Run Vs. Rest

Good morning!


Something happened after my 9.0 mile long run last Saturday. I got sick. 😦


It started with a sore throat. Sunday, it got worse. I was extra tired, my head hurt, and my sinuses were a mess. Monday and Tuesday (and even Wendesday morning) were no different. I managed to make it to work for a few hours each day, but all I wanted to do was go home and sleep it off!


All that said, I haven’t done a single run since Saturday. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem at all, except for the fact that I have a 15k (9.3 Mile) race this coming Saturday. I considered waking up extra early this morning to get in a 3-4 miler, but when the alarm went off, my body begged for rest. It’s difficult to motivate yourself to run with an 11 hour work day looming…and a Nyquil hangover.


I want to do the best I can on Saturday, and I’m not sure which is better: running or resting. I still have time that I could get a short run in tonight, but I work 8am-7pm. Maybe I ought to just take it easy until race day, and get extra sleep?


My body and my head don’t agree!


What do you think? Will resting for 7 whole days make it hard to run the 15k? Should I do a short run tonight and see how I feel? Which is better, sleep or running?


❤ MegaNerd


25 Responses

  1. You absolutely should rest!! Trust me on this….when you are sick, in order to recuperate quickly you should be so good to yourself, with lots of rest, healthy food and lots and lots of water AND DID I SAY REST??? You have to have faith that you have trained well and a few days without exercise is not the end of the world – but your health is. Even an 11 hour day isn’t being really nice to yourself.
    Take care 🙂

  2. I say rest! Right before my first 5k, my shins started hurting quite a bit, and I worried I had shin splints. I rested for a whole week before the race, and I ran my best time! I don’t think 7 days of rest will ruin you; I think it’ll make you run a good race! Be well and have a great race!

  3. Rest. You want to be as strong as possible on race day. If it makes you feel better, I ran two half marathons in two weeks a few months ago and only trained with long runs once a week. I’m running another Oct 3 and also only trained with long runs and I felt great at my 12 miler last weekend. I think rest is good for the body, sometimes better than more running.

    Rest up — you’ll be fine!

  4. Another vote for rest here! No training this close to a race will have any effect on your performance in the race (unless you over-train!), but feeling ill/tired/not well-rested will impact your performance. One week without running won’t make your fitness disappear – trust the fitness base you’ve already built through your training, and focus on feeling 100% on race day! 🙂

  5. I agree with everyone else on the rest. Clearly your body is telling you that you need it. I think if you push yourself to much while you’re getting better, it’s going to be worse than the week of rest. You’ve worked hard up to this point, let your body heal itself. You’ll do great!!

  6. Rest. It’s better to be healthy and undertrained than sick and prepared, in my opinion…your body just won’t perform well if it doesn’t feel well!

  7. I’ll join the REST chorus! If your choices were undertrained vs underrested, it might be a close call. But given how close you are to the race, one more run (in my experience) isn’t going to have any positive physical impact on your training anyway. Plus, if you’re ill and the run goes bad, it might zap your confidence. Rest up, be healthy and strong, and trust that all the hard work you put in so far will carry you past this little setback. Thanks for all the inspiration your blog always provides and good luck 🙂

  8. Definitely rest! The one extra run could hurt you more than help you if you don’t give your body the time it needs to heal! Take the rest and chalk it up as tapering for your race. I’ve always found that erring on the side of caution of rest/recovery v. training does me and my body good.

  9. Another vote for rest here. Any running you do this week would not help you for the race anyway – sick or not! You’ve got it in the bag already 🙂

  10. I think you should rest. I’m not doctor or even a serious runner, but when your body is sick its usually because you’ve overdone it or your run-down. I would guess that running when your sick won’t actually help prepare you anymore for your big race and might actually end up hurting you. Good luck and get well!

  11. Definitely rest! Your body is ready for this race – you did 9 miles just a few days ago – and you will only risk making yourself sicker if you run again. Good luck!

  12. I also vote for rest. At this point, anything you do isn’t going to improve your fitness, especially if it’s one week away. I do understand your frustration though – I always seem to break down a little during my taper weeks and right now I am trying to force myself to stop running because my right calf is acting up and my race is in three weeks (ahh!). But last time I ignored the pain, and ended up completely unable to run two weeks before my race. And it took me five weeks to recover fully from it afterwards. 😦

    Good luck – with lots of rest, you are going to rock the race!

  13. REST! I am the biggest fan of it and feel that if I give your body a chance to heal it will.

    Maybe go for a short walk?

  14. REST! It’s better for you in the long run. God forbid you go running tonight and pro-long your illness…leading to more Nyquil hangovers. Feel better!

  15. Rest, always.
    i didn’t feel really well today, so I didn’t go on a short run, so you should definitely rest!
    My mom, a doctor, always says that any movement/exercise during some kind of infection can lead to a really huge and dangerous sickness.

  16. I think getting a small run in might be nice for confidence! but a taper is never a bad thing!

  17. I say rest as much as possible, but if you’re feeling good when you get home tonight, do a short run. Like 3.5 miles or something at a slow pace. Just see how it feels!

  18. Rest! I got sick before a half marathon, and the two weeks leading up to it I ran maybe twice – and didn’t run at all in the 6 days leading up to it. Granted, I managed to do a long run the week before – but I don’t think that it would have impacted too much if I hadn’t done it.

    Rest, rest, rest! And then maybe do a really, really gentle short run on Saturday morning to put your mind at ease, maybe?

  19. ^ ahh just noticed the race is Saturday. Never mind 🙂

    You’ll be fine – just think, “pfft, I did nearly this distance a week ago”.

  20. If you’re feeling better, go on a walk to get your legs moving and blood flowing – but definitely rest trumps running. Feel better soon!!

  21. REST REST REST. The run will be mostly a mental exercise; your body will be able to handle it!

  22. Along with everyone else, I say rest! If you start feeling anxious, just remind yourself that you won’t lose fitness from 1 week of rest. Talk a walk to loosen up your legs or do a little stretchy yoga.

    Best of luck!

  23. Rest! I took a week of during training for an injury and was back into the swing of things with no problem. It’s all mental.

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