Welcome to Chicago!




Seven hours of travelling, a few flight delays, and a missed stop on the “L” Train later, we arrived in Chi-town! I’m so excited to be here!


Last night, Caitlin and I arrived at our hotel. It has a really awesome historic feel to it, and we joked that it is haunted!

  DSC_0123 DSC_0124 DSC_0126


The view out our window is pretty sweet. We can see Millennium Park!




We met up with bloggers Julie and Chandra and set out to look for some famous deep dish pizza. I was in full-force picture taking mode. It was such a beautiful walk!










The four of us walked about 1.3 miles to Gino’s East. I have only been to Chicago once before, with my dad, and he took me and my sister there!




The pizzas took 45 minutes to be cooked since they are not pre-made, so I ordered a beer to enjoy while waiting.




We ordered two deep dish pizzas. I had about 2/3 each of the vegetarian and the spinach pizzas. I felt STUFFED to the brim!





So delicious! It was definitely unhealthy, but worth every bite. It’s good to live a little. 😉




Chicago has some of the most interesting architecture. My “dream” job has always been to become an architect, so I’m pretty much in heaven. 😀




This morning, I am meeting up with Anne and Katy to do some exploring!


❤ MegaNerd


14 Responses

  1. Since you’re interested in architecture and in Chicago, I definitely recommend you read Devil in the White City if you haven’t yet. I think you’d love it!

  2. Amazing pictures! I want to visit Chicago so badly. 🙂

  3. Great pictures!!! I want to go to Chicago now!

  4. Meg- you took some sweet pics! I’m assuming their pizza is better than Uno’s…the only other place I’ve had deep dish pizza. …they’re closed now, so I think that tells it all! hahaha Have fun, Ms. Graduate!

  5. What type of camera and lense do you have? Your pics are great:)

  6. If you are into architecture you should check out the architecture cruise in Chicago. I went on it a couple weeks ago and it was really interesting.

    Not only do you get to look at all the buildings from the river vantage point, you also get to learn a lot about the history of the buildings from the speaker.

    I did a post on the cruise if you are interested in seeing some of the buildings. I recommend it!

  7. Hello!
    You are so lucky to be in Chicago! I went for a few days at the end of last summer and I loved it! Me and my boyfriend shared a little veggie deep dish pizza and we were stuffed! No harm in trying it once! We did one of the boat tours- an architecture one – the tour guide explained about all the buildings (plus there were cookies to eat on the way around!)- really interesting stuff and worth doing.

  8. there is nothing unhealthy about pizza!! it is actually a perfectly balanced meal. carbs, protein, veg and fat. all good stuff that our bodies need and know how to keep us chugging along. no need to label food as ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’. lose the labels, set yourself free, eat and enjoy!!

  9. Oh WOW that looks soooo good!!!!

  10. Amazing pictures! Did you use a tripod or just held them still? Awesome. Have fun! Wish I was there! xo

  11. Your pictures are so pretty! My company’s office in Chicago is right by there so I know that area and love it! I think Gino’s East is definitely a good splurge for chitown deep dish. Hope you have fun at HLS!

  12. I LOVE your camera lens- your pictures are fantasticly awesome!

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