What I’m Up To

Only five more weeks left until graduation! I can’t believe that on August 7, I will literally never have to do anything else for my undergraduate degree!


I can’t wait to be done. I was so jealous last May (2009) when Jason and all of my high school friends graduated. It’s almost my turn!




I’m excited to graduate, but scared at the same time! Life is completely unknown.


Blogging has taken a bit of a backseat the last few weeks. I actually miss it and wish that I had more time to commit to posting. I figured I would let you in on what I have been up to.


I’m finishing up my last two classes ever. I have one senior design class, and the other is a freshman general education class that somehow slipped through the cracks. I just found out that I have to take this course to graduate, but luckily I caught it in time! Phew.


In addition to two jobs that I already had, I actually picked up a third. Yes, that means I now have 5 jobs if you include blogging and school. Things are very, very, very busy, but I am learning a lot!


My newest job is a freelance transportation engineering/planning job, and I’m helping a company out with minor project details. It’s only a couple of hours per week, but it’s a start! I interviewed a few weeks ago, and I just started this Monday.


On top of all of this craziness, I’m still training for the sprint triathlon. I haven’t been able to put nearly as much time into exercise as I would like, but the good part is that I know that I can complete each distance separately. I just need to practice a couple of bricks!

Did I forget anything?

Hmm… nope! Back to work time.


Hopefully things will calm down a bit and normal posting life can resume. 😀

❤ MegaNerd


24 Responses

  1. Wow… I can’t believe you have that much going on. I’ve found that blogging is usually the “job” that takes a backseat to all of the other commitments I make, which is unfortunate since it’s definitely the most fun and relaxing commitment I have.

    Congratulations on almost getting your undergraduate degree! I completely understand your desire for “normal” life to take over after you finish your degree. I should get my graduate degree this coming May, and it can’t come soon enough. I’m sick of multi-tasking… I can’t wait to be able to focus on ONE THING at a time! Good luck 🙂

  2. Hey congrats on the engineering job! That’s awesome! You must be out of your mind busy though. Hopefully these next five weeks fly by!

  3. Wow good luck with everything! It will be over before you know it!!

  4. Five jobs! You go, girl!

  5. congrats on your almost graduation! sounds like a pretty exciting time! summer always flies by so it will be here before you know it! good luck!

  6. Back when I was an undergrad, I had 3 jobs plus full time classes. It wa tough but totally worth it. I didn’t know where life would take me after graduation either but I eventually found what I was looking for. Hang in there, everything will fall into place. 🙂

  7. Congrats on all the fun exciting things you have going on!! 🙂

  8. Wow girl, you are officially my hero.

  9. thats so exciting that your graduating in a little over a month! go you.

    geez 5 jobs – your like super woman! haha

  10. You have a packed schedule! Good luck with everything!

  11. Best of luck, Megan! You are SO busy – I hope you are able to take some time for yourself every now and then! And congrats on being almost done with undergrad! It’s a great feeling to know you’ve officially earned your degree and there is no work coursework to complete. xoxo

  12. Wow, I can’t believe how busy you are, that’s amazing! Congrats on being so close to graduation.

  13. did you and mark break up?

  14. Wow what a schedule! Congrats on graduating!!

  15. I had to take a freshman class my last semester too. I felt like the old lady in class. Congrats at being almost finished!

  16. Wow – you have been a busy girl!!!! Not long to go now (til graduation!) yay!

  17. you’re sooooo cloooossseee!!! One last big push and then you don’t have to worry about it again 🙂

    Congrats and also, good luck!!!

  18. Wow, you’re a busy wee bee!
    Hopefully all that work will pay off for you in the long run.

  19. Being a civil engineer student myself and participating in my own senior design project this past year I am curious what your design project is???


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