Good Knees Gone Bad

I have been anticipating this day for over a month. Every since my knee started bothering me, I knew I needed to see a doctor if I wanted to have any chance at running again.


I saw another doctor who told me the exact phrase, “if running hurts, just don’t do it.” I knew that I needed to find a doctor that would understand that running wasn’t an option. It’s part of my lifestyle! Katy H. Recommended a doctor who used to be an ironman tri-athlete, and figured he would give me some useful information other than, “just stop.”


I headed to my afternoon appointment with a sandwich and trail mix in hand.



(Marianne, I totally picked out the yogurt raisins… so good!)




Mark drove me to the appointment, since I was kind of freaking out. I need moral support, and a hand to squeeze! He also has a lot of knee knowledge (will explain at the end) and was there to help out. Thanks, Mark!!


I arrived at the Doctor’s office, and filled out the typical series of paperwork. Just sitting in doctor’s offices make my pulse jump and I start nervously sweating. No idea…




While I waited for the doctor to arrive, I made a mental list of things I wanted to go over with the doctor:


  • When the pain started
    • First time I felt pain was during the end of marathon training. Around mile 12 on my last long run, the 22.0 miler was the first time that I ever felt the knee pain. I thought it was a fluke, and it wasn’t debilitating. It Before the marathon, it never hurt unless I ran for more than two hours.
  • How often I feel the knee pain
    • Post-marathon, it hurt after only about 20-30 minutes of running. The pain was then debilitating, and would come on VERY sharply.
    • Once I stopped the activity, I immediately felt fine.
    • My knee never while walking, biking, or swimming. (Except it did hurt walking all day at Disney.)
  • Where my knee hurts
    • This one was pretty easy. I could easily pinpoint the precise location of my pain.


  • What I’ve been doing
    • Took three weeks (plus another two) completely 100% off running. When I came back the first time, it felt exactly the same. Second time was better, but still hurt.
  • Questions to Ask the Doctor?
    • Can I run again!?
    • Anything to prevent pain in the future?
    • What is wrong with my knee!? (obviously.)

When the doctor asked me why I was there to see him, and told him my knee had been bothering me, he could tell immediately which one it was. It was extremely inflamed, even though I have not been exercising much. (The right knee, with the band-aid).



He did all kinds of bending, pressing spots, etc. and asking me what hurt/felt uncomfortable.


He determined:

  • NOT Illotial band syndrome.
  • My knee cap was “on track” aka… NOT Runner’s Knee.
  • NOT Patellar Tendonitis like I thought it might be.
  • NO permanent cartilage, ligament, or joint damage. 


However… I did have an Overuse injury. Basically, I have severe inflammation of the knee due to overusing it.


He gave me a cortisone shot (a hardcore anti-inflammatory) straight into the outer “dip” in my knee. I am also taking a prescription oral anti-inflammatory every day, twice a day, for two weeks.


The doctor says NO RUNNING for two weeks, but recommends and encouraged me to continue biking and swimming. He said, “Cross train your heart out! I completely understand that you need to keep your cardiovascular system in top shape.” Good news!


If it hurts again after two weeks off, and the cortisone, I will need to go back for an MRI but I really hope that’s not the case! If it doesn’t I can continue to build up my running slowly, and incorporate a series of exercises that will strengthen my quads and hamstrings.


As I left the office, the doctor asked me, “So… when’s the next marathon!?” I laughed and told him my big plans. 😉


After the appointment, Mark and I headed next door to Nature’s Table Cafe for a giant smoothie. It was a treat for getting a shot. I HATE NEEDLES!!!




Pomegranate + Blueberries + Strawberries + fat free yogurt = AMAZING!




A whole bunch of school happened, and then I headed to Moe’s for dinner. It’s MOE’s MONDAY! I had a burrito with chicken, black beans, rice, lettuce, tomato, and guacamole. Holy yum!




Mark and I spent the evening comparing knee stories. His is EPIC, and makes me cringeeeee.




Mark broke his patellar bone (knee cap) completely in half playing football in high school. Gaaah!! PAAAAIN!




Makes me look silly… except for not.




I have boat loads of homework to get done, and I’m hoping to get some sleep. Have a good night!


Have you ever had any knee injuries? How long did it take you to fully recover?


❤ MegaNerd

Safe and Sound

I made it safely to my mom’s house in North Carolina!

I’m having some technical difficulties uploading photos to her computer, and I really have no idea how to blog straight from wordpress.

I’m spending the weekend with my mom, grandma, and sister. I’ll be back to blogging as soon as I can figure out how to get pictures on her desktop computer! (I think I need a different cord…)

For now,  I’m off to a cook-out with my family!

Have a great weekend. 😀

❤ meganerd

Long Productive Day

Wow. It’s been a very long day! I started my day at the gym, worked for eight hours, rode my bike with Caitlin, did homework, made dinner, and blogged (twice!).


After work, I headed out on a bike ride with Caitlin. I am really getting into biking! I am hoping to get out and do a longer trail ride this weekend.


We rode the same loop as usual, which turned out to be 15.0 miles for me. 


When I got home, I was STARVING! Working out twice in one day made me very hungry. I was craving marinara sauce and veggies, so I whipped up a quick meal based on those two ingredients.




I combined:

  • penne pasta
  • white beans
  • squash
  • broccoli
  • marinara sauce
  • spinach




It was extremely filling and I could barely finish it. My tummy is happy!


Other eats of the day included:





Lunch (Part 1): Grapes and a turkey and cheddar sammie




…Dark Chocolate m+m’s from the candy jar…


IMG_1938 IMG_1939


Lunch (part 2): Veggie soup…


IMG_1942 IMG_1944


…and pre-ride snack of Peanut butter and apple.




I am exhausted. I really want to sleep but I have so much homework to get done before tomorrow’s FULL day of class.


Off to hit the books!


❤ MegaNerd

It’s All Greek to Me!

Tonight for dinner, I met up with Meghann! She mentioned that she had been craving Greek food all week, so we tried out a restaurant near her house, Cypriana.




When we arrived, the place looked very “authentic”.




I really had no idea what I felt like eating. I didn’t really snack this afternoon, so I was pretty hungry. I ended up ordering the vegetarian pita pizza. I probably could have made it at home, but it still tasted good.




Meghann ordered a hummus type platter, and a side order of fries. I nibbled on a few of them.




I was a bit disappointed in the fact that everything was heavily drenched in garlic. It was quite overpowering. I was not really impressed that our waitress told us that they were out of falafel and tabouli, the two things that we really wanted.


It was very reasonably priced, so that was one plus. I’m not sure I would go again, but it wasn’t awful!


I like Greek food, but I am in general not a very picky eater. I actually feel sort of clueless eating at places like this. I never know what half the stuff means. I feel slightly uncultured.


… A Wave of tiredness just hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s been quite a busy weekend!! Goodnight!


❤ MegaNerd

Everything Changes

I’m sure you’ve noticed something has changed recently with my blogging schedule. Things have been crazy.

Last week Jason and I decided to end our relationship. Although it’s sad to let go of someone I love, I am excited to move on to this new phase of my life. I now have my own apartment in the same area, so not too much is different. I hope you will support me as I set up my new apartment, spend plenty of time with girl friends and whatever other adventures I encounter!

Thanks to all of my friends, including Ryan, who helped me move and transition into my new apartment.


“We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned to have the life that is waiting for us…”

Last and First Day of they Year

Good-bye, Ohio!




Yesterday, we had a late morning flight out of Columbus, Ohio to head back home. We had a lovely stay with Jason’s family!


Jason’s stepmom will never let you leave the house hungry. I ate a huge bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar, banana, blueberries and pomegranate.




I also had a glass of chocolate milk. I was super full after all of this!




It was a good thing I was so full, all I ate until about 2:00pm was a mini bag of pretzels and some orange vitamin water.




I got super bored on the plane. I tried to take a picture of my eye looking at the wing of the airplane. Did it work?





(I know, I need to pluck my eyebrows. Shut up.)



On the car ride home from the airport, I tore into an Iced Gingerbread CLIF bar. I was starving!!




Once we got home, I headed straight to the grocery store. I was craving veggies, and I made a huge satisfying salad. It included:

  • spring mix
  • broccoli
  • green pepper
  • red pepper
  • avocado
  • tomato
  • balsamic vinaigrette


It was already after 4:00pm when I ate “lunch”.




Jason made New Year’s Eve dinner for us. We were supposed to go out downtown, but we were just ready to be home for a bit after all the travelling. I feel like I’m getting old…


Anyways, he made a peppercorn flavored pork tenderloin, steamed broccoli, and veggie flavored spiral pasta. It was even more delicious because I didn’t have to cook it!




For dessert, I had a chocolate truffle that I got for Christmas. 😉 Doesn’t it sort of look like a bowling ball?!




We laid pretty low on NYE but I liked it that way. We drank some bubbly in our home clothes. Translation: We drank cheap champagne in clothing I don’t go out in public in.


DSC_0660 DSC_0662 


This morning, I got up early to run 3.0 miles before the storms hit. I munched on a mini-CLIF bar to hold me until breakfast.




Once I got back, I busted into my new starfruit. I haven’t had one before, and they were on sale for $1.99 at Publix (from $5.99!!!).




It was really pretty, but didn’t have much flavor. I was a bit disappointed, and would not purchase again unless it went to like 50 cents or something.




I had a bowl of Cheerios with that Star. Eating cheerios makes me feel like a kid again. I love it.




Skip to tonight’s dinner. I decided at 8:00pm that I was going to make homemade tomato soup. I get crazy ideas at crazy times. I’m out of school right now, so who cares.




I used the Winter Tomato Soup recipe from page 120 of this month’s Women’s Health magazine.




It turned out very tasty! It wasn’t sugary at all, which I really liked. Most tomato soups are HFCS-laden. YUCK!




Quite possibly, the everything bagel garlic bread I made was even better! It was the perfect compliment to the soup!




I can’t wait for leftovers!




I must sleep now. Last double digit run before the marathon is tomorrow morning! I can’t believe it’s getting so close!


Hope the first day of your new year was great!


❤ MegaNerd

The Northstar

I’m back in the snow!




Yesterday at 5:00 am, Jason’s little brother, Zach, and I headed to the airport. Our flight to Columbus, Ohio left before dawn!




After getting through security, I had an Odwalla Mocha-walla bar. It was my pre-breakfast snack, since my stomach was growling insanely and it was only 5:30 am.




Our flight was split into two, and we had a layover in Atlanta. It was crazy the weather difference even from Florida to Georgia. It was 53 in Florida… and 34 in Atlanta!




My stomach was growling not too long after the plane took off, so I munched on a handful of Trader Joe’s Sesame Honey Almonds  to hold me over to breakfast.




I had about 10 minutes between flights to run and grab some food. Starbucks was the nearest thing to my gate, so I picked up a Perfect Oatmeal.




My oatmeal was a hot topic of conversation! The pilot walked through the cabin, and stopped to ask what my favorite oatmeal topping was. I told him you need all three of the toppings: brown sugar, nuts, and dried fruit. He suggested adding banana. Good man. 




Once we got to Ohio and settled in, Jason’s family took me to Northstar cafe, an all organic and natural food cafe in Columbus, Ohio. They knew I would love it!



IMG_1175 IMG_1177


While waiting in line to order, we sampled their Apple Cider. It was to die for! I am not normally a fan, but I was tempted to order one!




I ordered a basil pesto tofu burrito. It sounded unlike anything I’ve had before, so I really had no idea what to expect. It had brown rice, tofu, basil pesto, tomato, and red pepper.




I had the option to choose between rice pilaf, brocoli with ginger sauce, chips and salsa, or soup of the day on the side. The soup of the day was tomato, which is my favorite!




It was the best tomato soup I’ve ever had! The toasty bread on top gave it a nice crunch, and the chunks of tomato and spices made it more hearty then a cream based soup.




There was so much food! I could only finish half the wrap and about 3/4 of the soup.


Jason’s stepmom got a handmade ginger ale, which tasted like a non-alcoholic mojito. Amazing!




The Northstar cafe would be a great place to come for coffee and hangout with your friends, or even alone. They had a sitting area with couches and tons of magazines to read.





After a really long nap, we headed out to a Bluejackets Ice hockey game. Jason plays hockey, and his family are all big bluejackets fans.




We piled up like marshmallows in the car. It is SO cold outside!




Once we got inside the arena, it actually felt warmer?!



IMG_1194  IMG_1200 


Jason and I have such polar opposite taste in food. I always get annoyed that he won’t try the food I make, so we made a deal. I try his food, he tries mine.




I tasted his Skyline chili.. something or other hot dog with cheese. YUCK!!! Eewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I immediately washed it down with a beer 😉




I stuck with delicious popcorn.




Parts of the game were sort of uneventful. Nobody scored until overtime!




I’m hoping to get a run in tonight. I’m waiting for it to “warm up”! The high is only 26 degrees F today! YIKES!


❤ MegaNerd