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Last summer, I participated in the Moss Park Olympic triathlon relay with Ryan and Caitlin. I did the biking portion of the race, or 24 miles, which turned out to be really fun!


[Triathalon Relay 017[3].jpg]


Ever since last summer, I have been considering doing a triathlon on my own. The cost of doing a triathlon has always scared me away. They can be almost twice as much as a running race! Let’s be honest. It’s also that open water swim that REALLY freaks me out.


[Triathalon Relay 005[2].jpg]


A few weeks ago, I volunteered at another triathlon. I signed up for the Race for Free program, which basically lets you earn money towards a race of your own.


I received my free-race voucher in the mail last week, and it’s been sitting on my desk ever since. I’m nervous to sign up for a race!




Considering the fact that I have absolutely NO idea where my life will lead me post graduation… as in I could be living in California for all I know… I decided it’s now or never to get this race out of the way.


So here it is:



I’m officially signed up for this year’s Moss Park Sprint Triathlon. Hopefully things will go as well as they did last year!


[Triathalon Relay 049[2].jpg]


I have exactly 26 days to get into triathlon shape! I need to be able to comfortably complete (back-to-back):

  • 750 meter open water swim
  • 20 km bike ride
  • 2.8 mile run


I’m a little nervous! Can I do it?!


I guess we will find out. Training plan to follow.


Have you completed a triathlon? Do you have any training tips for a first-timer?


❤ MegaNerd


28 Responses

  1. aww i love that pic of you, me, and ryan!

  2. I have never competed in a tri but it is definitely on my “before I die” list 😉

    Good luck!

  3. Based on the workouts that you do now, I know you will be able to do it!

    Before my first sprint and olympic distance triathlons, I spent a lot of time thinking I didn’t train enough and wasn’t ready, but both times I showed up and did the race with no problems. I wish I wouldn’t have spent so much time being stressed out before the race. I also go into races with the goal of just finishing, so I don’t spend the whole race trying to keep up with the faster, more experienced competitors.

  4. you can definitely do it!!! you’re insanely athletic (marathon – hello!) & will knock this bad boy outta the park!

  5. Aw girl! Congratulations!!!! The swimming portion seems to freak everyone out… including me! But I’d LOVE to do a tri one day!

  6. Brick workouts. Be able to swim the whole distance w/o stopping and then bike. ENJOY IT!

  7. I’m doing my first tri this Saturday! So excited. Each event is easy on its own, just putting them together is when things get tricky. Make sure you do a few bike-to-run workouts (brick) to get your leggies used to running while tired. And practice most of your swims in open water so you get used to it. Thats all I can offer…Have fun training!

  8. Yay!! I’m actually signed up for the Olympic, so we can do some of our training together 🙂

  9. Awesome! I did one tri so far & really liked it (except for the open water swim…) but I’m definitely going to do another one! My only advice is practice open water swims! otherwise you’ll be FINE with all of the running and biking you already do!

  10. Whoa you’re courageous!! Way to work it though. I’m sure you’re going to be amazing. I’ve never done a triathlon so I can’t give you much advice except to keep a positive attitude!

  11. I’m doing my first triathlon this weekend (sprint). My advice is to practice in open water (I’ve only been able to do so once) and to do two workouts a day. It makes it much more manageable than doing a long workout at once.

  12. I have been told that the most important thing is to enjoy the first one. I am doing my first tri a week after you do yours so I will be really interested to hear how you get on.
    And the open water swim is by biggest fear as I am not a strong swimmer at all.
    I have signed up for one that is 100 miles from where I live as I know that there will be nobody who knows me. that is how nervous I am!
    best of luck!!!

  13. Yay! I’m so glad you signed up! You’re going to do great!

  14. Good luck! You’ll do great! I’m trying to get the nerve up myself, so I’m looking forward to reading some inspirational posts!

  15. Good for you. Sounds as if your fitter than I was when I did my first one last month. If you fancy a laugh read:
    which should make you feel so much better about the whole thing.

  16. I just did my first one yesterday! It was hard, but rewarding. I was really really (really really) nervous about the swim, but I just went out there and did it. I was lucky to find some empty space out among all the bodies. But if swimming is your weakness, then definitely get in all the swimming and open water practice you can. If you’re fit (and you are) you’ll have no trouble finishing a sprint–especially one with only a 2 mile run at the end. That’s about where I started crashing–and I had two miles left to go.

  17. I just did my first tri yesterday (and recapped it on the blog in true Swim Bike Run Blog fashion 😉 ) and am in looooooove!

  18. YAY i always love to hear others getting into triathlons! They are my favourite events 🙂
    If you are nervous about the swim – my advice is to swim lots before the race!!! I found that the only thing that got me through (and kept the nerves down) was spending lots of time in the pool (and open water) before the event 🙂
    Good luck girl!

  19. You can definitely do this! i love reading your stories!

  20. Goooooo Meganerd! You can do it! A la Rob Schneider in Waterboy (

  21. I’m doing my first sprint triathlon on Wednesday (less than 48 hours!). Since you already have the endurance to do each event individually, you should work on two things:
    1) Open water swim – go to the lake where the event is and swim in it! It’s immensely calming to know what the lake is like and to get a feel for the water and conditions.

    2) Brick workouts! Start out by biking a moderate distance then running 1 mile. You can never do too many bricks!

  22. You’ll ROCK that tri, Megan!

  23. Awesome- I think you’re gonna be hooked!!!

  24. Woohoo!! So exciting!! I did my 1st tri last June! With all the activities you already do, you’ll be in great shape for a tri. My advice would be to at least tri a couple bricks- especially back to back bike to runs- just to get used to the feeling, and run through your transitions- either physically or mentally- so you won’t be worried or surprised come race day. Have fun!!

  25. Yay, I did my first tri 1 week and a half ago. It was so much fun! My biggest pieces of advice are practice the transitions and swim on the side of the pack to minimize the chance of getting kicked in the face.

  26. I haven’t raced at all-a few 5k/10k here and there, but nothing compared to some of the race rockstars out there. However–I KNOW you can do the tri. I’m looking forward to reading your plan and then hearing about you rocking it once you do it! 😀

  27. Rock on girl! Starting with a sprint is a fantastic choice. Word of warning though: they are quite addictive! I bet it won’t be your last triathlon either.

  28. I would like to try a tri one day – you can so do it!

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