I’m pretty sure that I haven’t spent more than 10 minutes… maybe even 5… preparing a meal for myself in the past few weeks.


I guess when I have someone else to cook for (or with) it makes things more enjoyable and feel worth it! Not that I’m not worth it, but I’m really busy.


Take lunch for example. I made the fastest possible thing ever: PB+J




Nothing makes me happier than good old peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.




I also munched on an organic pink lady apple while I worked. I couldn’t be bothered to cut it into slices, though I prefer it that way.




Dinner was some leftovers heated up.




Spiral pasta, grilled chicken, steam zucchini, and pesto. YUM!




Along with my lazy food I had a glass of white wine. With ice cubes, because I’m classy like that. 🙂




I’m off to watch the HILLS series finale! I’m ashamed to admit that I watch that show, but I do! My life is not quite as dramatic, but sometimes I feel like I can relate.


After a hard day’s work, nothing feels better than being lazy! 😀


❤ MegaNerd


27 Responses

  1. Haha! I’ve had my share of ice-cubed wine. Hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

  2. I’m watching the Hills finale later tonight, too! Still working now:)

  3. OMG remember when we both got that Clinique bag together? That seems like forever ago…

  4. I must agree that PB&J is the best. And THANK YOU for reminding me to watch the hills tonight!

  5. yesssssss totally watching the Hills finale!

  6. Don’t worry – I’m old than you and still religiously watch The Hills! It’s addicting and sometimes makes me put things into perspective because I laugh at what they think is important and life-altering. In a weird way, it brings me back to reality.

  7. Yum – you can never go wrong with a PB&J! 🙂

  8. Man that sounds like a good girls night. Someday we will be neighbors again!!

  9. I LOVE wine with ice cubes!!!

  10. I had to DVR the Hills finale because I just couldn’t stay up that late! (talk about lammmee…hahaha) How did I do it in college?!?

  11. Omg I love the hills!!

  12. I watched the hills with my best friend last night 🙂 we only felt a LITTLE lame for being so sad that the series is actually over! However, we hated how it ended… WTF.

  13. Ha love the ice cubes in the wine! I LOVE The Hills. I missed the finale, so I have to watch it on the website. I’m a little embarrassed but it’s so addicting!

  14. Love the Alice White Lexia wine….just enough sweetness….. hey, I little ice never hurt anyone, I like it better cold too!!!

  15. Your leftovers look delicious! Great combo of ingredients 🙂 I don’t have cable so I’ll be watching the finale tonight online hopefully! haha

  16. I’ve been feeling kind of lazy in the cooking depart, too. I used to cook all of the time and loved it! I think I’ve just been so busy that it gets pushed to the side. Plus, I’m in the middle of marathon training so I’m always hungry – no waiting around for food!

  17. My favorite “classy” drink… white wine with ice cubes and frozen blueberries thrown in! 🙂

  18. At least you’re still eating well! I always spend way to long making my food and not long enough eating it!

  19. I’m not a big drinker at all, but white wine has been calling my name this week! It is just so crisp and refreshing. I need it to be ICE COLD, so ice cubes in it seems like a great idea.

  20. haha my mom puts ice in her wine and I always give her a hard time. I haven’t felt much like cooking lately either. I think it’s just so hot out I don’t want to do anything!

  21. That pasta sounds sooo good! And really, you can’t beat a PB & J!

  22. I love the hills!! The ending was pretty interesting! Not sure what to think about it!!

  23. oooh I totally add ice cubes to my wine!! I love my drinks icy cold 🙂

  24. I literally felt like that today. I just didn’t want to do anything! Then again, I am eight months pregnant but I got home from work and started to blog but fell asleep sitting up with my computer. So my husband ordered some pizza. haha

  25. Yummy looking pasta!
    Wine is always good, if cold. Ice cubes are always helpful 😀

  26. I watch the Hills too haha – guilty pleasure. What are you going to watch now that it’s over? I’m contemplating switching over to the City.
    Your quickie food looks yummy – I always find that I put more effort into things when I’m doing it for/with someone else, funny how that is : )

  27. Oh I am excited, I can’t drink wine without the ice cubes – lovely lovely lovely :o) Make it a white savingon blanc from marlborough region of new zealand and I am in heaven!!!


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