Back to Double Digits: 10.0 Miles on 10-10-10

Welcome back to double-digit-land!




I haven’t attempted to run double digits since January, when I ran the Disney marathon! I’ve been slowly building up for several weeks:



Considering today is 10-10-10 (October 10, 2010), what better day then today to try for 10 miles!? 


Last night, I had leftover Spinach, Chickpea, Butternut Squash, Gnocchi for dinner. I also ended up having a glass of milk and apple+pb before going to bed because I felt like I needed a second dinner.




I woke up this morning around 7:30am and had a pre-run CLIF bar. I usually eat half for 7.0 or less miles, mainly because I’ll be back to eat a full meal in an hour or so, but I knew I would be eating for a while.


Food is fuel!




It’s finally cool enough to be able to wear short sleeves when running if you head out before 10:00am. I haven’t been able to wear this shirt in quite a while. 🙂




I set out this morning determined to finish under a 10:00 min/mile pace. I started off slower to save energy, and built up speed as I got farther along.


Around the 6 or 7 mile mark, I took a quick stretch break…




…and had a CLIF Shot. I love the RAZZ flavor!


photo 2


After my mini-break, I continued on my merry way. I didn’t want to litter, so I used the litter leash to hook my used goo packet onto my amphipod belt. I feel so much of a difference when I take an energy gel on long runs rather than forgoing it.




My favorite running song that pumps me up came on towards the end of my last mile: Kanye West’s Stronger. It was just the extra boost I needed!


photo 3


“…Work it, make it, do it, makes us, Harder, better, faster, stronger…”


I finished my long run in 1:36:21! I felt so much healthier, stronger, and more in shape then I did even a few weeks ago at Miracle Miles 15k.




Mile Splits:

  • Mile 1:  10:12
  • Mile 2:  9:56
  • Mile 3:  9:45
  • Mile 4:  9:47
  • Mile 5:  9:43
  • Mile 6:  9:39
  • Mile 7:  9:17
  • Mile 8:  9:21
  • Mile 9:  9:30
  • Mile 10:  9:23


Hooray for negative splits! My average pace ended up being 9:38 min/mile!




Aaaaaaah! This is so exciting for me! Not only did I get back to double digit runs, but I finished feeling stronger than I have in almost a year!


Because I want to track my progress in as many different ways as possible, I have started wearing the heart rate monitor part of the Garmin Forerunner. It annoys me to wear it, but I want to see if I can learn anything from the data.


Guess what?! That means I did 10.0 miles, below a 10:00 min/mile pace, before 10:00 am, on 10-10-10.


Holy nerd alert. I better stop now.


❤ MegaNerd

24 Responses

  1. Yay well done! So many tens it was meant to be 🙂
    Fab work!
    PS That clif bar looks good- PB and chocolate together? Yum!

  2. Congrats! That’s an awesome accomplishment!

  3. You are a rockstar! Way to comeback nice and steady!

  4. Awesome job on the run!! I’m running 10 miles two weeks from now- it’ll be nice to be back in the double digits too!

  5. Love all the 10s. Yay for a strong run!

  6. Congrats! You doing any long races this season?

  7. Congrats, congrats, congrats, congrats, congrats, congrats, congrats, congrats, congrats, congrats!!!!!!!!!! (that’s 10 of them:)

  8. Congratulations!! Awesome run indeed!!!!

  9. Congratulations, Megan!
    I’m so happy for you!
    Great job 😀

  10. Way to go! Sounds like you had an awesome run this morning!! Keep up the good work 🙂

  11. CONGRATS GIRL!!!! This is so awesome and I’m so proud of you! 😉

  12. Awesome run, Megan!!!! I ran 10 miles this weekend, too! Double digits feel like home! And I also eat Clif bars before runs too… but not if I am running first thing in the morning. But I do the same thing. If I’m running less than an hour, I only eat half! It’s like we were running twins this weekend! 🙂

  13. congrats on double-digits 😀 lucky you didn’t go with 42 for binary day, instead.

    I find the original daft punk version of harder, better, faster, stronger to have more energy:–Nw
    but I’ve always been a sucker for electronica. I like the driving beat.

  14. That was one of my favorite running songs too! It gets you pumped! And congrats on the double digit 🙂

  15. nice run!! i love that song for working out and running too!! 😀

  16. Wow nice job!! What a great feeling:)

  17. Congrats!!

    That dinner looks amazing too!

  18. congrats! what service do you use to get your music? itunes?

  19. nice work megan!! it feels so good to hit those milestones…i hope you had a great high and day after that pace.

  20. Way to go! I can’t wait to be able to run ten miles!

  21. […] is my second 10.0 mile training run this season. I improved my average pace by 11 seconds per mile on this run. I can’t […]

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