Second Family

I’m officially completely moved out of my apartment. Actually, I have been since Saturday afternoon. I already miss it. A lot.


What can I say, I get attached easily. Good byeeeeee apartment!



Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before I can have my own place again. I’m currently staying with my coworker’s family (who is also a family friend, so not as awkward as that sounds) in the Orlando area. I also have my own room, so that’s nice, too! 


I will definitely miss my place, but it’s kind of nice to have other people around and to not be 100% responsible for ALL of the bills (rent is MUCH cheaper.)


Monday was my first night in my new home. I went exploring to check out the running scene. In the moving process I somehow misplaced my Garmin, but I would guess that I ran about 4.0 miles or so. The best part of this deal is that I am now super close to one of my favorite running trails!


Cross Seminole Trail, Florida


My apartment was near the airport, with absolutely no trees, shade, trails, and in some places no sidewalks. That made it great for biking, but not so awesome for running.




I worked both jobs today and didn’t get home until 8pm. Julie had dinner ready and waiting! Holy cow… errr… fish!




We had baked salmon, steamed broccoli, and a roll of some kind. I went back for seconds on the broccoli and on the roll. I was really hungry tonight due to lack of snacks during the afternoon.


Julie also poured me a glass of wine to enjoy with dinner!




So far, living with my second family is not so bad. 🙂 I’m not sure how long I’m staying exactly, but I’m very thankful that they invited me in. Thank you guys!


Off to bed! I have a busy, busy Thursday ahead of me.


Have you ever lived with a family that wasn’t your own?


❤ MegaNerd


13 Responses

  1. in chicago i stayed with my friend’s grandparents for 2 nights. it was so random, but fun!

    enjoy that cheaper rent 🙂

  2. I’ve never lived with someone else’s family, but I have been on vacation with friends’ families. Enjoy your new place!

  3. That is a Pillsbury Crescent Roll! They come in a tube in the refrigerated section of the grocery store and the can “pops” when you peel off the wrapper.

    Soooo yummy and very versatile. There a million recipes on the web for meals with crescent rolls.

    Probably not the most perfect list of ingredients on the can, but so fine to eat once in a while.

    You have a great chef in your new home!

  4. I’ve never lived with a family other than my own, but I always wanted to when I was younger (I thought it would be so much fun!). Way to find the silver lining, even though you are now living in a new place!

  5. hahaha “a roll of some kind”. We used to have those crescent rolls with our big feast type dinners. Love’em!

  6. I lived in “digs” for my first 2 weeks of college. I was renting a room from a family with 2 young daughters. They were lovely but dinner every day for 2 weeks was cheap burger patties and fries. I moved out quickly. into campus.
    You defo seem to have the better deal. That salmon look s amazing!

  7. You will always remember these times in your life. Trust me, living with a second family is fantastic. Enjoy it while it lasts.
    Are those crescent rolls?!?! LoL, they are the best!!! I haven’t had one in years but now I’m becoming nostalgic for one.

  8. I lived with my college roommate and her family one summer – it took some getting used to but I really loved having my best friend around!

    Have fun at your new place!

  9. Yay! You found some trails nearby 😀 If I were moving, that would be my biggest concern, haha.
    Hmm, I’ve never lived with another family..but sometimes my old job (nannying) felt like I was living there. And a few times I had to stay the night. It felt weird. I wanted to be at home surrounded by MY THINGS and not their things. I’m glad it’s working out for you though 😀

  10. You can’t beat someone preparing meals for you!

  11. yum, dinner looks great!

  12. […] night, I had a yummy pre-long run dinner with my second family at Tijuana […]

  13. […] came back and made a quick meal. I wasn’t all that hungry, but wanted to eat with  my second family. I whipped up an egg and cheese muffin, along with leftover […]

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