The Drunken Monkey

I have never really considered Orlando to be a unique city. Besides the fact that we are the home of the Mouse (Disney), most of our restaurants and stores are big chains. It’s always a treat to find a smaller, privately-owned variety.


My friend Taylor and I are big fans of non-chain restaurants. Ever since our San Diego, CA spring break trip three years ago, we have made a commitment to seek out local business in Orlando. San Diego seemed to be covered with non-chains and we kept wishing that Orlando was like that! Turns out, you just have to know where to look!




I often find myself going too long without seeing my friends. Blame it on my crazy work schedule (I have several part time jobs), but that really isn’t an excuse! I asked Taylor if she would meet me for a late brunch this morning before work, and she suggested the Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar. I hadn’t ever been, and it was a treat!



The inside of the restaurant had a very chill atmosphere. There were couches for reading, and even a shelf of board games to play while you enjoyed your coffee.


Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar on North Bumby Avenue in Orlando.

(Source: Orlando Sentinel)


It seemed like a pretty friendly place. The owners added a bit of their sense of humor to the tip jar. 🙂




I had heard great things about Drunken Monkey’s coffee, and knew that I had to give it a try.


After looking over the extensive coffee menu, and flavors list…




…I selected a nonfat iced chocolate chip cookie latte.




While it was very delicious, I thought it had more of a nutty flavor than a cookie. Yum!!




For my meal I ordered the OMG! Iran outta names!




It was a breakfast burrito stuffed with potatoes, spinach, red pepper, eggs, and cheese.




I ate every last bite! I would definitely order this again. :)      


Does your city have more chain restaurants or unique, privately owned?


❤ MegaNerd

17 Responses

  1. Sadly, almost all of our restaurants are chains. I can think of maybe one non-chain I’ve been to here in Lakeland :/

  2. As a future resident of the Triad, I’m sure you’re aware of the chain-a-thon of restaurants in and around Greensboro. However, we are also very lucky to live in a college town. Between UNCG, A&T, Wake and the countless other schools, new restaurants are popping up all over the place. After growing up in Houston, I miss the variety of a quaint Cuban place here or a Greek place there but like you said, you have to know where to look. I look forward to your posts when you move in with mama. Perhaps you’ll clue me in to a great restaurant to try around town.

  3. oh that wrap is TOO YUMS- potato inside too?? SCORE!! haha i feel like a drunken monkey many a times- seriously this place looks pretty rad 😛


  4. Haha this places seems like a blast! I love the menu names. And how funny is that tip jar?!? 🙂

  5. Oh my gosh, that list of coffee flavors is awesome. It’s like you’re choosing ice cream!! NYC is absolutely full of small places, and I love it- the only area you can find chains is midtown, and I always want to stand outside Applebees and chastise people for going there when there are so many other awesome places!!

  6. I was disappointed in the service. Those two people did not seem happy to serve us and I feel like that’s unusual for a locally owned place. GAH

  7. That place looks so cool not to mention your wrap makes me want to go find one right now.

    We have more chain restaurants in our area than anything else but I prefer locally owned they are always ten millions time better.

    I’m jealous

  8. Austin, TX is a great place to be for local restaurants!! I knew we were fortunate here but it really came into focus when I traveled to see family in Indianapolis. Chain after chain after chain (although I know that there are plenty of local places in certain areas of that city. We just weren’t there). I love it that Austinites value their local restaurants.

  9. I must say, you did a wonderful write-up on the Drunken Monkey because I have spent a good portion of my morning googling the menu – because you made it seem sooo delicious!!

  10. I agree – I try and search out places you can eat at only at that specific location! You can eat at Chilis or Chipotle anywhere!

  11. My city, Grand Rapids, MI, had a ton of locally owned restaurants which I love! A few of my friends and I started a dinner club and we try a new one every month!

  12. Breakfast burritos are perhaps man’s greatest feat. Berkeley is the exact opposite–I have to seek out chain restaurants when I don’t feel like eating at unique, privately owned ones. Very lucky!

  13. I haven’t had a breakfast burrito in years but now after seeing yours I think I must get one asap.

    Coffee looks good, too.

  14. Omygah..that burrito looks awesome! I bet you could make that at home too! I think I’ll give it a try this week! Our town definitely has more chain restaurants than privately owned ones, but Jason and I scout out the locally owned ones a lot of times. There is a deli about 20 minutes away from us that uses all locally grown produce in their meals, and it’s amazing. The family that owns it actually work there everyday, seven days a week. I love going there, and when we come in they KNOW us and what we like. It sort of feels like home 😀

  15. That sounds like a really cool place! And we for sure have more chains than anything where I live.. it sucks.

  16. I love local coffee shops! In LA we have a ton of cute local shops. I live in a student area that is lousy with chains but there are some cute local restaurants. Plus, I’m close to Brentwood and Santa Monica which have great local stores. The east side of LA is like local coffee shop mecca. I visit there when ever I can. I’m with you, I don’t like chain restaurants.

  17. I ❤ non chain restaurants! I feel like they have more character.

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