Welcome to Winston

My North Carolina journey continues on. Next Stop, Winston-Salem!


I arrived at my mom’s house last night, just before sunset. I was greeted by three lovely deer.


Last night was pretty much a blur. I was exhausted from all the driving, running, and still in a bit of a sugar coma thanks to the cinnamon buns.


This morning, mom drove me around Winston to check out some fall foliage. Even though it’s slightly past the peak, it was still absolutely gorgeous.


Check out the vibrant red…


After running some errands, I worked up an appetite. My mom is always surprised by how often I want to eat, AND to my disregard of caloric content. I don’t quite understand… she used to be a marathoner?!



me: “I could go for some delicious food right about now…my stomach is mad at me”

mom: “you’re hungry again? I just made you scrambled eggs three hours ago!”

me: “yes, mom. You know I eat every three hours… don’t you know this by now? You’ve known me for 23.8 years…

mom: “my daughter is a food MACHINE!”

me: “how are you NOT hungry? All we ate was eggs!”




We stopped at Willow’s Bistro for a quick bite to eat. Located in Old Salem, near downtown, it’s housed in the old railroad building. I have a small obsession with refurbished buildings. Something old, made new!


I miss spending time with my mom!


I started out with water and unsweetened iced tea.


I am on a mission to ensure proper hydration! 😉


For lunch, I ordered the black bean burger. It came topped with lettuce, avocado, tomato, onion, and marinated cherry tomatoes. The burger itself was really moist (nobody likes a dry burger!) and crispy on the outside. Perfection!


I chose the sweet potato fries for my side item. I think they could have been a tad bit crispier, but otherwise, delicious!


I would recommend Willow’s Bistro if you ever happen to find yourself in Winston! 🙂 They feature fresh, locally grown food at great prices. My meal was only $7!


We are having my sister, grandma, and family friend over for dinner tonight. I’m excited to help my mom out in the kitchen. We have a fancy dinner planned. Hooray!


Off to cook! (Thanks, friendly neighbors, for letting me borrow your internet!)


❤ MegaNerd


8 Responses

  1. Ah! Sweet potatoes fries equal love. I just talked about some delicious ones in my last blog post, but those look pretty good too!

  2. I’d be hungry after an hour of just eggs! haha. My family just laughs when I say I’m hungry again or sees me in teh kitchen all the time. They make comments and joke about how I’m always eating. Oh family…they just don’t understand.

  3. I am so glad you get to see your mom! Pfft- I eat every 2 hours not training for a marathon

  4. Your mom looks just like you. I can see where your beauty comes from. 😉 Enjoy the time together.

  5. Those sweet potato fries look pretty darn good!

  6. your lunch looks delicious!!!

  7. haha my family thinks the same thing! My mom and dad eat like twice a day…i don’t get it.

    And at work they think I am like a food addict because I constantly have food in front of me. We’re just runners….can’t help it!

  8. Fall looks beautiful, and so do those sweet potato fries!

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