Protein Packed

For someone who is moving out of her apartment in approximately… oh, 48 hours, I have way too much food left in my pantry.




It’s not much better when you look in the freezer. The ironic thing is that half of this frozen stuff (huge bag of green beans, veggie burgers, wraps) are things that Caitlin gave to me when she moved a few weeks ago. I didn’t have time to eat everything!




My goal for the week has been to ONLY eat things I can find at home. It’s tricky, but I think I can do it. I plan to give whatever food I can’t eat to Mark and his 3 hungry roommates. They could polish this stuff off in a few days, easy.


For example, last night’s dinner was a combination of things that I found in my fridge, freezer, and pantry. I was inspired by the quinoa salad at the healthy living summit this weekend.



I made the rest of the organic quinoa, frozen edamame, and frozen shrimp and mixed them all together with some honey teriyaki sauce. I was proud that I finished off 3 items from my kitchen!




It was definitely a protein-packed, filling meal!


Confession: The move is stressing me out. Not even 7 months ago, I moved into this apartment. Since I started this blog in May 2009, I have lived in 4 different places.  Since the start of college (exactly 5 years ago), I have lived in EIGHT (8) places!


The most stressful part about this particular move is that I have two days to get my whole life into a storage unit, sans whatever I think I will need for the next few months at my mom’s house in NC.


I actually like moving into new places. I like the feeling of a fresh start. I like throwing away old stuff you don’t need (like papers/clutter) and cleaning out my closet for donation items. I like finding a new place for things, and decorating them to my current mood.


I just hope that wherever I land a job, I can stay put for at least a full year. Is that so much to ask!?


I better get packing… I have a LOT to get done.


Do you move often? Does moving stress you out?


❤ MegaNerd


39 Responses

  1. The last time I moved, I had SO MUCH food left. There’s still cans of those beans left in my parents’ pantry! I like the fresh start, but packing stresses me out more than the actual move. Even worse is the UNPACKING!! Good luck getting everything ready- just think of how good it will feel when you’re all settled in in a few days!

  2. Tell me about it! Remember when we actually thought we’d live together freshman year? NOW LOOK. haha. I thought I’d be living in at least ONE place for more than a year too–then foreclosures happened and graduation and now the place we live in has terrible management! WTF! Anyway… good luck and let us know if you need anything! 😀

  3. good luck with the move!! in undergrad, i was doing a work/study program, alternating 4 months of this and 4 months of that.
    i lived in 11 different places and moved over 20 times. it was nuts, but i totally agree with you about loving starting fresh with a brand new place. i’ve stayed put for the last 2.5 years since graduating, and it has been pretty nice too

  4. We’re a military family and move every 2-3 years, but we have the benefit of having professional movers pack up our stuff, load it, ship it and un pack it, so it’s a pretty easy process for us. I do love decluttering before the move and the feeling of a fresh start in our new place.
    The hardest part is saying good bye to the friends we’ve made; that definitely stresses me out.

    Good luck with your move.

  5. I feel your stress! My husband recently lost his job so we are probably going to have to move too. As stressful as it is, it is still an adventure, and like you said, a fresh start. Know that the stress will be over before you know it & you’ll be off & running in your “new life”! 🙂

  6. I moved a lot during college, too, and am about to move yet again in a month for a new job… Moving ALWAYS stresses me out!

  7. I moved a decent amount from the time I started college to when I first entered the “real world”. I’ve been in my current apartment for over 3 years now and I think I’m getting the itch to move again… mostly because the place is starting to really frustrate me!!

  8. I’m moving right now, well friday, and its stressing me to the max!

  9. Awww, moving is a really stressful event. Since college graduation, I’ve stayed in the same place for 2 years. It’s been strange not moving, but really nice to feel like I officially have my own home! Good luck!!

  10. I know what you mean! I have moved 7 times since I started university. Thankfully, only one more move (after I graduate), and like you, I am hoping I get a job and can stay in one place for a bit!

  11. You know, for someone who never ever liked shrimp, I’m sure drooling a lot over your quinoa bowl!

    I’ve moved in and out of my dorm twice and into my apartment once. That’s been enough for a while. I love the idea of moving and getting a fresh start somewhere but I HATE the physical act of moving.

  12. I’ve been moving practically every summer since I began college in 2003 and I’m SO over it. I have to move again in September, and I really want to find a place that I want to stay for a couple of years beacuse I’m sick of moving – no where ever feels like home to me. Good luck with the move

  13. I moved 8 times in college alone, then home to my parents, then apartment #1 with new hubby, then apartments # 2, then Mother in laws basement in new state and finally bought a house last November! So I feel your pain and moving across states is the worst!
    Good luck with it all and in the end it’s all worth it!

  14. I’ve moved 7 times since the beginning of college. I guess that’s a lot but seeing as I’ve lived in the same house for 23 years moving to me is kind of an adventure. I love moving but I’m staying put this year. My roommates and I have found an apartment we love and plan to stay here for another year. 🙂

  15. I hate moving… It’s a time sucking machine for months… It’s the looking, the deciding, the actual moving, then the paperwork etc… It’s so overwhelming and the only thing that you can do is keep your head down and pluck along until that mountain of to-do’s is finally done.

    I moved 11 times in 11 years. Several times is was across states (back in Germany), I moved to England and back once and the most challenging move of all was cross Atlantic to the US.

    Hang in there… Eventually, it’s going to be done!

  16. Moving is not fun at all. I’m pretty sure it is normal for moving to stress you out! Hang in there and enjoy living with your mom for awhile.

    Btw, impressive meal with just your freezer and pantry ingredients!

  17. I have a love/hate relationship with moving too- love the moving in, hate the moving out 🙂

    Once, in the span of 15 months, I moved 6 times. Lots of major life changes in that time period!

  18. I moved so many times during college – and even since, I’ve been pretty nomadic moving to Austin, back to Dallas, NYC briefly then to Belize…now back in Dallas and my fiance & I are moving again in October…I guess it keeps things exciting but it’s also nice to feel settled as well.

  19. I have moved at least once a year since I left for college, but I think I might finally be renewing my lease this year and sticking around. I hate moving, but I definitely like the organization that comes with it.

  20. Wow, this has to be super overwhelming. Life is changing so much right now, and although it’s all so wonderful, any change is always hard! Hang in there girl, it will all work out!

  21. I am moving to a new city for school in 1.5 weeks and am down to eating potatoes and canned beans for lunch and trying to find a way to combine pasta, various condiments and frozen veggies into suppers. lol My goal is to only bring dry ingredients (flour, sugar, etc.) with me. So far, I am on the right track. My luches and suppers, however, have definitely been creatives messes! Good luck with the moving process – as annoying as it can be, don’t forget to take time to enjoy all of your new changes 🙂

  22. In my experience, the first year or two post graduation will be hectic and then it will slow down and you’ll miss the “excitement” of moving and change! Or maybe I’m just projecting 😉 Good luck with the move, you have many exciting things ahead of you!

  23. Gosh that is so many places to live!
    I have lived in 3 houses my whole life! The whole thought of moving is too stressful!
    You are doing well eating out your freezer anyway!

  24. Moves are always stressful and not much fun. Glad that you have mark and friends to be the human garbage disposals and eat your leftovers! Boys are good for that! 😉

  25. My husband is in the military so we move a lot, too. I’m like you – I like it. I end up donating so much stuff each time and I love starting fresh.

    Good luck on your move!

  26. yes that is entirely too much food to have left if you’re moving! hahaha

    and I was really in love with that quinoa salad as well, thanks for the reminder to make it

  27. love hate relationship with moving! its so much fun but such a pain at the same time

  28. I’m in the process of a move right now! I agree with you, it can be stressful, but I love new beginning and re-organizing my stuff and getting rid of stuff I haven’t touched in years! Ahhh, fresh starts! Good luck 🙂

  29. I joined the Air Force to move around! I’ve been in North Carolina 5 years now and am READY TO MOVE! Apart from my initial training in Texas, I’ve only moved twice. I need to move soon, I’ve got a lot of stuff to get rid of.

  30. Argh I know the feeling! I hate the packing bit – but I love the unpacking bit when you are at your new place!

  31. I can (kind of) relate. I’ve lived in 5 places in the past 5 years (not including my moves back home for the summers), but I just packed up my life last month after living in one place for 2 years. I accumulated A LOT. Moved it all home, and found out I’m moving BACK to the same town a few weeks later. Now I’m packing it all back up and transporting it back. haha. Figures! 😉

    But I know what you mean. It’s stressful, but a super fresh start. I’m looking forward to not having as much clutter, and even re-stocking up my food stash!

    Good luck!

  32. I hate moving. In college I did move a lot and always felt out of place until I finally had my own home with my husband.

  33. I hear you, I have moved pretty much every year for the past 7! It sucks, I can’t wait to buy a house and stop moving. Good luck with your move!

  34. Oh wow! It must be so hard to move all the time. I’ve only moved once in my entire life…

  35. Moving stresses me out sooooo much. But that is because I am a hoarder. I hate to throw things out!
    I moved 5 times in 4 years and each time I moved I seemed to have more and more stuff!

    I moved for the last time (I hope) 12 months ago this weekend into my house. I was ruthless with things when I was moving as I looked on it as a new start. It didn’t work and I have 4 bedrooms as well as the dining room and living room full of things!
    This weekend will be throwing out/recycling/charity shopping time!
    Hope your move goes well!

  36. Lovveeee moving. My dad is retired military. Moved every 3yrs or so and I miss it. A lot 😦 Have fun moving! I love going to new places!

  37. Sooo I have never moved in my entire life. I live at home for college. I hope when I do move for grad school I will enjoy living on my own. Good luck with everything!!!

  38. Packing & moving really stinks.. but burns tons of calories, so that’s a plus!!

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