Pesto Tomato Salmon

I now present to you: One of my favorite ways to make fish. Ever.


Cover it with a hefty serving of pesto, and top it with slices of tomato!


The pesto keeps the fish from drying out (in my opinion.) Such a good combination of flavors!


Pasta and veggies make great side items…

DSC_1114  DSC_1117

A little tip about baking salmon: fold under the thinner side to make the fish the same thickness throughout. Doing this allows the salmon to bake evenly, instead of having one side over/under done!


Off to bed. I’m wiped out! I’m meeting Kelly bright and early tomorrow morning for a long run! 😀


What is your favorite way to make salmon?


❤ MegaNerd


9 Responses

  1. Wow, that is a REALLY good tip! I never even thought of that.

    Grilled salmon has my heart but I like a good marinated/steamed fillet as well.

  2. Pesto on fish is always a good thing. Have a good run in the morning hun!

  3. Bonanza! A fab new salmon recipe and a chance to watch two of my favorite gals in a video. All ri-i-ght! BTW I caught Brielle’s correction to naturalbrielle for the u-tube address. I’ll be watching.

  4. I don’t really make salmon because my husband hates seafood, but I do LOVE pesto. We use it on everything from grilled cheese to baked macaroni!

  5. I’m lazy and just grill up the salmon patties from Trader Joes. My favorite way to make it…is to just eat my mom’s creations haha.

  6. Thanks for the tucking tip… never thought about that before. I love salmon and I’m definitely stealing this idea. 😀

  7. This is by far my favorite way to make salmon! I loooove pesto. I’ve never put tomatoes on it as well though. Gotta try that!

  8. Great tip! My favorite way to make salmon is with cilantro pesto.. cilantro goes AMAZINGLY with salmon!

  9. This is your Momma’s recipe! Glad you like it enough to pass it on! Love you Sweetie-kins!

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