My alarm went off at approximately 5:42 this morning. Before going to bed last night, J (my 13 year old roommate) asked me if she could join me on my run. She is on her school’s dance team and trying to improve her endurance so that she “doesn’t get tired after 6 jumping jacks.”


We ran/walked 1.0 mile together before I dropped her back off at the house. I was really impressed with her speediness! She made it seem like she was going to have to walk the whole time and barely run, but it was actually the opposite! Now I will have to convince her to do a 5k with me sometime. 🙂


After dropping my new running buddy off, I ran another 4.0 miles by myself. Without my Garmin, I had to pre-plan a route just like I did way back when. I’m not sure of my exact pace, but it felt easier than it had been in the past few weeks. I kind of think running without the Garmin is quite freeing! I’m having to rely much more on how I feel and less on what a piece of electronic equipment is telling me.




Total Workout: 5.0 miles



I’m going to try to do my first “long run” since the Disney Marathon (back in January) this upcoming Saturday. Some friends of mine (cough, Joanna, cough) are trying to convince me to run the Miracle Miles 15k on September 25.


12th Annual Miracle Miles 15k & 5k presented by Chick-fil-A


Hmmm… 9.3 miles in 4.5 weeks?  I think that’s an achievable goal, if I start working up slowly on weekends, and go into it without a time goal.


I ran Miracle Miles last year, and did pretty awesome (1:20:56) considering the heat. I was in much better running shape back then, but I think having a race to train for would jumpstart my regular running routine.



For the past few months, I have been feeling exponentially less and less like a runner. I really need a kick in the butt to motivate me! This could be it!



What do you think? Is training for a 15k (9.3 miles) race in about a month too ambitious? My current long runs are 5.0-6.0 miles and running is sporadic.


❤ MegaNerd


28 Responses

  1. Ha! Your 9.3 miles race time is only 6 minutes longer than my 10k race time. Let’s hope I can fix that for the Wicked 10K.

  2. Since you’re comfortably running 5 mile long runs now, I think you can definitely get up to 9+ in four weeks. It’s like marathon training – just add 1 mile to your long run each week!

  3. I definitely think you can do it!! It might not be your speediest run, but I feel like it would be fun to run a race just to run it!! Plus, if you’re already at 5-6 miles, three more isn’t that much more…

  4. I def think you can do it. good luck!

  5. I don’t think it’s too ambitious at all! You can do it!
    If I can do a 10K having only run 6K as my longest beforehand, you’ll kill the 15K in a month! 🙂

  6. I would say that the 15k race is ambitious, but not overly so. Plus, like you said, it will force you to up your running!

  7. Not at all too ambitious! If you can run 6 miles, you can run 15k!

  8. I think you can do it for sure! Like you said, once you have an upcoming race, you’ll probably get into a great training mentality. 🙂

  9. I am sooooo jealous that you get to do miracle miles. Do it or I’ll cry.

  10. Not all ambitious. If you can run 6, you can run 9.3!

  11. Do it!

    Heck, it sounds like it may be fun and I may run it in Orlando too!

  12. You aren’t being ambitious – you can do it! I have a 15K on the 11th I’m really looking forward to. I’ve only raced a 12K and a couple half marathons, so I’m looking forward to the new distance.

  13. You can definitely do that!! Just get going this week and stay relaxed on race day 🙂

  14. I’m sure it can be done, but summer is a really tough time to train as I am sure that you know! Good luck!

  15. I am not a runner, other than the spontaneous 5 miles I have run. But I do know one thing, you have run a marathon sooooo you can pretty much do anything 🙂

  16. You can definitely do it!
    Just don’t push yourself to hard 😉

  17. Im running that race too! It is such an amazing race and I think that you will do great. My friends baby was in the NICU for 4 months and we run it every year to support the hospital. Hope to see you there!

  18. You can definitely do that. In the past when I’ve trained for a 15k, my long runs are usually around 6-7 miles. Unfortunately I don’t think I can do my annual 15k this year. 😦

  19. I don’t think a 15K in a month will be a problem if you’re already able to do 5 – 6 mile long runs. Plus if you get back into a regular running schedule your endurance will probably come back quickly.

  20. NO! You should totally go for it. It’s ambitious, but you can do it Megan!
    When I was training for my first half-marathon, I only ran up to 10 miles before the race…those last 3 aren’t going to seem like that much farther to go once you get out there. Good luck! 😀

  21. I think you can do it!!
    Good Luck 🙂

  22. I think a 15k is definitely doable for you. And Runner’s World agrees! Check out this article:,7120,s6-238-244-255-13612-0,00.html

    And I definitely think having a race goal will help jumpstart your running again!!

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  24. Do it now.

  25. […] training for the Miracle Miles 15k, and have only a few weeks to work up to 9.3 miles. On the way home from work, I debated when I […]

  26. […] know I won’t be breaking my PR at this year’s Miracle Miles 15k. There’s only two weeks left to go, and I am tons slower than I was at this time last year. After […]

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