Wedding Weekend Begins!

What an amazing weekend it has been! My BFF Debbie got married!



I decided to leave the laptop at home so that I could enjoy the company of my friends in New Jersey. I didn’t want to feel pressured to blog, and without my computer, it wasn’t possible! I’m going to recap my BFF Debbie’s incredible wedding weekend in a multi-part series! Get excited! 🙂


In case you missed any pre-wedding events, catch up here!




After packing like a crazy woman into Friday morning, I was able to catch a few hours of sleep before heading to the airport. Joanna and Carlos (members of the bridal party), Mark, and I arrived in Newark, NJ around 10:00am and headed straight to the town of Cranford to visit Debbie and her fiancé, Mike.


It was a quaint little town, which I loved because you could pretty much walk anywhere you needed to go.




The girls walked a few blocks to the spa while the boys went to get some pizza.




We were all really excited to get pedicures! Each of us have only gotten one or two before in our lives. Prom, anyone?




After my freak toe incident, I was petrified to have anyone touch my toes. I basically asked the lady to not alter the shape of my nails in anyway, just to soak, remove dead skin, and paint. It turned out to be quite relaxing once I got over the fact that it was so ticklish.




After our pedis, we were starving! We walked another few blocks to a local dinner called Rustic Mill that Debbie wanted to try. I ordered the Jersey Omelet which is three eggs, eggplant, roasted peppers, tomato, and monterey jack cheese.



I was actually quite impressed with how tasty it was! I ate about two-thirds before feeling stuffed. It came with a side of home fries and whole wheat toast which I picked at but couldn’t really finish.




After running some last minute errands, like spending an hour wandering around Target, we decided to stop into a fun coffee shop, Rock N’ Joes, for an afternoon treat.


DSC_0764 DSC_0763



Presenting, my first pumpkin treat of the season: THE SMASHING PUMPKIN!




Chai + pumpkin+ whipped cream + cinnamon = pure bliss.




HOLY YUM! Debbie renamed it the “Pumpkin Jammer.”




Such a relaxing atmosphere! Swoooon.




We arrived home to the boys in there own version of heaven. Video games. Le sigh.




We weren’t sure we could peel them away from the TV, but eventually we did.


To be continued…


❤ MegaNerd


17 Responses

  1. oooh it all sounds like so much fun so far!

  2. UMMM sooo there’s Rock’N’Joe in Orlando, did you know? That’s the coffee shop I got the job at last summer after I graduated that ended up “not needing me” in the end, remember?!

  3. Boys and video games… oh boy. Sounds like a fun weekend in store!

  4. cant wait to see the rest!!

  5. I’ve never heard of Rock n’ Joe but all the NJ ones are only like 10 miles from me! Hmmm…..this might require a trip one day …..

  6. Love when all the pumpkin stuff start surfacing!!! Looks delish!

  7. Whoa…one or two pedicures?!?!
    I get one whenever I have a few spare bucks. Even when I was in track competition last year, when everyone said not to get calluses off, I got them off.
    I need to cut back!

  8. That pumpkin drink looks redonkulous. Yum! And I know what you mean about pedis. I went for my first one after starting half marathon training and I almost felt bad for the pedicurist because my feet are so icky. But not too bad because it was sooooo relaxing.

  9. I love the pre-bridal activities. I can’t wait to see more of Debbi’s special day! 🙂

  10. cranford is only 5-10 minutes from where i live…it’s so cool seeing local places i’ve been to on your blog! too bad you didn’t have time for a blogger/reader meet-up this weekend but i was actually out of town for a wedding myself. anyway, next time you visit your friend you should organize something in the area!

  11. […] Wedding Weekend Begins! […]

  12. so fun! I grew up in Westfield! (next town over) Haven’t been back in some time so it’s been nice to see pictures to bring me back home!! thanks!

  13. hahaha I love your pic of the guys…”le sigh”. hilarious. I have never gotten a pedicure in my LIFE…my feet are so torn up I would be mortified to have someone up close and personal to them!!!

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