Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks. This year, I’m thankful for…


I’m thankful for homemade pumpkin pie.


I’m thankful for my crazy family.


I’m thankful that I have healthy food to eat.


I am thankful to have people in my life that I love.


I’m thankful I live close enough to go home whenever I feel like… and enjoy a delicious thanksgiving meal with my family!


I’m thankful for my adorable and talented little sister.


I am thankful for having time to be silly!


I have so much to be thankful for.


❤ MegaNerd

6 Responses

  1. Looks like it was a fun holiday! Love the picture of you at the end 🙂

  2. you are gorgeous! looks like you had a great thanksgiving!

  3. So sweet! Looks like you had a fantastic turkey day 🙂

  4. Your sister is talented~

  5. Whoa … is your little sister a ballerina or a gymnast?? I love the photo of you all together, you have a beautiful family 🙂

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