Infusion Tea Dinner Date

After a full day of cleaning my apartment, selling unwanted stuff on e-bay, and organizing and purging tons of clothes and other random items, I was ready to relax!


What better place to go than Infusion Tea?



The environment is always calm and relaxing, and the food is delicious.


Mark happily kept me company during dinner. He smiled for the picture, but said he was sad that I am moving to North Carolina next month.




I had a basic  iced black tea…




…and the Lunch combo.



I chose the 1/2 roasted pear salad with pears, cheese, balsamic reduction, and a pecan crisp, as well as the Mediterranean sandwich with cream cheese, roasted eggplant, sundried tomatoes, and spinach.


Mark had the Garden Veggie Pizza, which he said he really enjoyed!



I’m off to bake a GIANT cookie with my pal and watch Mark Shark Week!


“What are you doing Megan?! It’s cookie time!” Face:




Have a good night!


❤ MegaNerd


3 Responses


  2. Aww, poor guy.

    Looks like a yummy meal though. I love pears on sandwiches!

  3. I made GIANT cookie yesterday too! It was baked in a 10″ skillet! 🙂

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