Quick Brick

I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I have yet to do ONE brick workout thus far, and my sprint tri is fast approaching. In fact, I have exactly 8 more days to train.


A Brick is a workout used to train your legs for consecutive biking and then running.


I got home from class around 7:30pm and decided now was as good a time as any. I hopped on my bike, did a quick 7 mile ride in about 26 minutes…




…and ran up the three flights of stairs to drop off my bike, and change shoes.




It was already pretty dark at this point which kind of put a damper on my plans. I ended up running 1.0 mile around my apartment complex at a 10:00 min/mile pace. I thought my legs would feel like Jell-O, but they actually just felt pretty warmed up.


I think that I need to get in a longer brick work-out, similar to the distance of the course. I have been very loose with a training schedule, and basically doing what I can, when I can.


Monday, I did a 13.0 mile speedy bike ride, which was lonely without biking buddies to chat with, but easy to go as fast as I could! I kept it about 17.0-18.0 mph pace.


On Tuesday, I did a 3.0 mile run at a solid 9:45 min/mile pace after work, before my surf buddy arrived.


Basically, I’m not doing anything crazy. I’m just squeezing in mini-workouts when I have time. Hopefully my minimal training efforts won’t come back to bite me next Saturday!


After my workout (which ended up being only about 45 minutes from start to finish including starting, transitioning, and carrying my stuff up and down the stairs), I ate leftover Pad Thai from the other night at Pei Wei. Nom. Nom.




Boy, it was spicy! Ice cream was a necessary treat to calm the burning of my toungue.




Vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup… so much better than chocolate ice cream if I do say so myself.


Some old work friends are in town for the weekend, and I’m off to hangout with them! Downtown Orlando, here I come!


Have you done a brick workout? At what distances do you feel like they are the most effective?


❤ MegaNerd


16 Responses

  1. Funny stuff. I just wrote about this today. I did my first brick workout after work today. Felt weird/neat, but wasn’t bad at all! Loved it.

  2. When i was training for a sprint tri, i did a couple bricks and I always seemed to run faster after biking..

  3. I think the first part of the run is the hardest after biking, so I think you will be ok with only a small brick workout like this. After you get into your groove with running you won’t even remember that you already biked and swam!

  4. I try to fit in brickworkouts where I can. I find that I need to run 2 or 3kms after the ride to get used to the jelly legs….after 3km I am generally fine!

  5. Just did a brick this morning! But I did the first two parts of a tri… I did a 500 meter swim and followed it with a 12 mile bike ride. I have been focusing almost exclusively on running for the past few months, so I felt like I really needed to get back into the swimming and biking game. It was a nice change!

  6. I love/hate bricks. I love them because they kick my butt, but i hate them because the first 5 minutes of running usually sucks. But once you get past those 5 minutes, it is usually a lot easier. I think the most beneficial bricks are doing the full distance for the bike than 75% of the run. Works for me!

  7. I’ve done a couple bricks. At first I was doing a long-ish run after biking but I read somewhere that you’re fine with only a mile or two after biking – just long enough to get your legs feeling “normal” again after the bike. It usually takes me at least a mile to get my legs back to where they don’t feel heavy and awkward.

  8. I just did my first brick yesterday too! I’m doing a sprint tri also (in 3 weeks) so I rode 10 miles than ran 1 mile. The problem for me was it was 100+ outside when I went, but I survived! The run was tough! My legs felt heavy and I felt really slow but I actually finished my mile in 9:30 with a few 10 sec or so walk breaks! I kinda enjoyed it and can’t wait until my brick next week!

  9. Ive been training for about 5 years, and alot of triathletes will say that for a brick, you want to run for 15 minutes or two miles. Bike distance doesnt matter (well, you obviously want to bike more for longer races!) but the “brick” feeling will go away after abnout 15 minutes. Good luck!!

  10. Great to hear that your body responded so well to the brick workouts!

  11. Chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream is the BEST!!!! Especially ghiradelli chocolate fudge..omg.

  12. I’ve done one and it was unplanned. I did my own spin bike routine for 45 minutes at the gym and then spontaneously decided to run 2 miles afterwards. The first 1/4 mile was crazy, I felt like my legs wouldn’t do what I was telling them to!

  13. I’m not sure what your tri distance is, but for my duathalon I did a few 20-26 mile rides followed by 2-3.5 mile runs. The first 10 min of the run were soo hard with my feet being half numb from the ride.

    My duathalon distances were: 5k run, 20 mi bike, 5k run

  14. I have never done a tri, but I bet if you get a couple more solid brick workouts in, you’ll be a-ok for your race coming up!

  15. I haven’t ever done brick work outs but they sound pretty fun. I think once I have this baby I want to do such things.

  16. I’ve done a brick workout a few times. I really enjoyed the challenge. I thought it would be a cool way to mix up my workouts even though I wasn’t training for anything specific.

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