Dandelion Do-Over

The weather in Central Florida is so nice this weekend! I am actually wearing jeans and not dying of heat! 😀


My only day off work this week was on Saturday, so I took full advantage of getting out and about. I had some errands to run near downtown, and decided to stop for lunch at Dandelion Communitea Cafe.


I have only ever been once before, in summer of 2009. I had a bad experience and didn’t like what I ordered… at all! I have heard other people say good things about it, and have wanted to give it another shot. I’m glad that I did!

The atmosphere inspired me to embrace my inner hippie.



I perused the menu for something that didn’t look like I could make at home. Many of the items are very basic… like a fluffer nutter sandwich. Why would I pay someone to make that for me?!


I ended up deciding on the special: a pressed black bean burrito.


The burrito was made of a whole wheat wrap, stuffed with black beans, corn, quinoa, whirled peas (pea guacamole), and cheese.


On the side, it came with a vegan queso sauce and blue corn chips. I was hesitant about the queso, being made with a peanut butter base, but it was actually quite delicious! I probably would not have known it included PB unless I was told.






I hated it. 😉 Actually, I almost licked the plate clean. Who knew vegan cheese could be… good?!


Have you ever had a sub-par experience at a restaurant the first time, but decided to go back and give it a second chance?

❤ MegaNerd


7 Responses

  1. I’m the type that if the restaurant experience was a crash and burn the first time – I’m probably not heading back. Unless someone convinces me otherwise.

  2. Generally no, but I’m the sort of person that would rather go to ten different new restaurants one time each than one restaurant I love ten times (if that makes sense).

  3. I’ll end up going to a restaurant i don’t like for the sake of socialization.. My sis likes the Outback Steakhouse, and I hate it, but I will go for her. I can usually find something I like or harass the wait staff to let me pick and choose sides then have the management guesstimate a a menu price for it.

  4. What am amazing looking burrito! Bethenny Frankel (RHNY) makes something called “Mock-a-mole” where she blends peas, avodaco, lime, tomato, onion, etc. Looks perdy good to me 🙂

    Happy Sunday!


  5. I had a sub-par experience with this local diner, but all the men in my life love going there. I don’t get it!

  6. Hey Megan! Haven’t commented in forever, but totally random… I was driving through Orlando yesterday and stopped at Dandelion for the first time. I thought it was riiiidiculously amaaaazing!! 4 of us split the nachos and we had to fight over who got to lick the plate. One of my friends got the burrito too. He was freaking out over how good it was – he had never had quinoa before! I got the hunny mustard tempeh salad and kept swearing that there was no way vegan honey mustard could taste that good. You guys have so many vegan options in Orlando – so jealous!!!

    Hope you’re doing well 🙂 If you ever wanna switch to mechanical engineering, let me know, my company is always hiring!

  7. I have definitely gone back to restaurants because I know one bad experience could be caused by anything. After a couple tries you can usually get a better idea of what they’ve got going on.

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