Toy Story Soup

When life hands you a box of Toy Story Macaroni and Cheese…


…you make soup!


I had a craving for homemade soup tonight, and this didn’t disappoint!


I started with these basic ingredients:



Macaroni and cheese was on sale for $0.59/box so I used this instead of buying a whole box of pasta. Obviously, I didn’t mix the powder part in, but just used the noodles.


Can you spot these characters? “The Claaaaaw” Alien, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Hamm!


I roasted carrots, broccoli, and onion to add to the mixture, along with an entire bag of baby spinach.


I didn’t use a recipe, but threw things into the pot.


YUM! 😀


It was quick, easy, filling, and delicious. It hit the spot!


Before my soup adventure, I got in a decent 4.0 mile run. I ended up doing a speed workout on  the treadmill which included warm-up, cool down, and 4x800m intervals at a 8:20 min/mile pace. I can’t believe my half-marathon is in just 10 days! Even more, I can’t believe I’m even back in shape enough to run a half marathon.


I’m off to get a bit of work done! I have a fun video post for you in the morning. 🙂


❤ MegaNerd


8 Responses

  1. Creative way to save money on the noodles! Bonus that they’re Toy Story characters. 🙂

  2. TOY STORY!! Love love love it 🙂 Fun shaped pasta makes everything better.

  3. I don’t comment often but I’ve been reading for a while–Hi! Anyway, I wanted to say I’m so happy for you to get back into the swing of things with running. I was injured pretty badly last year and it SUCKED. I thought I’d never get my endurance back but I did and have done 3 races since then. So kudos to you and not giving up!!

  4. how fun!!! I would’ve eaten anything with those noodles in it!! 🙂 Looking forward to your morning video post 🙂

  5. That soup sounds fabulous! How many servings did you get out of it? What did you do with the leftovers? Or did you eat it all?!!!! BTW I’m experimenting with your pumpkin penne and another recipe I gleaned from the internet. Your mom and I are going to have a comparison tasting.

    • The soup was amazing! I ate it ALL! Just kidding…

      I think it made 4-6 servings… but I won’t know until I actually scoop them all out into bowls. 😀

      I will let you know tho.

  6. I absolutely love that soup – my husband and I eat it frequently (the Roasted red pepper and tomato)…

    Great recipe!

  7. HOW CREATIVE and frugal to use the macaroni and cheese pasta!

    And also – you’ll KILL the half marathon! I was so nervous about getting back into shape for mine, but it turned out better than expected!

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