Post-Grad Celebration: Part II

Sunday afternoon, the graduation celebrations continued!


Did you miss part 1?




We had some leftover champagne from the night before, so mom made me a mimosa while I got ready for the party.




She combined equal parts Trop 50 Orange Juice and champagne.



My dad and stepmom wanted to have a get-together in Tampa with my family and friends from back home. Mark, my mom, and I made the 1.5 hour drive from Orlando to celebrate!




I’m so glad Mark likes driving, because I would rather be a passenger. I played on my iPhone the whole drive over.




Once we got there, Lexie (my 10 year old little sister), brought out her new pet to show off.




His name is Stanley, and he is a bearded dragon.




We arrived a bit early, and the food was not ready. My mom helped to prepare the salad.




She taught us all a really cool trick with avocado: Rinsing avocado with milk keeps it from turning brown for 24-48 hours. We had avocado sitting out for a few hours in the salad and it never turned brown! Pretty neat.




My stepmom made cheese triangles, which are always a hit! They are basically rolled out croissants with a mixture of mayo, parmesan cheese, green onions, and a few herbs baked in  the oven. So crispy and delicious, like mini pizzas!




Pretty soon, family members started to arrive. First was my dad’s mom (Granny) and Papa Tex.





Then, my dad’s sisters (my favorite aunts), and my grandma.




Even a few friends from Orlando made the drive! Taylor (and her un-pictured BF) came to say congrats!




Even though my family is physically split up through divorce, it’s really nice that everyone still gets along. Instead of losing family, I feel like it only gets bigger! Many people might find this bizarre, but it works for us!


My mom and my aunt Christie (dad’s sister) were happy to see each other!




Guess who else made an appearance at the party?








He was in Orlando visiting his family (he moved 7 hours away for a job in April) and came by to say congrats! We have remained good friends, and it meant a lot to me that he stopped by. After all, he helped get me to graduation more than any other person in the world. 😀


I think Lexie was the most excited out of everyone to see Jason. He’s always a good sport.




Brother and sisters picture:




Once all my family and friends arrived, it was time to eat!




My parents had created quite the buffet of food for our guests.




A sandwich making station, salad, fruit, chips and hummus, cookies, and a cheesecake made their way onto the table.

  DSC_0045 DSC_0046  DSC_0048


My plate was filled with: pork tenderloin and cheese sandwich, a large portion of salad (complete with feta, avocado, almonds, and tomato), and grapes. I also went back for a cookie!




Of course, like any party, more pictures were taken!




Thank you to my family and friends for making my graduation so special! I am glad that I got to share this milestone with all the people I love.




Graduation is over!


Holy cow, what next?


I’m off on a week long trip! First stop, the beach!


❤ MegaNerd

23 Responses

  1. Congratulations on graduating! I love that your family is still able to get along and make one big celebration – you guys always look like you’re having so much fun. And with good food too – I love the idea of a sandwich making station. Have fun at the beach!

  2. Yay! Congrats again, “magna cum latte!” haha! My boobs look huge in the pic! What is the deal!??! Thanks again for having us, it was fun! 🙂 Have fun at the beach!

  3. wow, I want to know what your mom’s secret to looking young is! whoa

  4. what a happy day!!

  5. Congrats again Megan! I think that is wonderful your parents get along after the divorce, that is really important, its what is best for the kids! Your family is beautiful, your mom is so pretty! Glad you had a great party, and so nice Jason came too! I remember when you were dating him, it’s good you guys stayed friends too! U rock and congrats!

  6. congratulations! My parents are also divorced but get along well — in fact, my mom and stepmom have become very close friends. When we were getting ready before the wedding, mom/stepmom were both in the room with me and I’m pretty sure my photographer thought I had two mommies for a little while. She just rolled with it 🙂 I know what you mean when you say it’s great having a family that “just gets bigger”

  7. Congrats! It is so cool that your family gets along even through divorces! Looks like a great fam 🙂

  8. It looks like you had a wonderful time at the party. Enjoy your beach vacation!

  9. It’s so neat to see another family like mine…my parents are divorced as well but still stay in touch and we have done tons of stuff together in groups over the years (my mom, dad, step-father, and brother) and people always ask how that works out haha. It’s great though! Congratulations and best of luck out in the work world!

  10. Congrats on graduating-welcome to adult world!
    Your mom is incredibly young-looking-does she have any secrets for us old folks?

  11. What a great way to celebrate- how awesome both sides of your family get along. My family feels huge sometimes because of so many divorces & remarriages haha. Congrats again on graduation-woohoo!!!!

  12. That’s a great thing to know about the avocado!! I never buy them anymore because they go bad so soon, but now I”ll stock up 🙂

    Congrats on graduating. Enjoy this time in limbo–even if it’s frustrating. You’re free!!

  13. Congrats!!!

    I think it is great that your family can still be around each other. I come from a divorced family and we are not able to all be in the same room at one time. I would give anything to have the type of party you had!

  14. You look so gorgeous in that blue! You also looked beautiful in your graduation pictures.

  15. WHAT FUN!! And all that food….>YUMMO!!!

  16. you’re mom is so pretty! and looks so young! I would think she was in her 30’s.

  17. Congratulations again! You’re done!!!!

  18. Aww, congrats! I remember being so relieved and terrified all at the same time..take some time off, enjoy being free!

  19. Well done! Looks like a fab party and I’ve never heard that thing about avocaods and milk, it;s pretty neat!

  20. Great tip for the avocado! I always use lemon or lime juice, but that only works if you want it to taste a little citrusy (like in guacamole). I imagine milk is a more neutral taste.

    Congrats, again!

  21. A week-long trip?! Now that’s a girl that knows how to celebrate 😀 Have fun, you deserve it Megan!!

  22. Congratulations, and have fun on your upcoming trip. (Found your blog through Healthy Tipping Point.)

    I love to celebrate with parties with family, friends and good food, and mimosas.

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