Cinnamon Bun Motivation

First up on today’s agenda: a LONG RUN!


While getting ready for our run, we had peanut butter toast along with a banana for fuel.

We headed outside and laced up our shoes. Thirteen miles, here we come!


It was a little chilly out, so I bundled up in my running jacket.


Caitlin and I ran about 2.75 miles together before swinging back by the house to pick up Nicole.


Caitlin’s ankle was bothering her, so she decided running wasn’t the best plan for her. We cut her some slack considering she did just run a marathon last weekend.


Nicole and I ran together, and Caitlin followed us on her bike.


Joining up with Nicole really helped break up the run. We chatted for a bit until dropping her off around [my] mile 6.0. I took a walking break to eat some goo.


Does anyone else notice the expiration date on there? It’s a wee bit past September 27, 2009. Oh, well. It tasted fine to me!

Caitlin and I continued on for several more miles. I really miss running with her. We used to run together a few times a week until she moved, and we always had such a blast.


I felt like I had my very own pace team leading me through the parks of Charlotte. She kept handing me water and singing Lady Gaga songs to me, just like the old marathon training days.


I just kept running, and running, and running. There were some slight hills to tackle-something I’m not used to in Florida. I probably couldn’t have done it without Caitlin cheering me on!


She kept taking random photos the whole way. I posed as a Runner’s World Rave Runner… cover of RW Magazine, perhaps?


My stomach really hurt the last few miles. I was getting hungry and felt dehydrated. I had originally planned on running 14.0 miles, but decided to drop down to 13.0.


Either way, I conquered the longest distance since the Disney Marathon. Go, me!


As soon as I walked in the door, I grabbed a bowl of cereal to calm my growling stomach.


I added some chopped almonds for a bit of protein.


Meanwhile, Caitlin got to work on cinnamon rolls! We prepped them before leaving for the run, so we just had to roll them, bake them, and ice them!


These homemade (from scratch) cinnamon buns were a real treat. We talked about them almost the entire run.


Check out the oozing cinnamon icing. EPIC!


I like having a special treat or meal to look forward to after my long runs. I don’t think of it as “I can only have it if I run”, but I try to save these indulgences for post-long runs. Something about the hard work of a tough run make indulging feel so much greater.


Do you look forward to eating something out of the ordinary after a long run or tough workout?


I’m starting to feel a sugar coma coming on…


❤ MegaNerd


18 Responses

  1. The cinn rolls look delicious!! What a great run – way to go!!

  2. Yes! Indulging after a long run is amazzzing. Brunch? Good. Brunch post 20 mile long run? Epically awesome.

    Love the running photo shoot! Congrats on the long run.

  3. Those cinnamon buns look amazing! I love them- esp home-made- the house smells so good while they bake!
    I know what you mean about having a treat after a long run- if I run 8 or 9 miles then I really look forward to something sweet with a cup of tea in the afternoon! 🙂

  4. I have the same mentality about food after a long run. For some reason, bagels just taste better when you’ve being running for 2 hours prior. 🙂

    Great job on your run. Looks like you are reading for the race!

  5. Chocolate milk! I love following each run with a little nonfat milk and nesquik. I only drink it after I run, it’s a great recovery drink but is also full of chocolaty goodness!

  6. Yes. I crave the most random foods after working out and it is SUCH a treat when I get them.

  7. cuties! the buns look great

  8. That’s a friggin good motivation! I usually just enjoy the accomplishment of actually doing a good run rather than have a ‘treat’ waiting for me. Mostly because I completely lose my appetite after running.

  9. Must be a great feeling to be running long distances again. I ran my last marathon in May and afterwards didn’t run anything over 14K. I’m going to run my next marathon in April and can’t wait to start seeing the numbers going over 20K again 😉

    I really like reading your blog and I think it’s the first time I’m commenting. I just wanted to say that I’m happy that you’re back to regular blogging and running 🙂

  10. I usually have a big smoothie and egg sammy after my runs. Not really a “treat”, but something to look forward to!

    AWESOME job!

  11. Sounds like a good run! And I always ate something indulgent after my long runs.. gave me something to look forward to!

  12. Im so envious of you runners. Do you know how many times i have tried to run, especially long distance but I cant. Every time I start running and I get to a certain distance my knees start to kill me! Im just not meant to run 😦 sigh… I opt for spinning

  13. Yum, those cinnamon rolls look amazing and I’m sure they were the perfect post run treat. Great job on your run today! It is nice to have lots of friendly support. My husband and I ran 16 hilly miles this morning; we’re training for the Disney marathon. It takes me a while to get hungry after a long run, but when I do, I look forward to a HUGE bowl of cereal.

  14. Good job on your run. You are a better runners world model than me. 🙂

  15. oh man those look delicious!! 🙂

  16. My fiancé and I started getting ice cream on Sundays, after I finish my long run. I’m hoping this will become a tradition, it really keeps me going during the hard miles!

  17. Dang, nice run. Caitlin took some great pics from that bike. 🙂

  18. nice job on the long run and those cinnamon rolls look sooo good!!

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