


17 Responses

  1. Happy Friend Anniversary! It’s weird because I think I remember reading those posts when they happened. How long have I been reading these blogs?! 🙂

  2. Good job on the 6 mile! You definitely have overcame your injury!! Congrats 🙂

  3. Groovy 6 mile run!!

  4. Life never fails to surprise you at the crazy twists and turns it makes. Congrats on the run!

  5. Aww that so sweet! I’ve never celebrated a friendaversary because I honestly can’t remember when I met most of my friends. I guess when you document your life in a blog it makes it easier to go back and determine the dates! haha

  6. Hopefully you can stay in touch!

  7. Yay! I’m so excited you are conquering that knee pain!

    I think it’s so cool when bloggers become friends in real life. I’m jealous; I wish I had a blogger friend to hang out with.

  8. I feel the same way about good friends and them leaving 😦 I feel your pain! Hopefully you land the big job and you can afford to visit often! –and I know you will.

    I’m glad you were able to run 😀 woohoo!!

  9. But then you have friends everywhere! :0)

  10. I KNOW! My best friend/sister moved to Paris….my other sister friend moved to OH and another one of my friends is about to move a state away. What am I going to do?!

    Glad your knee is feeling good!

  11. Luckily these wonderful blogs help long distant friends stay in touch. They are really wonderful tools!

  12. Congrats on a 6 mile run! I think I’ve only run that far once or twice EVER!

  13. oh i love this! so sad catilin is leaving you 😦

  14. are those new Lululemon shorts?

  15. Blogger friends turned real life friends…so jealous lady. Sounds like a great run!

  16. WOW – congrats on the amazing run, Megan!
    Lovely old pics, haha 🙂
    Wish you a great week!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

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