During my 3.5 years of running, I have tried out many different training logs to keep track of my workouts. I went from straight pencil and paper, to Runner’s World log (which has since become Training Peaks), to adding workouts into my Google Calendar, to Excel spreadsheets, and even a Training page on my blog.


When Strands sent me an e-mail asking me to check out their website, I didn’t really jump on the bandwagon immediately. I have a history of not really using workout logs once I start them, and I figured why even bother create another account. I am rarely at my computer and don’t have time to sit there and enter workouts in.


When I found out that Strands has a mobile app for my iPhone, I decided to give it a go. Why not? I’m constantly on the go, and being able to keep track of my runs is something I would like to do. I liked using other web-based tracking programs, but I can’t commit if I have to go to my computer everyday.




Strands has a ton of great features that I love. I’ve been using it for about a month now to keep track of my runs, and so far it’s been very useful. You can follow my log at





  • Personalized webpage for easy tracking 
  • Race Time predictor based on your recent runs <—can’t wait to see how accurate this is!


  • Connected to Facebook and Twitter, making it easy to share with friends or blog readers. Social networking and running combined! What great motivation. 🙂
  • Keeps track of weekly/monthly mileage 
  • Tracks your progress over 5 week time periods to see if you are improving
  • Allows for uploading of GPS files directly from Garmin, Nike+ and more


  • Has space for tracking weather, weight, gear used, heart rate, etc.
  • Post Race Goals and Personal Records on your profile



  • iPhone app feature includes GPS




  • No Blackberry App
  • Off-brand GPS not supported for uploading
  • No place to link Blog from my profile (that I have found, at least)
  • No place to track nutritional stats (con if you care about this)


In my opinion, it’s a great all-around training log. They pretty much thought of everything you could need in a training log. My favorite feature is the fact that I can enter my workouts from anywhere from my iPhone or online.




They claim to be “the ultimate training log for active people,” which I believe (so far) that it’s possible!


Have you checked out What did you think of it?

How do you keep track of your workouts?


❤ MegaNerd

18 Responses

  1. Pretty cool looking app. Haven’t used this one but I use one that’s similar – Walkmeter for the iPhone. Love it.

  2. I use nike+ and to track mine.

  3. Hmmm pretty cool! I actually haven’t been tracking mine much at all but would really like to once i get my winter training program in gear. I think I’m going to check this out! … now i really wish I had an iPhone lol

  4. Ok, you got me looking at this app and I have to say I’m impressed. It appears there is a way to record your nutrition on the mobile app (you can even take a photo). If you hit the arrow on the top right in the “news” screen, then hit the + sign, you can choose the apple to record your food intake…along with several other options (HR, photos, etc). Thanks for sharing introducing me!

  5. I have not used Strands, but I am going to check it out. I’ve used RunKeeper and MapMyRun, both on my iphone using the GPS in the phone. There are pluses and minuses to all of the apps I’ve used, so I’m going to try out Strands to see how it compares. I love that it is a free App. Both Runkeepr and Mapmyrun have free versions, as well as a version they charge for. So far, I’ve only tried out the free ones, although I know many people who say the 10$ for the advanced RunKeeper is worth it.

  6. Thanks for the great blog Megan!

    I have a few responses to your ‘cons’ below:


    Blackberry App: We are working on mobile access from the Blackberry and will be releasing a beta for the Android soon!

    Off-brand GPS not supported for uploading: You can upload GPX files (from workout tab) and KML route files (from route tab). If there is a specific file type that we don’t support that you would like added, let us know and we’ll get to work on it!

    No place to link blog from profile: If you go to ‘Preferences’ and click ‘Your Services’ you can link Blogger blogs. We’ll consider adding WordPress. You can also link to your blog in your bio or any any post. You also might be interested in the Strands badges for your blog, that will link your blog to your Strands training log. We will have a dynamic widget available soon.

    No place to track nutritional stats: You can track nutrition by clicking on the ‘Nutrition’ button on the Strands share bar. This feature needs work. We know this and are currently working on improving the tracking and sharing of nutritional information. Setting a weight goal is another nice feature. And, if you have a WiThings scale, it will deliver your weight to your profile directly from the scale.

  7. I haven’t tried that before. I print out a calender each month and then check off the days I did the planned workout. It works great for me!

  8. I’m a Strands convert! They’ve really stepped up their game over the last few months and I’m really liking all of the opportunity to interact with fellow runners.

  9. Here is a link to the mock-ups for the Strands blog widgets:

    If anyone has any questions about the site or the iPhone app, please feel free to contact us at Best, Mike

  10. That looks cool! Maybe I’ll join! 🙂

  11. What a great site! I use Daily Mile which is okay, but this one seems so much better.

  12. […] decided to try out a new running iPhone app after Megan posted about Strands. Runkeeper lite wasn’t doing it for me anymore, and a Garmin isn’t realistic right now given […]

  13. This obviously isn’t the same thing, but if you love keeping track of your workouts in one place, you’d probably love keeping track of your races in one place. I love because it aggregates all the races you’ve ever run. Just type in your name and boom! It’s all there.

  14. This sounds great!! I will definitely be checking it out today!!

  15. I use a small notebook to track my workouts. I run and lift weights and I find it’s easiest for me to just write everything down.

  16. OK, you’ve got me intrigued here. Thank you for this info. As it turns out tomorrow I’m embarking on my first Couch 2 5K running program. I’ve never run before. I am going to give it a try despite having short legs (I’m only 5’4″) and bad knees. I’ve always wanted to run a marathon and I figure the best way is get off the couch, stop dreaming and get moving. My teenage son (who has LONG legs I might add) is going to join me, as is my 13 yo daughter. It will be a family affair (minus my husband who decided to cheer us on, lol). Any suggestions for a short legged newbie who has never run before? Thanks =)

  17. This looks good actually! I use Nike+ to track mine, which I am very happy with at the moment, so I don’t think I’d switch to this at the mo, but maybe in the future! Especially since the iPhone app is free! 😛

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