Break the Record.

I think I may have set a new record: MegaNerd’s longest stretch without blogging. 😦


I haven’t written a blog post in exactly one week! I know that I have been inconsistent with my posting, but where has the time gone?! Time to break that record!


I’ve been EXTREMELY busy all week. This is the first time that I have actually been at a computer in days. What have I been so busy with? It’s all explained with these two outfits:


Outfit of the week 1: The Running Gear



I’ve been running quite a bit the past few days! I am trying to work on both speed and endurance in preparation for the half marathon.




Outfit of the week 2: The Interview Suit!



The interview was kind of last minute for a new company that is just expanding into the transportation field. I wanted to focus all of my mental energy on preparing for the interview, and everything else fell to the wayside. It was my first job interview since May, and it came at just the right time. It seems like the job market is just not playing in my favor, and sometimes I worry it will be years before I find a job.


The job interview went great! I was confident and prepared, and they really liked me! They don’t exactly have a position for me at the moment, but they are trying to work something out. I should be hearing back soon! In the meantime, I am still working hard on my freelancing and trying to get more work to keep me afloat.


Here’s hoping for the best… both in running and the job market. 🙂


❤ MegaNerd


14 Responses

  1. Hope you get the job!!

  2. Good luck on your interview!!

  3. I hope they work out a job for you! And I feel you on time….I have WAY too much going on in my life. School and work alone is enough to make me mistakenly go 5 days without blogging, then add in other distractions/ life/ commitments, etc….dang! Sometimes we need to prioritize things, and when blogging isn’t our job, naturally it’s going to occasionally fall to the wayside. Live your life! Love you 🙂

  4. Congrats on the interview!! Awesome that it went well…hopefully they’ll be able to find a spot.

  5. Does your Garmin give you calories burned too? I’m looking for a new HR monitor that can give me calories as well as distance by GPS and time.

    • yes, but I don’t know if it’s accurate because I don’t really care about the calories burned feature- and it only works if you are running or biking outside, not at the gym

  6. Welcome back! So glad you are keeping such a postive outlook through these hard time 🙂 Good luck in your race!

  7. Nice! Keep up the good work. If only I was this productive when I’m not blogging. haha

  8. You’re looking mighty professional in your interview outfit – you’re a shoe in for the job I’m sure. Seriously, best of luck ..hope it all works out.

    And…way to go with the running too.

  9. oh i hope you get a job!! 😀 Isn’t it a great feeling going into a job interview being confident of yourself?! actually it’s a great feeling in and of itself no matter what you’re doing!! 😀

  10. I hope the interview turns into a job for you! A totally legit excuse for slacking in the blog world! Sometimes having a custom created position works out pretty well – you learn a lot about the company.

    Good luck! 🙂

  11. Hope you get the job! I know it can be stressful trying to get that first job. It’s hard not knowing what’s going to happen. But I’m sure you did great, fingers crossed!

  12. You look very professional in your suit! Good luck with the job.

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