By Land, Sea, and Air

So much to blog about, so little time!




As the end of the Healthy Living Summit approached, a group of runners/walkers met to take on the city of Chicago by foot.



Caitlin and I had discussed waking up early to run, but ended up rolling out of bed approximately two minutes prior to the group run starting.


I think after our fun night out we were happy to walk. 😀



We went slow.



After our walk we headed to Arnold’s breakfast. I had eggs on a bagel thin and berries.

DSC_0463  DSC_0461


After breakfast, I walked about 1.5 miles with some other girls to a local coffee shop, Intelligentsia.


 DSC_0475 DSC_0465 DSC_0467


It was one of the coolest coffee shops I have been to! I loved that the baristas poured drinks into the cups in fun shapes, like this heart.




After coffee and showers, I headed out to lunch with Katy, Anne, Heather, Dorry, and Danielle.




Argo Tea was a perfect healthy spot to have lunch. There menu included tons of specialty teas and fun mocktails.





I picked up a salmon teriyaki quinoa salad with a sparkling raspberry black tea.




After lunch, we said good-byes, and Katy and I set out to discover Chicago by foot! We had no set plan and ended up just wandering around.


We found the Lego Store:


DSC_0492 DSC_0489


…a candy store, Candyality…


…a gourmet popcorn shop…


 DSC_0500 DSC_0501



…an air show…


DSC_0531 DSC_0506 DSC_0507 DSC_0512 DSC_0514


….Jamba Juice (smoothies)…




…and more!


Caitlin met us for a fun architectural tour of Chicago, which we took by sea!




DSC_0694 DSC_0576 DSC_0587 DSC_0613 DSC_0617  DSC_0656 DSC_0671

DSC_0589 DSC_0667


It was another awesome way to see the city!




Perhaps if I come back I will kayak instead! 😉




Once the tour was over, we headed back to Millennium Park for dinner. Caitlin led us through strange routes including underground, and through a “brambly bush” but eventually we made it.


DSC_0717 DSC_0718


We started off with the hummus and pita platter to share.




I ordered a refreshing salad that included romaine, tomatoes, grilled onions, grilled summer squash, mozzarella cheese, and lemon aioli. It was perfect!




The three of us (me, Caitlin, Katy) crammed into our king-size bed for the night because Katy’s flight was delayed until Monday. It felt like a fun sleepover! Luckily, I sleep in a tiny ball, and the other two barely move around. It worked out!



Katy had a SUPER early flight, and was out of the room before dawn. I had plans to run with Caitlin but a giant blister (from not bringing proper socks) prevented me from getting my running shoes on.


While Caitlin was out, I went to pick up coffee for us. There are no Caribou coffee shops in Florida, and was excited to try it! Why get Starbucks when I can try something new?




I nibbled on a LUNA protein bar that I found in my swag bag.




Once at the airport, I had to say goodbye to my BFF Caitlin. It was a fun five days with her, and I miss her already!




Mission “Convince Megan to move to Charlotte” is working!


I picked up some Oatmeal for “brunch” since my flight was straight through the lunch hour, but still too early to buy lunch.




I finally made it back to Orlando! After a week of being gone, I was happy to come home. I have 4 days to completely pack up my entire life, and put it into a storage unit.


Time to get moving!


❤ MegaNerd


16 Responses

  1. I love, love, love Garrett’s! So good!!

  2. I know the feeling of having so little time to get your life relocated! I just moved back to Charlotte (grew up here) from Raleigh where I went to school. Now, I’m going to UNC-Charlotte for grad school. This really is a great place! You should move here and have a fresh new start as a college graduate!

  3. Ahh looks like you guys had such a great time after everyone else left! I heard Intelligestia was great, I’m bummed I didn’t make it there. Glad you had a safe trip home!!

  4. This was a great recap! I love that you just roamed the city and found so many random, wonderful jewels to visit! My husband and I did that in San Antonio AND in Richmond, VA and those big cities do not disappoint! You and Caitlin have such an amazing friendship, I want a running BFF! 🙂 Good luck on packing and deciding where to go next!! 🙂

  5. great recap and great pics of chicago!!! makes me really want to go down and visit one day. 🙂

  6. Great recap! That tour “by sea” looks like such an awesome way to see a city. Good luck packing up your apartment.

  7. Loved Argo Tea! Wish they had one in Dallas. The rest of your time in Chicago looked awesome.

  8. As much fun as it was seeing everything HLS, this post is what I’ve been waiting for. So much adventure in the Windy city! I’ve never been but it looks like you had a blast. The lakefront trail looks so nice and so does your tour. I’ve never seen a hummus ball, but that looks so good right now. I’m ready for lunch. 🙂

  9. So how long did you wait at Garrett’s? Everytime we go to Chicago we HAVE to go there and we always wait at least 20min+. During the holiday’s the line is down the street backed up to Michigan Ave! Best popcorn ever though.

  10. Wow, how much fun!!!!

  11. Sounds like you had a really fun trip! All those places you visited looked amazing.

  12. Love blogger in action shots. And I’ve always wanted to try a pretty frothy coffee drink like that. How do they do it?!

  13. I gotta love the building photos! My city isn’t a bit one so I always love visiting bigger cities to look at the architecture!

  14. I’ve loved living the HLS via all the posts from different bloggers that attended. Great job!

  15. I’m sorry to have missed out on that epic coffee shop! I enjoyed our mini run sunday morning though, it was great meeting and chatting with you this weekend! Good luck with everything and your upcoming move!

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