Cooking for One

Up until very recently, I have always felt like cooking for myself was a waste of time. I’ve always lived with family, roommates, or a boyfriend and loved cooking for other people.


Cooking makes me happy, and there is no reason that I should feel like I can’t make a delicious meal for myself. Just me! I think I’m worth it. 🙂




I have been craving chicken tenders for the past few weeks, probably because I see my co-workers bringing fast food into the office. I made a healthier version by using italian bread crumbs. I melted 1 TBL smart balance and mixed it with 1/2 cup bread crumbs. I then coated the chicken (9 tenders)  in the mixture, and baked them for 13 minutes on 375F.




I used honey mustard dressing for dipping sauce. YUM!


Along with the chicken, I had some whole wheat couscous, which tasted pretty plain…




…and a serving of green beans from the GIANT bag that Caitlin gave me before she moved.




It’s nice to eat dinner with someone, but it’s kind of fun being able to make whatever I want without having to please anyone else! It also means I get 3 lunches worth of leftovers. Sweet!


Do you like to cook for yourself?


❤ MegaNerd


31 Responses

  1. I actually quite like cooking for myself – and the joys of blogging means that you get to ‘share’ your dinner with other people anyway 🙂

  2. I love cooking for myself! That’s normally the way things go (except for now…at my parents’ house for 1.5months). It’s just annoying to not be able to buy large quantities of stuff that goes bad quickly. But I love tupperware, and I love it even more when it’s filled with leftovers!! 🙂

  3. Most of the time I enjoy cooking for myself, but there are definitely phases where I could eat cereal for multiple meals of the day! When I am in the cooking mood, I try to make several servings and use some as leftovers and freeze the rest.

  4. I remember when I first started cooking for myself when I lived alone after college. I got to the point where I really enjoyed it b/c I could have exactly what I wanted! Even though I’m engaged now, my fiance and I eat differently and often cook separate meals. It works for us!

  5. I like cooking for myself when I have the time but it can get frustrating when I get home late… then it would be nice if someone made me dinner 😉

  6. That’s the main reason I love cooking for myself – most of the time the people I’m cooking for are kinda picky, so I love not having to worry about pleasing everyone! Great looking dinner – did you try cooking the couscous in chicken broth?? It makes a big difference!

  7. I love cooking for myself.. I can cook what I Want when I want and I don’t have to listen to nobody!! haha

    Chicken looks delish!

  8. What I love about cooking for myself, is to make a big batch, and have a ton of leftovers 🙂

  9. I love cooking for myself now!!

  10. I love to cook for myself because I can be selfish and make whatever my little hungry heart desires! Although I love making others happy with a homemade meal also! I guess it depends on my mood

  11. You are SO worth it 🙂 I love cooking for myself! It makes my day brighter and my belly happy.

  12. Every once in a while I do… Have you ever read “Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant”?

  13. you should cook the cous cous with vegetable or chicken broth! it makes it so much more flavorful! great meal!

  14. Megan, glad you are enjoying cooking for yourself now! I have always been a fan of cooking gourmet even if it’s just for me. If you want to make 2-4 servings, it’s even better bc then you already have your lunches or future dinners ready for the week. No fuss! I like making personal pizzas, chicken burritos/quesadillas, cooking chicken and saving half to use for the next day for a salad or whatever, chili in the crockpot, crustless quiche, etc.

  15. I had to cook for myself last night, and I admit, it was a nice change. I’m always so use to focusing on others meals and that they will like it, that it was definitely nice to be able to devote all of my effort into one fantastic meal just for me! 😉

  16. I feel like I’m more adventurous when I cook for myself. I guess since I don’t have to please anyone, I don’t worry as much if I’m making a flop. Last night I made myself a vegetarian stuffed pepper and last week I made myself a mini lasagna.

  17. That chicken looks great! I do like cooking for myself, but when its just me, I usually don’t, because I’m taking advantage of the time to get an extra long run in, clean the house, etc.

  18. I hate cooking for myself, but I think I really need to adopt your attitude.

    I think I need to work on finding recipes that make just 1 or 2 servings. I find it really frustrating to cut a recipe made to serve 4 or 6 (like most of the recipes I have) down to 2 servings or so.

  19. Hey Megan! I was actually thinking this morning that I’m SO glad I don’t have to cook for anyone else. Growing up, my siblings were super-picky and I have become such a health nerd that I don’t know if I could feed anyone else. Plus, I don’t think anyone would like to share this for breakfast:

    And you’re right, leftovers are a *huge* bonus!

  20. I love to cook for myself! Before I left home, and now I live with my fiancé, everyone seems to like different things, so we tend to dance around each other in the kitchen, everyone cooking something different at the same time. It drove my Mum crazy – she always threatened to go on Wife Swap so that we would have to eat the same meal!

    Nowadays, it’s just that my fiancé is so difficult with vegetables – he’s a strictly broccoli and carrots man, whereas I like much much more variety. We’ll often have the same protein, but I’ll stir-fry whatever veg is in the fridge while he’ll have pasta.

    I think those chicken tenders would be even yummier with panko breadcrumbs. They are so crispy!

  21. i definitely agree with the leftovers!!

    honey mustard is my fave dipping sauce 🙂 actually ughh i love all condiments!

  22. I love cooking for myself but I also love doubling the recipe to have leftovers!! This was a gradual process though. In college, I HATED cooking for myself. It was more of a chore than a pleasure. I’m glad that had changed 🙂

  23. I LOVE cooking just for myself! I can make whatever I want, whenever I want. Also, I can experiment and learn from my mistakes without having to subject anyone else to it!

  24. I do like cooking for myself. I find it therapuetic. The boy and I don’t share the same taste in food so I also find myself cooking large quantities and ending up with leftovers for days. Luckily I found a solution during the school year. It seems as if teachers are ALWAYS hungry so I bring extras to work. It allows me to enjoy the kudos of “oh that was good” or listen to suggestions and it makes people happy to have a free (not from the cafeteria) lunch.

    By the way, based on your blog entries I think your mom lives in the Triad. If that’s the case you might be interested in the Tour to Tanglewood:

  25. I don’t do the cooking in my house, my boyfriend does. I’m usually the one who cleans up. The only cooking-related things I do are the prep work. I love chopping vegetables, strangely enough, lol. I do salads and sometimes a side dish, but mostly it’s him. But….I am moving away (he’s staying here in our apartment) for grad school and living in an apartment there. I’ll HAVE to start cooking for ONE when I get there. It’ll be interesting. I’ll hope that I can make it easy on myself rather than hard. I know how to cook, just always liked when he cooked because I’d be working on a paper or some other school stuff and he’d let me know when dinner was ready. So, I hope to make cooking for one fun.

  26. I love this post! And the food looks great! Cooking for one is fun, but it took me awhile to learn about portioning and what to do with extra ingredients, etc.

    I just came out with a cookbook for one (Table for One: Perfectly Portioned Meals for the Single Chef- that you might enjoy. In the back there is an index that sorts recipe by ingredient, so that if you have extra of something you can see which other recipes call for it. 🙂

    Bon Appetit!

  27. Good for you, cooking for yourself! I used to feel the same way, but eventually I got over it and started cooking for myself. Now I have this “thing” where I would prefer to cook for myself but not anyone else-mainly because I really do not know what I’m doing and wing it all the time! LOL

  28. I used to get on rolls where I would when I was single…but now being married? I sometimes wish that I could just eat a jar of applesauce for dinner sometimes. It’s nice both to cook and to make do, I suppose.

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