Cornbread and Chili

Fall is in the air! Even if it looks the same outside, it sure feels nice! Today’s high was around 82, but this morning was around 68 degrees.




I’m currently living with my co-worker and her family until I figure out where I’m going next in life. She and her family are wonderful for letting me stay with them, and I try to help out around the house as much as possible. One of the things I do is purchase ingredients and cook a meal for the family once a week.


This week, I chose chili!




I stopped at the store on the way home from work to pick up necessary chili items. I didn’t include these into my grocery budget challenge because I am feeding a family of four. Since I did include myself in dinner, I am adding one-third of the cost of the chili into my budget since I am consuming two meals (one tonight, and one leftover portion.)




Publix Kidney Beans $0.75
Diced Tomatoes $1.49
Tomato Sauce (2) $0.80
Corn Muffin Mix $0.45
Chili Seasoning $0.79
Ground Turkey Breast $6.44
Total Paid $10.72
Added to "Grocery Budget" $3.57


(The remainder of the money is budgeted into “rent” category.)


Because I don’t actually like going to the grocery store every single day, I went ahead and got enough to make more meals this week. Let’s hope that this stuff will be enough to last a little while.




Kraft Shredded Cheese $2.00
Organic Apples $5.49
Green Bell Pepper $1.44
Red Bell Pepper $1.68
Sweet onion $0.85
Bananas $0.60
Mission Tortillas (BOGO) $2.59
Total Paid $14.65


My total October grocery bill is already at $58.72, and it’s only four days into the month! YIKES! This challenge is way harder than I thought it would be.


I used the basic recipe on the back of the Publix Chili packet to make this meal. It probably could have been cheaper had I used individual spices (if I already had them) and if I would have used cheaper meat.




Along with the chili, I made honey-cornbread muffins. I mixed up the packet according to the directions, but added an extra tablespoon of butter, and about two tablespoons of honey. They were a perfect balance of moist and sweet.




A delicious meal for a family of four… plus, me!




I was starving by the time dinner was ready, so I had some of each. We ate our dinner with the windows rolled down so the breeze could come in. It feels so nice outside!




I heart all things fall. Including fall food. Chili, anything pumpkin, fall squashes, you name it.


My dream is to move somewhere (soon, hopefully) with actual seasons. I want to see leaves change, snow fall, and be happy when summer finally returns. Florida is nice and all, but I’m ready for a change! I have my eyes on Washington, DC… we will just have to wait and see!


❤ MegaNerd


16 Responses

  1. I’m seriously liking the Grocery Budget Challenge. I keep looking at your list and thinking, that’s so much food for that price. It makes me want to dig up an old grocery receipt from the trash to compare prices! My goal is to keep my grocery budget under $300/month for just myself, but it’s a HUGE struggle.

    • Thanks! I am finding it very challenging, myself. I also think it’s a good amount of food for the price, so we’ll see how it works out. 😀

  2. What a tasty meal indeed! I love the muffins too!

  3. Hey, Spokane has all 4 seasons! I need some more HLBs to move to Washington state. 😉

    That chili looks great, and the hubs has been bugging me for some lately. I need to get on the ball!

  4. Chili and Cornbread is the BEST fall meal!

  5. I love the grocery challenge! Ours this week is to eat from the pantry/fridge/freezer, though I did spend $15 for fresh fruit and veggies today.

    The weather here in Orlando was wonderful this morning!!

  6. The honey seems like a great touch to the cornbread!

  7. I love chili (at any point during the year, really)!

  8. yay DC! it’s amazing here :o)

  9. DC is gorgeous this time of year. The leaves should be changing soon and we get some great colors, especially along the river.

  10. I just had chili and cornbread tonight.. it’s the best!

  11. Staying on a food budget is a challenge, but I think it’s also a lot of fun. Just remember that “weird” or unusual meals are okay. Soup is a great stretcher of a penny…especially if it is a veggie soup! I try to base my grocery trips around what is in my cupboard as well as what is on sale.

    I just moved to Denver, CO and I LOVE it here! Not sure what the job market is like out here since I am working towards my RD, but it’s worth a shot. You should definitely visit! 🙂

  12. Yay for maybe coming to DC! 🙂

  13. […] dug into lunch early today, I was pretty hungry after my speed workout! I brought leftover chili and cornbread from dinner last night. Something about leftover chili is always better than the first time you eat […]

  14. I highly recommend Boston. Great job opportunities, and great atmosphere/people!!

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