10 Percent

I think it’s safe to say that my knee has completely recovered! I haven’t felt any pain since I started running regularly again two weeks ago.


Taking several months completely off of running was not easy. Running has always been my time to clear my head, exercise, and enjoy the outdoors. I’m currently working to build back up to my normal base of 20 miles per week!


My goal for the summer is to increase my weekly mileage by about 10% each week. By the end of July, I should be back to my base! It’s really important to me to take it slow and not rush back into an injury. That would be dumb of me!


Last week, I totaled 14 miles. The week before last, 12 miles. My goal for this week (today through next Sunday) is 15 miles.


I started my week of with an easy 2.0 mile run. I forgot to mention that I wore my awesome new Lululemon shorts:


After my run, I literally went straight to the pool! Not for a swim, but to cool off. It’s HOT out, even at 7:30pm. I didn’t even change my clothes, I just dove right in. Kind of like the time Caitlin and I jumped in the public fountain. Oops.



After my dip in the pool, I came back to a quick and easy meal:




  • Trader Joe’s Grain mix
  • corn
  • green beans
  • chicken marinated in balsamic

I love the trader joe’s mix because you can add it to so many different meals! It’s a nice change from plain couscous or pasta!


Off to finish some homework! (I almost forgot that I am still in school… the end is so close!)


❤ MegaNerd


19 Responses

  1. YAY for getting your run in. Cute shorts and wow, dinner looks yummy!

  2. That is great news that your knee is healed! Inspiring for me (and I’m sure a lot of others) who are suffering from some injuries. Yay!

  3. I was wishing I had a pool to jump into after my run today!

  4. I am rebuilding too and it’s so difficult and frustrating. But you are very right, slow and steady is the key to not re-injuring yourself.

  5. ooooh I LOVE those new shorts! So cute!

  6. Great job Megan! You will get back into this before you know it! 🙂

    Plus, having cute shorts to show off is always a good incentive to get yourself motivated.

    Take care girl!

  7. I’m itching to run despite an injury, but seeing your recovery makes me want to wait and not rush things back.

    Cute shorts btw!

  8. That’s awesome, I’m glad your knee is back in working condition!

  9. I wish I could run without knee pain, but it just doesn’t seem to last. Good luck in school, it will be over before you know it!

  10. I ran on the beach yesterday and It was SO blazing hot that I immediately stripped off my clothes to my bathingsuit when I got back to my towel and jumped in the ocean.

  11. I have those lululemon shorts…they are awesome!!! Glad you are running pain free…that is awesome!

  12. Glad your knee’s feeling better! It’s sooo hard to build back up slowly, but definitely worth it!

  13. I love that mix from Trader Joe’s too! and cute shorts

  14. I´m so happy for you, Megan!

  15. giiiiirl those shorts are too cute. i wish i had enough money to buy out luluemon!!

  16. LOL you two are so cute!
    So happy you’re recovered!

  17. Yippee!! SO good to hear your knee is doing better. I can’t wait til I can get back into running at a twenty mile per week base. The more pregnant I get the less I can run far. I probably only do nine or so per week at best now. Walking has become my best friend to make up those miles!

  18. Glad your knee is feeling betteR!! Cute shorts!


  19. […] started my morning with a HOT run. According to my 10 Percent Increase each week plan, I was supposed to run 6.0 miles today to make it a full 15.0 this week. I […]

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