I Did Something Crazy…

I just entered the 2011 NYC Marathon Lottery. I need a redemption from the Disney marathon.




YIKES! Here’s hoping I get in! (Along with BFF Debbie.)


Have you run the NYCM?


❤ MegaNerd


30 Responses

  1. good luck!!! i have been hearing several others mention signing up for it!

  2. good luck getting in! that’s one tough marathon to run i hear. i’m living in nyc now and i went to watch last sunday and it was a blast. SO many people! i hear it is a real experience to run the race.

  3. Good luck to you!

    I loved reading your Disney’s “Marathon on Ice” post. That’s the one marathon that could get me running, but only if someone promised to take me to Kona at the Polynesian afterwards 😉

  4. I entered it too…secretly hoping I don’t get picked! haha. I have never run a marathon before, so I thought NYC would be a great first one! 😉 good luck with the lottery!

  5. Ahhh I also just applied to the lottery as well! It would be fun if a whole bunch of us got in!

  6. I entered just now! I hope we get in- good luck!! Reading your Disney recap inspired me to run my first marathon last month!

  7. Yay how exciting! Good luck and fingers crossed! I saw some of the NYC marathon on the TV, but due to work (it is never in UK half term) I would not ever get time to go. But I love to watch it 🙂

  8. I just applied too! I hope we get in! Reading your Disney recap inspired me to run my first race last month!

  9. ooooh how exciting indeed!!!

  10. I hope you get in!!

  11. Ahhh fingers crossed you get it!! And if you do and need a place to stay…my door is always open 🙂

  12. Just ran it Sunday! I hope you get in ,it’s an incredible experience!!

  13. I’ve never run it, but I’ve heard it’s an incredible, amazing race! I’m about to sign up for San Diego next summer–I’m so nervous and excited! Good luck to you and your friend! 🙂

  14. You know, as soon as I saw this post title I was thinking, “Oh I bet she registered for a marathon!” It was only time. 😉 Good luck.

  15. Good for you and good luck! I’ve never run a marathon (yet) but I hope to someday.

  16. I’ll cross my fingers for you! I’d love to run it one day 🙂

  17. After reading SkinnyRunner’s NYC marathon recap, I totally would want to do it too! Good luck!!

  18. ME TOO!!!! I hope we can all do it together! And yeah, it’s crazy for me too but…YAY! 🙂

  19. ME TOO!!!! I really hope we can all do it together. And yeah it’s really crazy for me too, but…YAY!!!!

  20. i did too, i was so overcome with all the enthusiasm the past few days with race updates and such… gosh, i do wonder what the odds are?!

  21. Hey crazy person…good luck with the lottery!

    I’m sticking with smaller races, but I did get the “oooh, I need to redeem myself” feeling with all of the marathon posts – Chicago and NYC!

  22. Good luck!! 🙂 Hope you win the lottery! 😉

  23. Wow! I just saw on TV that Jared from Subway did the NYCM this year – that’s a huge race, I hope you get in!

  24. i hope you get in! i just ran it and it was the best race experience ive ever been a part of!

  25. Good Luck! That will be a chilly marathon to run! November in NY is always interesting.

  26. Yowsers! Well I guess if you get picked you’ll know you’re destined!

  27. I just entered too- I wish we didn’t have to wait so long for an answer!!

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