Any Time of Day

Not only did I have time to sit down and eat breakfast before work, but I actually have time to BLOG about it! I can’t remember the last time this happened!




Because every day’s schedule is different, I don’t really have a set routine for the morning. Some mornings, I sleep in. Some mornings, I rush out of bed and fly to work. Other mornings I feel like I have enough energy to run or head to the gym.


While it can be fun to “live in the moment,” I honestly prefer having a set morning schedule. My workout schedule is pretty much non-existent because I always say, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” I have class until 7:30 pm, and I’ve been finding that I don’t mind going to the gym later at night.


At this point in my life (still being in college and working 4 jobs) having a structured schedule only adds stress to my life. For now, I will do what I can, when I can!






I used up the last of my Trader Joe’s cereal, about 1 1/4 cups, added a banana, and organic non-fat milk. Cereal is so quick and easy, and I think I could eat it at any time of the day.


Off to work, and then to classes. Only 2.5 weeks left until graduation!


❤ MegaNerd


14 Responses

  1. I understand where you are coming from! Working and school can mean that making plans just causes more stress. It is hard to find a good balance between knowing where your week is headed and goin’ with the flow

  2. I’m SO looking forward to the time I’ll have to blog this weekend!

  3. I’m the same way – my schedule is never the same on any given day! It can be kind of frustrating, but I think I might like it. Anyway! Graduation is so close, you can taste it! 🙂

  4. I agree about having a set morning schedule – it works best for me. 🙂 Congrats on your upcoming graduation – very exciting!!

  5. Only having 2.5 weeks left must be really exciting! You work FOUR jobs!?!? AND blog? How do you do it!?

  6. 4 jobs!!! sheesh. i thought it was tough being a part-time student and working 1 fulltime job! you’re doing wonderfully 🙂 i prefer a schedule too, but sometimes it is unmanageable due to varying factors! what four jobs are you working??? totally admirable!

  7. Only 2.5 more weeks?! HOW EXCITING!!!!

  8. Lazy morning are the best! Especially when cereal is involved. That stuff is crack and should be consumed whenever possible!

  9. I have to keep my set schedule of waking up in the morning — or else it takes me days to get back on track. I do miss working nights sometimes…

    I don’t know how you have time for 4 jobs plus everything else, I hope you enjoy the lazy mornings when you get them!

  10. You’re such a trooper. I can’t believe how much you’re doing!

    I definitely love a structured morning and it really keeps me on track throughout the morning. I hope things settle down after you graduate. So excited for you!

  11. I love have a morning routine. Mainly because I want to sleep until the very last minute, so most of my getting ready happens while I’m still stumbling around half-dreaming. I do as much as I can the night before (pack my breakfast & lunch, set up the coffee, lay out my clothes, etc) so there is less to think about (or forget!)in the morning.

    Good luck getting through these next 2.5 weeks!!!

  12. so close!!! Good luck with your last few weeks 🙂

  13. Cereal is one of my greatest food weaknesses. I don’t know how you stop at one bowl! I can only use cereal as a topping to other dishes, or I end up consuming something like three or four servings.

  14. Wow. I think you need a vacation after graduation. FOUR jobs!?! Crazy and productive woman! Be sure to take care of yourself! Exercise when you can 🙂

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