Crazy Tri Nightmare

I awoke in a panic. For some reason, I thought today was the morning of the tri! A few seconds later, I realized that it was in reality on Thursday, not Saturday.


I had a crazy nightmare about the upcoming sprint triathlon. I will try to explain.


I woke up and rushed to the triathlon site. I was late for packet pick-up, and the race was about to start. I realized I didn’t have my bike, my running shoes, or anything. Just my swimsuit.


I rushed to the site of the open water swim, which was for some reason the UCF Fountain that I wouldn’t dare go in. Everyone was waaaaaay far ahead of me, and I jumped in trying to catch up. I felt like I was swimming in some combination of dirt and glue. Also, swimming way slowly and being chased by a cross between an alligator and a ninja.

I frantically called Mark to bring me HIS bike, because I couldn’t find mine. When he brought it to me, the seat was up way to high and I couldn’t reach the pedals. (This couldn’t happen because we are practically the same height, and I’ve ridden his bike before.)



Once I got pedaling, people were whizzing by me. Apparently it was some sort of circular track because I was getting lapped.

I hopped off the bike, which I could have sworn I was pedaling backwards, and tried to start running.

It was then that I realized I was without a top. Maybe it’s my crazy fear (in real life) of not wearing a supportive enough sports bra. I couldn’t dream of running without one!! YIKES!

Several hours later, 16 to be exact, I approached the finish line of my first sprint tri. What is this, an ironman!?!

(Picture of Caitlin, finishing her Olympic Tri)


It was there that I found my friends Mark and Kelly sitting at a campfire, roasting marshmallows, and patiently waiting to snap a picture of me crossing the finish line. I had taken SO long, that they set up a tent.

(Old picture of me and Jason roasting marshmallows, used for dramatic effect…)


I then woke up. Sweet relief. It was all a dream!

Ummm… Let’s hope that Saturday’s tri goes a bit smoother than that.


I decided to make an extra delicious breakfast to get my mind off the irrational fears of this weekend. I went with nutri-grain waffles, maple syrup, and frozen (thawed) blueberries.



Along with an iced coffee + milk.



Nom. Nom.




I think part of the appeal of the triathlon to me is that it scares the heck out of me. It’s kind of fun to try something new that you used to not believe you could do.


What have you done that scares you? Were you glad you faced your fear?


❤ MegaNerd

21 Responses

  1. Whoa – what a crazy dream!! Loved the recap, though. You will do awesome Saturday – you are well prepared. Will cross my fingers for good weather conditions!

  2. What a nightmare! I bet you were so relieved when you woke up. When I lived in Belize, I had to overcome my fear of stingrays and overall swimming in the ocean! I also overcame my fear of heights and jumped off some cliffs. (I should mention there were children jumping off these same cliffs!) 🙂

  3. I had a crazy dream before my first tri as well!
    It was all about the swim though – the swim caps were actually scuba masks (like those worn in REALLY deep water by Jacques Cousteau), then there were jellyfish EVERYWHERE that were stinging me and finally a giant under water dinosaur started chasing all of the participants out of the water.
    You’ll have a great race on Saturday – can’t wait to hear all about it!

  4. Wow, you remeber your dreams in vivid detail!! Try to relax about the tri, I’m pretty sure you’re going to ace it!!

  5. I had the same thing for breakfast, just without syrup. Yummm. Good luck on Saturday!!! 🙂

  6. LOL. I had tri nightmare last Friday (tri was on Sun). I got out of the pool and didn’t have a bib # and wasn’t marked up. I started freaking out about being disqualified, which was definitely my biggest fear.

  7. Loved the dream recap! I wish I could remember my dreams in that amount of detail!! I went white water rafting in college once and I was terrified I was going to fall out of the boat. I’m a pretty decent swimmer but I wasn’t convinced I’d survive the rapids. I ended up having the time of my life (even though I DID fall out of the boat!) and I am so so glad I went!!!

  8. That sounds like an awful dream! NONE of that will happen…well, except for you crossing the finish line! 🙂

    Running used to scare me and so did body pump. I faced my fears though!

  9. Oh gosh, I had nightmares like that!
    I try to face my academic fears, which I think is going quite well.
    But I won’t face my claustrophobia, no way!

  10. Wow that’s pretty crazy! I can usually never remember my dreams that vividly either.

    I was scared to change majors 3 1/2 years into college.. but I did it, and it was the best thing I could’ve EVER done.

  11. wow.. very weird and scary dream.. I always have the weardest dreams before a race too!

  12. Lol omg a cross between a ninja and an alligator?!!? That sounds scary 🙂

  13. Oh my goodness! CRAZY dream 🙂 You are perhaps feeling a little anxious about the upcoming race? You will ROCK the race for sure!! Try to relax….and have fun!

  14. Crazy dream! Our subconscious works in mysterious ways.


  15. I can’t wait to watch you do your tri!!! Can I still borrow your bike shorts? Let me know when you want to go to Ethos. 🙂

  16. Haha, I hate those kind of dreams when I want to be going fast or at least moving and everything seems thick around me.

    You’re gonna do awesome at the tri. Don’t worry about that!

  17. Completing my first half marathon scared the heck out of me, te sense of accomplishment crossing the finish line was like nothing I’ve ever felt…. :). Good luck, you’ll be great!!

  18. […] That open water swim really has me freaked out. […]

  19. Those waffles look great!

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