Sushi is Worth it.

On Friday night, I convinced Mark to leave his study cave to join me for a dinner out. The weather was perfect, I had a craving for both the great outdoors, sushi, and an evening without roommates. Date night was declared.


Seeing as it was the end of a very long week for me, I started my meal with a glass of Pinot Gris.




Mark and I both ordered House Ginger Salads to start with.




Together, we decided on four rolls: California Roll, a Rainbow Roll, and two Chicken Teriyaki Rolls.




I ended up eating about 1.5 sushi rolls altogether. I didn’t feel stuffed, but was comfortably full. Mark ate the rest!




No sushi roll left behind!




During dinner, Mark and I were discussing what makes a meal “worth it” to go out for. Example, Mark thinks going at for Italian food can be a waste of money, because what he likes to order costs about 1/10 of the price to make at home, and tastes just as good. We agreed that neither of us have any desire to deal with finding sushi-grade raw fish, and that sushi is a good reason to eat out. 🙂


Our total bill came to about $43 + tip, which was reasonable for a rare night out. Mark’s still in college, and I’m fresh out of college and seeking full time employment, so our date nights are usually as inexpensive as possible. Yay for a date night!


In your opinion, what meal or food is worth going out to eat for? Mine include: Sushi, fancy coffee (starbucks), and seafood!


❤ MegaNerd


16 Responses

  1. I agree – I always feel a little silly going out to eat for Italian for the same reasons that Mark stated.

    For me, meals worth going out for are:
    – definitely sushi and any kind of seafood, because I’m intimidated by seafood.
    – Indian food, because it’s seems like they always involve more than a few spices that I just don’t have on hand at any given moment.
    – Any sort of exotic food that I’m not terribly familiar with.
    – And of course, amazing food by any highly respected chef.

  2. mark is still in college! you are a cougar! 🙂

  3. Sushi is definitely worth it for me! In general though, I prefer to save eating out for nicer restaurants where the meal is really an experience. I’d rather have one really fabulous restaurant meal than four casual ones!

  4. I agree with you on the meals out thing. I definitely love to order fish at restaurants since I never buy it or prepare it at home. I also typically go out to eat when I’m craving Indian or Thai food. One time, I tried to make Pad Thai myself and when I was in the store buying all the ingredients, I realized it was going to cost way more to make it then it would be to order it. Often, convenience wins out in situations like that!

  5. Sushi is definitely a “worth it” thing for me, but so is good, authentic Italian and Indian. I’m not big on fancy coffees so a cheap-o brew is fine in my book, no S*bux necessary…but I don’t really like to get salads or sandwiches @ restaurants because they’re usually so easy to duplicate at home – and cheaper!

  6. I totally agree. I personally hate going out to eat and wasting money on food that I can easily make at home. There are times that I will eat out, but it has to be for a restaurant where I cant make the food at home. 🙂

  7. man does that ever look good

  8. yeah, any seafood is worth it but also stuff that takes crazy long to make. I don’t eat meat but when the hubby wants bbq we go out because goodness gracious I don’t think we could smoke meat for 12 hours. haha

  9. I don’t know what it is about those ginger salads that every Japanese restaurant seems to have but I get intense cravings for them! And I don’t even like ginger that much! Just seeing that picture has me wanting one real bad…

  10. I think it’s ‘worth it’ for something I wouldn’t necessarily make at home — so I agree that Italian is rarely ‘worth it.’ I like going out for sushi, really authentic Mexican and a lot of Asian cuisines that aren’t as easy for me to make.

  11. Fancy coffee is definitely worth the extra cash, I think. And also just a really fantastic meal that I know I could never re-create! My favorite restaurant makes a special dish that is always worth my moolah. 🙂

  12. I think it’s worth it to try something you wouldn’t/couldn’t make at home, like truffle fries – I wouldn’t even know where to find truffle oil if I wanted to! And I hear you on the Italian, I can make it at home. Tempura sweet potato roll… I’ll leave that up to the experts. I don’t like spending money on Chinese food either because it’s so easy to make a tofu veggie stirfry at home.

  13. as I become more and more comfortable in the kitchen, going out has less of an appeal (bc like you guys said, it’s cheaper to make at home..and healthier!). we’ve made sushi at home before and it’s not hard ( but we don’t do the raw fish kind 🙂 So I still like going out for sushi…and ice cream, because ice cream dates are just fun!

  14. If the sushi is served by a real sushi chef, every penny I spend is worth it. The quality, presentation, and the taste do not compare to deli sushi or anything I make at home. A good sushi chef knows how to expand my culinary horizon.

  15. Yes, sushi is definitely worth it. My boyfriend has made sushi rolls before (with cucumber, avocado, and faux crab) and it took forever! It is such labor intensive work that it’s so much better to go out. Plus, I agree that finding sushi grade fish is a pain. My store didn’t carry it. So, good job on sticking to the plan and still managing a great date night 🙂

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