Italian Wedding Soup

Tonight’s Dinner Creation: Italian Wedding Soup!




I found myself with some spare time this weekend, and decided to try a new recipe. I had to make a quick grocery trip to buy a few items, which I was sure to work into the Grocery budget challenge.




Cost Breakdown:


Publix Orzo Pasta $ 1.19
Organic Veggie Broth $ 2.99
Can of veggie broth $ 0.99
Kraft Macaroni $ 1.83
Kraft Macaroni $ 1.83
Potato $ 1.08
1/2 lb Lean Ground Beef $ 2.42
  $ 12.33
Coupons $ (2.00)
Total Paid $ 10.33
My Half Paid: $ 5.00


I chipped in $5.00 for our meal (Mark and I split the bill), bringing my October Grocery Bill Total to $40.50. I pay for all my own food separately anyways, so the challenge works out.


A great money-saving tip I learned was to ask the grocer to break packages for you. My Publix packages Lean ground beef standard in 1.3 lb average sized packages, which cost about $6. I only needed a half pound, and probably won’t be using the rest before it goes bad. I asked him to break it up for me, and he did with no problem!




Instead of paying $6, and wondering what I could do with the rest of the meat, I paid less than $2.50! Amazing!




Once I returned from the grocery store, I gathered up the ingredients needed for our soup:




First, I lightly beat an egg in a medium mixing bowl.




I then added about 2 Tablespoons of Italian bread crumbs, a dash of garlic salt, and some pepper.




I then mixed in the meat until it was all covered in herbs.




Mark used a teaspoon to scoop out mini-meatballs.


DSC_0825 DSC_0826


Meanwhile, I boiled nearly 6 cups of vegetable broth. I suppose chicken broth would have worked, but Mark and I both prefer vegetable broth based soups.




Once the broth began to boil, I dumped in three (3) cups of spinach, chopped carrots, and one (1) cup of Orzo pasta.



Mark browned the meatballs in a frying pan before adding them to our soup. We let it all boil for ten minutes, long enough for the orzo pasta to completely cook.




After it simmered, we served, and enjoyed!




This puts the canned stuff to shame!




The recipe made about four (4) bowls worth of soup, but Mark managed to eat three of them and a baked potato. Somehow he remains thin and doesn’t go broke feeding himself. Oh, boys.




Off to a wedding in Italy! I mean… to bed. Goodnight!


❤ MegaNerd


11 Responses

  1. I didn’t know you can break up the meat packages like that! Thanks for that tip!

  2. Looks yummy pal!!

  3. Boys and their metabolisms… so unfair.

    Great tip, I agree!

  4. I love Italian wedding soup, yet I’ve never thought of making it at home…looks delicious!

  5. That’s one of my favorite soups 🙂 Another good one you might like is Tiny Turkey Meatball (from The Biggest Loser, you can Google the recipe) – it’s sooo easy. Just ground turkey, a bag of frozen broccoli, a can of chickpeas, a bottle of marinara, and a carton of veggie stock with a few spices. Super easy weeknight dinner and very filling – I need to try it with veggie meatballs!

  6. You should be on Robin Miller’s show! This soup looks great! 🙂

  7. I love Italian Wedding soup!! I like how you ended it with off to a wedding in Italy! Have a nice day!

  8. i havent seen this soup made in AGES!!! wow this brings back some amazing memories! i can almost, just almost, smell your soup through my monitor!! 😛


  9. Somehow he remains thin and doesn’t go broke feeding himself. Oh, boys.

    ^LOL 😀

    • You know you eat like you’re still in high school. I don’t know where you put it all!!!

      I don’t mind feeding you…. but you’re throwing off my grocery budget challenge! LOL.


  10. Thanks for the recipe! I made this tonight. Used chicken stock and made a few modifications based on what I had. Yummy!

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